Third Planned Parenthood Video Released

Planned Parenthood dissects babies and sells their organs

By Hunter Wallace

Here’s the latest sickening video from a “respectable” and “mainstream” women’s health organization in the United States:

“A new undercover video released by opponents of Planned Parenthood on Tuesday includes graphic depictions of a technician sorting through the tissue collected after an abortion.

The graphic tapes — three released so far — have created a political outcry and calls for defunding Planned Parenthood from GOP presidential contenders, in Congress, and in some states. Congressional panels have also announced investigations into Planned Parenthood practices.

The latest tape also includes footage of a physician in a laboratory talking with an actor posing as a purchaser of tissue samples. “I think the per-item [pricing] works a little better, just because we can see how much we can get out of it,” she said. The group that made the videos, which calls itself the Center for Medical Progress, identified the physician as Dr. Savita Ginde, who is vice president and medical director of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains in Denver. …”

Note: There are protests against Planned Parenthood going on in 70 cities.

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  1. And yet, we even have people on our side of the ledger who claim that this is really a nothing burger. I read a V-Dare post a few days ago that was a letter from a reader, from someone in Berkeley, Calif., who said that all these “non-viable tissue masses” were going to lead to magnificent disease cures, so we should quit having a cow over this. First off, I think all this business about cures is basically trope on the part of the aborticide industry and a way to manipulate the politics of the matter, filling people’s heads with all sorts of pie in the sky utopian fantasies in order to goose the issue. But even if they were right, it is the height of insane hyper-individualism to want to shred the next generation in the womb just to save your own.

  2. It’s got nothing to do with individualism. Liberals are collectivists and they are pushing this. On one hand, it’s a bunch of selfish, hedonistic, and morally bankrupt women wanting to preserve their lifestyles and escape personal responsibility. And on the other hand it’s the aforementioned liberal collectivists wanting to depress native population levels and promote responsibility-free party lifestyles.

  3. The statue of “Satan” Baphomet has gone up in Detroit (as the Confederate Flag goes down over South Carolina).

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