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  1. This is all reaching hilarious proportions. Has there ever been a time in history when a word has been so forbidden in society. Say the nigger word and people literally faint. Over the last 35 years Hulk a Hogan has made hundreds of millions of dollars for the WWE and contributed greatly to its brand today being a billion dollar company. Now he has been recorded saying the nigger word he is officially an unperson. This is easily Stalinistic. Apparently this all started when he expressed displeasure about his daughter dating a Black man. That’s a natural reaction for any White father. He said “I guess we all are a little racist.” I agree. That makes him a normal human being. A little racism is normal and isn’t such a bad thing. In fact, it’s good. Funny, I like the guy more now than I did as a kid. Not because he said the nigger word. It’s because he seems more human.

  2. This man is an icon to my generation. This is pathetic and I have no respect for WWE, which if it was really a manly organization would not have changed it’s name for the World Wildlife Federation. The impact Hulk Hogan has made on and the impression he has left on millions of Southerners and Northerners can never be taken away.

  3. @Jeff
    “This is easily Stalinistic.”

    Next he’ll be humiliating himself for the mass media, in the Soviet show trial style. Yet forgiveness will not be given and they never forget.

  4. Chris Benoit kills his wife, his son, and himself is expunged from the WWE. Hulk Hogan, as an angry father, uses a rude racial term about the men his daughter dates and is expunged from the WWE. Either in their eyes these are equal wrongs and deserving the same punishment or someone there lacks any sense of proportion. Too many chairshots to the head or not enough.

  5. Disagree, and on the following grounds: Either nobody says it or….we all get to say it.

    Too, blacks are the only of their kind that I know of who belittle the other with such statements. Fact! You EVER hear one Jew call another “my hymie”? Since when? Two hispanics? One is “my wetback”….right?

    And yes, sad to say, I only use “cracker” in reference to stuff you put in the soup….

  6. Terry Boella, aka Hulk Hogan, was not living a righteous life, cuckolding a “friend”. He didn’t like the fact that he was getting cuckolded by blacks via his unmarried daughter still under his fatherly protection, but did nothing about it. This is why they are called cuckservatives.

    “The 2006 clip showed a half-naked Hogan running wild on Heather Clem, the wife of his shock jock pal Bubba (The Love Sponge) Clem.”


    Hogan is a self-styled born-again Christian who supported Romney in 2012 and a flat tax.


    In this video, Clem can be heard saying that the couple can “do their thing” and he will be in his office. Furthermore, at the end of the video, Clem can also be heard telling Heather, “If we ever need to retire, here is our ticket”.


    It’s a sad world we live in.

  7. With their preemptive surrender, the WWE displays a degree of cravenness of almost Chamber of Commerce proportions.

  8. The McMahon family has always been Anti-White. Look what they did to the legendary Dusty “American Dream” Rhodes. They took All-American Southern Boy and made him wear a stupid polka-dotted costume! And his son Dustin was turned into a transsexual freak named Golddust! WTF?
    Meanwhile no-talent sambo the “rock” gets huge intros and huge airtime to read lines written to make him look cool.
    WWE is just a circus masquerading as Wrasslin. Real wrestlers hate that place, because they have costumed freaks pretending to be zombies and vampires and only let the performers have ten or less minutes to do their matches!
    Even legend like Bob Backlund and Bruno Sammartino from the old WWWF are ashamed to be associated with their product now. They turned Wrasslin into sports entertainment, or a macabre cartoon soap opera.
    Get everyone you know to drop that place, and unsubscribe. Hit them in their sweet spot, the wallet! Let’s see if their diverse PC sports entertainment empire can run without the Whites they HATE!

  9. Whites and blacks must work and play together or there will be race riots. White public figures have the responsibility to present themselves as integration lovers. Racist statements by white icons is taboo, advertisers have to sell their products to the black consumer. But a black rap star can say “burn whitey” and still be accepted by clever advertisers. The white population is asked to control itself and not use its awesome power. But how long can they turn away from ape privilege.

  10. More like “that ain’t America”.

    This has nothing to do with the nation of John Jay, Timothy Dwight, Elias Boudinot, the Know Nothings and the 2nd Klan.

    You know it, Dr. Michael Hill knows it, and Richard Spencer knows it.

    Every one of your “Ain’t that America” posts highlights another instance of the ongoing culture war which Jews are waging against old-stock White America, and yet you perversely insist on blaming the victim.

  11. Funny, I like the guy more now than I did as a kid. Not because he said the nigger word. It’s because he seems more human.

    I think a man who will stand behind the word nigger deserves all the respect in the world. If only people would stop apologizing! “Blacks are nothing but a pack of fucking niggers,” rude and crude though it may be, is infinitely closer to reality than “Race doesn’t exist” and “Diversity is strength.”

  12. There’s an opportunity here for an agitprop action.

    Find some white celebrity who stands up and uses a racial epithet. When the usual firestorm blows up demanding his/her head on a platter, the celeb refuses to apologize and stands on their First Amendment rights. You could even have a pre-fab statement prepared telling the “offended” sectors to Go to Hades.

    Next stage is to make it go viral. Remember the scene in the Kirk Douglas film Spartacus where everyone stands up and says “I am Spartacus!” Get hundreds, thousands, millions of people to stand up and use that racial epithet. Make it the trendy thing to do for people who want to defy the System. Breaking a taboo is something which appeals to the rebel spirit in everyone.

    One more thing. We are told that racial epithets are used to “oppress” blacks. Let’s take this assertion at its face value. If this is the case, the next time there is a flashmob attack or riot in which blacks are the perpetrators, does this mean all it would take to stop them in their tracks is call them a racial epithet and they will slink away?! Perhaps had Bull Conner kept the dogs leashed and the truncheons sheathed, and instead pulled out a bullhorn and called MLK’s minions a racial epithet, the Civil Rights Revolution would have been stopped in its tracks?

    If blacks are that easy to control, then they are not much of a threat, are they? Of course, this issue is not about controlling blacks. It’s about controlling whites by dictating acceptable discourse, and creating a police state atmosphere where no private statement is safe.

    Time to rise up against this tyranny.

  13. Everyone from my childhood memories is dying off except Hulk is purged instead. They were a better generation of men than wrestlers who have come since.

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