Anthony Hervey Funeral Set For August 2nd

Anthony Hervey will be laid to rest in Oxford on August 2nd

By Hunter Wallace

I promised several people that I would publish the details of Anthony Hervey’s funeral here once they became available. Those who want to pay their respects to this black gentleman should make plans to be in Oxford, MS on August 2nd:

“While the Mississippi Highway Patrol is asking for the public’s help in the accident investigation, the Sons of Confederate Veterans are planning a full Confederate honor funeral with procession.

Oxford, Miss (TLV)–The funeral of Southern Activist Anthony Hervey will be held Sunday, August 2, 2015 at 2 pm at the First Baptist Church in Oxford, Mississippi. …”

Note: OD is still monitoring the Hervey situation and several other stories of interest. It has been a very busy month here.

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  1. Firstly, I do not wish to speak ill of the dead. I was saddened when I heard the news of Mr. Hervey’s death– well I didn’t know his name until I saw his picture, and then I knew exactly who he was.

    Again, I’m not going to malign this dead man’s character, and if you’re going to his funeral to pay your respects then good for you. After seeing all that has been written about him on this site and elsewhere over the past few days, though, I feel there’s a need to clear a few things up.

    I lived in Oxford from ’00-’02, while attending Ole Miss. Mr. Hervey– who I just knew at the time as the ranting black dude in the Confederate uniform– was a fixture outside the student union (which is right next to the Grove), where he would do his street preacher routine and attempt to engage whoever walked by. I witnessed many confrontations and participated in a few myself, as the only way to avoid him sometimes was to literally walk on the other side of the street. And “confrontation” is exactly what it was– with this guy, there was no calm, reasonable talk about ANYTHING. He was a shouter, and if he didn’t like what you were saying he would shout you down and get in your face. I believe he punched a guy one time and got in some trouble for it.

    Let me state this clearly: in no way, shape, or form was Mr. Hervey friendly to our cause. He wasn’t discreetly anti-white, he was openly and proudly anti-white. The best term for him would be “black militant”… he’s a rabble-rouser, and the fact that he met his end at the hands of bloodthirsty blacks instead of bloodthirsty whites is merely a sign of the times… trust me, this one would not have lasted back on the plantation.

    Now, he was proud of where he was from, specifically he was proud of Mississippi and loudly defied those who were anti-Mississippi and anti-Southern– those were frequently leftists who would try to be “on his side” in these public arguments, but would then find themselves the subject of attack (Mr. Hervey was the type of guy who didn’t allow anyone to take his side.. he’d turn the tables and shout them down too). But his pride of the South came from a different place than yours or mine– he was fond of going on about all the racism up North, saying the North was just as bad as the South yet acted all superior, etc… to be sure, though, Hervey was an “overthrow the masters” type of Southern Nationalist.

    Been meaning to sit down and comment on this matter for a few days, as I saw people beginning to characterize Mr. Hervey as something he definitely was not.. that is, a friend to our cause. And I don’t feel I’m slandering him by saying that, because trust me, if he were here he would be saying it himself LOUDLY.

    R.I.P. Anthony Hervey

  2. Two questions:

    Who (and when) last received a “full Confederate honor funeral”?

    Why does this remind me of the cuckservative pet negro photo op?

  3. He deserves a full and honorable burial. I’m glad to see people step in and help with the funeral.

    He was not just a “conservative” or generic “southern patriot”. He was out spoken on many issues, including on issues that effects whites. That photo shows that this man was more “pro-white” than a lot of other whites, even those claiming to be pro-white. How many whites have addressed the issue of “white guilt” like this man has?

    He deserves a full Confederate burial not just because of his views on race, which were similar to many on here, but because he was a causality of a new conflict against Southern heritage. He was not a “pet black”. For one, Southerners aren’t politically correct and don’t need mascots or icons to prove their not “racist”. He was a Southern black man who understood the real meaning of the Confederate flag and Southern pride, rather then the Hollywood image.

  4. “Why does this remind me of the cuckservative pet negro photo op?”

    Because it is. They are incorrigible.

  5. I grew up & still reside in Oxford, Mississippi/ OLE MISS. I went to the confederate graveyard next to Tadd Smith Colosseum today just to check for vandalism. NONE !! Thank goodness. I hope and pray this black cloud of “South haters” dies down and goes away…. for if not ….these Southern forests and fields may run red with yankee blood again. As I pressed my hand against the cold marble of that confederate marker for over seven-hundred of our war dead… it brought a tear to my eye and a cold shudder to my soul…………. GOOD DAY GENTLEMEN

  6. I think sometimes the white rights and nationalist movement focuses too much on blacks. While blacks are obviously very different from us, and are often dangerous, they have roots in America stretching back to almost the beginning. Although our interests aren’t always aligned, America’s black population hasn’t increased significantly in the last 50 years and immigration from Africa has been minimal compared to other areas of the world. Whites are threatened far more by mass immigration from south of the border and Asia. Perhaps ironically, mass immigration threatens blacks as well.

  7. I never met Mr. Hervey but I was shocked to learn about his death. I had watched several videos of him on Youtube and just a couple of days later, I heard of his death. I met Arlene Barnum at the rally here in Tulsa, OK. She was really nice and she and I hugged. I really liked what she had to say and it was definitely not “anti-white” at all. I became facebook friends with her and the things she posts is slamming black people for their idiotic ways. I have started a petition and would love it if I could get people to sign it.

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