The Little Führer

By Hunter Wallace

Al Jazeera America has a new in depth article on my friend, Matthew Heimbach:

“Late at night on June 17, after he and his wife had gone to bed, Matthew Heimbach’s phone rang on his nightstand. On the other end of the line was a man from the South Carolina field office of the FBI. The man asked Heimbach if he knew a man called Dylann Roof and, if so, if he knew where Roof was. Heimbach told the officer that he had never heard of Roof and wondered what the call was about. Without explaining further, the officer thanked him and hung up.

“That’s when things got weird,” Heimbach says. Soon calls were coming in from associates who had all gotten similar calls from the FBI, and they were all now wondering the same thing: Who was Dylann Roof, and why hadn’t any of them heard of him until tonight?

“None of us had ever even heard the name Dylann Roof before,” Heimbach says. “Now he was all anyone was talking about.” …

Note: The article also has some great quotes and photos from the Confederate flag rally that was recently organized in Knoxville by my friend Tom Pierce. Check it out.

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  1. Mr. Heimbach is right about many things – and is, in many respects, an admirable person.

    He is VERY WRONG about one thing, however – and that is his premise that one cannot successfully argue with a Jew, and, proceeding from that, that one ought not do so….

    That presumption is very self-destructive…


    Because it justifies leaving the field of intellectual battle, and that cannot, must not, ever be done – because it is from that field whence arises the consciousness of culture and identity.

    My daddy’s folk – 100% Ashkenazick Hungarian Jews taught me to argue and fight from the time I was a toddler.

    The message I got from them, over and over again was – IF YOU DO NOT ARGUE AND FIGHT FOR YOURSELF – IF YOU DO NOT REPRESENT YOURSELF –
    somebody will do it for you, and you will, sooner or later, rue that…

    A perfect example of brutally effective argumentation and advocation, on behalf of Traditional Southern Culture and the prerogative of it’s advocation, is this site, here.

    In fact, I once vext Mr. Griffin by saying to him that he would fit into my daddy’s family like a glove – and they would say he is a mensch and someone with great chutzpah.

    Mr. Griffin’s argumentation IS exactly what needs to be said – as is what Mr. Cushman, over at SOUTHERNFUTURE.COM does.

    They both are a good refutation of the one erroneous notion I spied in Mr. Heimbach’s arsenal…

    You must argue … if you are to survive, because argumentation produces champion ideas, and from those come life itself.

  2. Patriot, don”t discount Al Jazeera. It isn’t some radical news source like we were told during the Iraq years. It’s an underused resource for world news, and its editorials are usually obvious in their bias and are advertised as such.

  3. Once again, WTF does fascism have to do with the South? Heimbach can stick his fascism where the sun don’t shine.

    And @Junius you can’t argue with someone that won’t listen, and gags you. If they can’t win an argument, they won’t allow the debate. This is typical Jewish behavior. Besides, what is the point of arguing with a group of people who want to exterminate you via soft-genocide and take everything you have.

  4. Dear TJ,
    When you argue with your foes, you are not arguing for the benefit of your foes, but, for the masses of your people who need to be witness to that, in order to be liberated from the ideas that your foes have used to chain them down.

    Furthermore, you are arguing to gather respect and help for your point of views not only from your people, but, from the world and blessings from God.

    Sir, allies, too, are important in wars of liberation – check out the history of war – both economick and shooting ones.

    In the end, Sir, all shooting is unsustainable, and so one must return whither things were at the beginning of the shooting the war – the war of ideas. Sir, that war is like keeping a yard – the weeding never ends…

    As to ‘not allowing a debate’ – such a thing is not possible. If your foes shuts off one avenue of approach, find another and hit him hard there. If he moves his defence there, find another avenue and hit him there.

    In life there is no way to shut off all avenues of approach to a determined foes.

    This website is proof of that – and, yes, there are many many others ways than this.

  5. As to ‘fascism’, it seems to me that Mr. Heimbach is a White nationalist, and many of those favour fascism.

    Clearly Mr. Heimbach, is sympathetick to Southerners and our flag, though,currently, his ideas of governance are antithetical to ours.

  6. Listen – for those NOT from a Jewish or semi-Jewish background – some things may not be obvious.

    So, please – let me state a few of them…

    Jews spent a long time traveling around the world and being the visiting team.

    The culture learned that, in order to survive and prosper, you have to continually do something…

    What is that ‘thing’?

    Looking for leverage.

    How does one do that?

    Many many ways- but one way is NOT saying ‘Our foes are stronger, therefore we cannot fight them.’

    Advocation – continuous nonstop overt advocation, produces leverage from the publick mindset – creating a sympathetick atmosphere to what one wants to achieve politically.

    Another part of that is covert – lobbying decision-makers (politicians) for your agenda – and using your leverage to influence them.

    Honourable examples of this are building an organization and then making a boycott, or protesting, or whatever…

    Other honourable examples of that are developing political parties and or movements with just one agenda.

    To succeed politically at launching Southern state independence, there need to be one platform independence parties.

    I said this recently, and someone said – ‘no can do – that is right from the protocols of Zion – and it is dishonouable’.

    That is like saying that Jerry Rice was dishonourable, because, as he left the line of scrimmage, he turned his body to give his defender LESS room to make contact with him.

    These are ways of gaining leverage – and if you reject them, you will only have two evil choices – shooting or submission.

    Looking for leverage – that is what Jewish culture has learnt to do, and if our culture wants to survive, we best get right good at exactly that.

  7. Southern culture is in this predicament because, for too long, too many have thought : ‘you know, if I just work hard, go to church, take care of my family and house, and elect my politicians, things will work out.

    Well, I’m sorry – things don’t work that way.


    Because one has to look consciously and actively for leverage – all the time, because all leverage is like a sand-castle, in that it is either being built up or dissipating from inertia.

  8. A last note on Mr. Heimbach and fascism…

    My personal view is that many White Nationlists spend a lot of time at Stormfront, Der Sturmer and the like, until, almost unconsciously, they began to think :

    ‘Gee, if we could just deal with the Jewish issue, we could get the blacks out of our hair; and then, then everything will be grand.’

    This is, however, drastick reductionism, because, even if all of that were so, there would still remain vital and imperiled issue of constitutionalism; which, if not upheld and defended, would lead such a notional culture, to a place, most would not fancy…

  9. It’s a huge leap to go from disenfranchising the worst of the worst to full on expulsion. First make usury, trashy media, government handouts, and entitled culture untenable. The most parasitic of the other groups will lose their gravy train and will move out on their own. We’ll be left with the ones who actually contribute in a legitimate fashion.

    From that point it’s more important that we get our own shit together.
    Art is important! Every major film and television studio in Europe and Asia makes a product superior to almost all of the hackneyed Hollywood cash-ins. Patronizing art and culture has always been the distinctive trait of the South. We should encourage that in students. Keeping our heritage and history is more than shooting cannons and dressing in old uniforms. We should stress the importance of well rounded education because of its benefit to society, not because of some crass notion of climbing the social ladder or having more money to spend on bullshit for ourselves.

    Local economy can only grow if we follow through with some form of protectionism. It won’t all happen willingly, but we have no choice but to revitalize southern industries. From fish farming to bottling to paper mills and lumber yards, we have to protect the jobs of southern workers. Free trade wrecked the American farmer. Refusing to buy filth from overseas or cheap vegetables from Mexico is the first necessary step.

    As for not giving up the intellectual field to the Jew: I say the proof is in the pudding. Expose whenever possible who hostile elites are, and be well rounded and knowledgeable. When we are giving speeches like this from the steps of our town halls and im front of thousands, the hostiles will not have the option of dismissing us with clips from the daily show. When we have attained that, It will be pretty damn hard to trick people into confusing the thousands of Southern Nationalists with the dozens of nutcases out there. Big things have small beginnings. We may just be meeting in parking lots now, but I can see all of this happening if we don’t quit and get more of our kindred to stand up.

    All of these are more important than witch-hunts. If fixing the problem by expelling traditional enemies is the solution then why has it never been that simple? The answer is reality. I think that understanding things like this is what will set us and other alt-right/nationalist types apart from cornball Nazi types. They’re really just the narcissists of the right, not a vanguard movement, not ‘shock troops’ or whatever they think they are. Use ’em where we can, and otherwise ignore them. Dismiss, not denounce, and they will melt away or come to their senses.

  10. @Junius
    While I understand your point about looking for alternative venues for discourse, I still don’t get the point of arguing with people who don’t agree with us and refuse to allow the debate. We have been forced to build alternative platforms precisely BECAUSE our viewpoint has been excised from the media and public square. They slowly gathered up all the media over the 20th century and placed our ideas outside of the realm of “respectability”.

    You cannot argue with people who will not listen. Alternative media such as this is, as you noted, only of value in putting our ideas before that part of the public that is willing to listen.

    All we have to do to fix things in the south is end “immigration”, and put the media in the South back in the hands of sympathetic Southerners. Big government is not a requirement for this. I would argue for exceptionally limited government and one of the few powers it should have is to remove foreign invaders. I would allow the people, via the militias, to do it themselves. And we’ve already seen this in Texas.

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