Lawsuit Challenges South Carolina Heritage Act

Ben Tillman statue at South Carolina Statehouse was vandalized

By Hunter Wallace

As we have said all along, there is no such thing as “compromise” with the Left and this is a zero sum game in which there will a loser and a winner:

“But fearing an onslaught of efforts to raze or remove from public view the vestiges of state history, Republican leaders in the Legislature are reluctant to change the law and cede any of that power.

House Speaker Jay Lucas, R-Darlington, announced last week that additional monuments would not be up for debate. …

Lawmakers passed the Heritage Act 15 years ago, ending a bitter dispute by lowering the Confederate flag from the State House dome to the Confederate Soldier Monument on its grounds. An African American Monument also was built as part of the compromise.

But fearing backlash against other historical markers, lawmakers added a new threshold for changing other monuments or memorials, requiring a two-thirds vote in the House and Senate. …”

Just as we predicted, taking the flag down solved nothing: it only signaled to the Left that the timid flock of Republican cuckservatives who control the South Carolina legislature won’t stand in the way of their attacks on our Southern heritage. Rest assured, now that a lawsuit has been filed, the courts will save the Heritage Act!

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  1. My state, North Carolina, (I was pleased to see) just passt very stringent laws protecting all monuments. To move them, now, would take an act of God – on behalf of those wishing to do so; and, as God is largely apolitical, I don’t see that happening.

    Of course, there has been, recently, and likely will be vandalism; but, as they tire of it producing no results, sooner or later it will come to a stop.

    There, Sir : a prediction of my own!

  2. The funniest thing about the black lives matter nonsense is that every black life mattered in the south. Our economy depended on Central African labor. The level of ignorance with that tripe really is astounding. Blacks have a no history role to the left. When talking about Jews they do not deny they were slaves and what they did in Egypt. The Story of Moses is the story of a slave. Egyptians did not look at the necessary slave class as nothing.Jews were part of it for a time.

  3. We should get out the,word about all of the black church burning hoaxes and the false narrative they are preaching in such activist centers. While we’re at it, why don’t we bring up the white churches that have been shot up by Jew-media influenced atheists over the years. The same thing for white churches that were burned but that the media never gave a damn about. There’s a long history of that. I’ve once heard of Sherman’s despoiling of Georgia and the Carolinas as being reminiscent of some holy war with all of the churches being burned. Now they have finally reduced blacks to such a subservient and agitated class that they can use them to do the cultural cleansing they couldn’t get away with.

    Strike back by exposing the bullshit of these holy rollers. Blacks won’t be sacred cows when we show the world what their preachers are. Martin Luther King is becoming less of a saint in the public consciousness every year. He wasn’t anything unique either. Wolves in sheep’s clothing, all of them.

    Walk out on your PC white churches. If you see the deacons in town, let them know why you walked out and won’t be back. Zionism, “social justice,” praise of the establishment’s sacred cows: these are all valid reasons to leave your church and find a real one. Retaking the church is the first step in retaking the culture.

  4. @Jay,
    They were worth more than white free labour gangs. Which gangs did the dangerous jobs like logging, mining or stevedoring on cotton packets on the rivers. They also fixed fence and dug bar ditches beside roads and on plantarions in the fall. It’s only Yankee know it alls who think plantations were Auschwitz. And they only care about feeling superior to other whites they hate. Not about the welfare of black people. Who For many of these Neo-Yankee/SJW types , only exist on T.V., or at a comfortably safe distance from their enclave or gated community.

  5. If the plantations were concentration camps, then why have we always had so many “useless eaters?”

  6. @ Vick Viper

    If you point this out, they just make excuses that keeps their false moral superiority intact. Deep down, Yankee types know their excuse for the war is flimsy. They just don’t like feeling guilty or ashamed about it, or fact that the South was right about negroes.

  7. Two-thirds? And Lucas, a known cuckservative? Shit! Just like our flag, y’all, they’ll fold, whine and shiver before their new black massahs, yowsuh! I’d be shocked stupid if any of those (REDACTED) could possibly grow a spine!

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