Lafayette Theater Shooting

By Hunter Wallace

Breaking News: a Confederate Battle Flag has gone all James Holmes and shot up a movie theater in Lafayette, LA.

Who could have ever predicted that?

“And you know what? Next time there is a rampage shooting, and the next time after that, and the next time after that … and talking heads wonder aloud about the “root causes” of “the sickness in America,” the same deadly cocktail of expressive individualism, fantasy ideology, and mental illness will rear its ugly head. When the next self righteous narcissist walks down the catwalk of the 24/7 cable news media, only the details will be different.”

Note: For the record, we are already at “the next time after that” in little over a month.

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  1. Well, if the theater was full of Dindus, I”ll bet the shooting happened because THEY WOULD NOT SHUT UP during the movie. I’ll bet the shooter just wanted to hear the dialogue.

  2. Look for a deluge of insults and slander directed at Louisiana, her people and her governor. And not a few anti-Southern tirades, too.

  3. When a nation loses its communal spirit and its existence becomes an avoidance of pain and a gravitation towards pleasure as the dominant motivations in society we should not be surprised that any of this happens.

  4. Marginalized loners are most common among the US population. It is an extremely materialistic and groupie nation where the outsider finds himself alone and hated. Retaliation occurs by becoming an eyesore, dressing in dirty rags and displaying extremely negative health habits. The most aggressive outsider takes his revenge by shooting bullets into a crowd of obvious insiders.

  5. Caught in the vise grips of a hostile nog population and a DWL establishment.

    We wouldn’t even need guns if we could simply disarm dindoos in a draconian systematic way.

  6. Sorry, don t understand what happened here.

    Did some White guy with a Confederate flags shoot up a movie theater parking lot?

    I certainly hope not.

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