Cuckservatives: Rand Paul Falls on Hard Times

At least Rev. Al is supporting me ...

By Hunter Wallace

Friends, this is truly the feel good story of the day:

“Rand Paul, once seen as a top-tier contender, finds his presidential hopes fading fast as he grapples with deep fundraising and organizational problems that have left his campaign badly hobbled.

Interviews with more than a dozen sources close to the Kentucky senator, all of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity, painted a picture of an underfunded and understaffed campaign beaten down by low morale. …”

Here at Occidental Dissent, we have chronicled the rise and fall of Sen. Rand Paul from an “outsider” who campaigned on building an electric fence on the Mexican border, ending birthright citizenship and foreign aid to Israel to the proud cuckservative he is today, a man on a “long and thorough quest for the Kosher seal of approval,” who fist bumped Al Sharpton in Ferguson, who said Abraham Lincoln was a “great American” and became American Renaissance’s 2013 White Renegade of the Year.

At least one supporter is still in Rand Paul’s corner:

Jack Hunter is standing by his man
Jack Hunter is standing by his man

… that is, standing in the corner, apologizing and begging for more.

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  1. Paul is like all the rest. A system wonk. The Democrat and Republican Parties must be destroyed in the South.

    I wonder what the response would be if the South stopped sending Congressmen and Senators to Washington.

  2. In a really tough year, watching this assclown go down in flames has been one of the few bright spots. Hopefully he will take libertarianism down with him.

    The Southerncuck Avenger really has no shame. He supposedly hates his formerr Southern Avenger persona now but I bet you he loved it when he was cashing in the checks. Now he has someone else who’s writing his checks, the hates the Southern Avenger. What’s ironic is that without the Southern Avenger, he wouldn’t be where he is today. He would be a nobody.

  3. I would love it if someone would ask Rand why his Black and Hispanic outreach hasn’t lifted him up in the polls. With the Republican vote being split 16 ways, an influx of new voters from the Black and Hispanic communities should have vaulted him into the top tier. Someone should ask him why didn’t it work. I’m sure that photo with Al Sharpton would have won the Black community over to him.

  4. I was always suspicious of Rand Paul, but his warped mentality after Ferguson and other issues, including his anti-Confederate flag rhetoric only confirmed it.

    His father was a decent politician and even defended the Confederate flag in the past. I hate when people equate son and father politicians and think that just because he is the other’s son that he will be just like him. Look at Strom Thurmond compared with his son.Not all sons and fathers are alike politically. That is why it was silly seeing the media use Strom Thurmond’s son who is anti-flag as some kind of moral argument against the flag. Strom Thurmond and his son aren’t the same people, don’t have the same experiences in life.

    Unfortunately, no matter how unpopular a politician becomes they’re hard to remove. Look at Lindsey Graham.

    I think the growing Southern awakening may just be that moment in history when people can use their protesting, money, etc to remove these corrupt politicians from power. Nothing would be more wonderful than Rand Paul being voted out. He came in as a libertarian Conservative, but betrayed his voters. Than when he saw the political winds shift with the Ferguson and Baltimore protest, and than the anti-flag hate, he came out as a flag hater and now the pro-flag counter revolution has caught him and others by surprise.

  5. This is wonderful!

    When the moment came for Ron Paul to scuttle the Republican Party, he sold out to Romney in exchange for giving his son a “chance” in 2016. What did Rand have to do? Abandon his Ron Paul / Infowarrior base for mainstream credibility, which he did with a gusto!

    Along comes Trump and Rand is immediately a footnote to history! Poetic Justice!

    As things stand we are in for another perfect election cycle which will fulfill the exponential growth requirement of this movement (see also “cuckservative” for evidence of the ongoing exponential growth). In this cycle, Trump will make waves only to be bossed out or sell out. The “work within the system” strategy of Ron Paul will be shown as an utter failure, and Hillary Clinton will take the White House in 2017!

    We will then be well poised for the subsequent stages of exponential growth, as white men slower to learn, will understand that there is no electoral or even Constitutional path out of this. Only grass roots organization, shadow government, and civil disobedience will force a Partition (see India – Pakistan for details).

    The big story of the day is that Bob Whitaker is now at the top of the ticket of the AFP! A reasonable goal would be to grab 1% of the vote, and make it crystal clear that AFP seeks to make the GOP non-viable at the Presidential Level (as Ron Paul should have done) by grabbing as many populist right votes as possible. It would be a great way to spread the Mantra and other “Dark Enlightenment” concepts to a larger public! Imagine Bob Whitaker at the third party debates! That alone is worth the price of admission as the Greens and Libertarians writhe and contort about sharing the stage with a “fourth party”!

    PS Please support the Texas Nationalists Movement’s attempt to get a non-binding referendum secession on the GOP Primary ballot in 2016 (Super Tuesday)!

    Texas is the key to real world solutions, and can take huge swaths of Dixie, the Great Plains and the South West with it out of the United States!

  6. I thought the fist bump was with Harry Reid?

    I guess it really doesn’t matter. Rand is a charlatan and sycophant on countless levels and to varying degrees. Bye Bye, Rand!

  7. @Afterthought

    On the TNM FB page, I see people from other Southern states and even California, asking if their state can come along too, if Texas goes.

  8. Afterthought

    ‘Texas is the key to real world solutions, and can take huge swaths of Dixie, the Great Plains and the South West with it out of the United States!’

    Given the demographics and influx of hordes of reconquistadores it is more likely Texas will become a part of Aztlan unless something happens very, very soon.

    If not, La Raza will prevail, the Alamo will be razed and the memories of the fallen will be expunged from history.

  9. I am not surprised.

    Though Rand Paul was my secret favourite in the field, (his stand on privacy, largely) I had no intention on voting for him or any other – as that only confirms Yankee domination over us, and sanctifies their processes.

    Be that as it may be : when I saw his reaction to our flag, all feeling, in my breast, for him, hithertofore, fled me.

  10. I don’t know who Jack Hunter is, or was – before this video.

    That said, he makes me sad.

    How does one have a people and a flag,representing the God-given connection, and grow out of that?

    What did they (we) do to him, to deserve this?

  11. East Texas – our historic capitol – is still very much a part of the deep south. It is the only part of Texas not swamped with immigrants. It makes sense really. Look at the rolls of the Texas Brigade and the towns they came from. Most of the afflicted counties in the west were comanche territory before we settled it.

    We will have to fight for our whole State again someday. It is the same destiny, as long as we have half the courage of our forefathers. Remember the story of the Blue Bonnet; following a massacre by Indians, a girl child’s bonnet was recovered from the scene, under which the flowers were growing. Even our most benign symbol evokes sacrifice…but the courage of the settlers paid dividends for Texans of subsequent generations.

  12. [Ayn] Rand Paul has become, for whatever reason, a ‘cucksocker.’ (Transpose the vowels)

    The definition of a ‘cucksocker’ is a White man who abandons his race, his gender, and his heritage, in order to become a political whore, denying God, denying his history, denying his very identity.

    The first ‘cucksocker’ in this case, would definitely be Brucie Jenner.

    Anathema sit.

  13. There are some people reading these words who predicted this from the moment Rand Paul declared his campaign for Senate from Kentucky.

    They be like: “Are you telling me that the son of a noted libertarian ideologue is going to do a lot of anti-white things? Say it ain’t so!”

  14. Jeff typing as an X Jack Hunter viewer, when he was the Southern Avenger and later decided to go by his real name what got him and Rand is what takes the weak of us. They see what we’re up against and join the opposition. They are not men as Rand’s father is. We will be destroyed within this Zionist system.

  15. Hunter, you have to admit the “cuckservative” meme phenomenon has been 100% internet driven and achieved what a hundred “Feds Out Of Kentucky!” rallies couldn’t hope to.

  16. I take a lot of personal pride in exposing this terrible coward, traitor Rand Paul. I was the one who got American Renaissance to make Rand Paul White traitor of the year.

    I menjoying watching this pathetic coward, traitor go down.

  17. Attention White nativists! Stop all this ugly, racist, bashing of the Catholic, brown immigrants, says cuck Bishop Dolan.


    Cardinal Timothy Dolan has penned an op-ed reacting to Donald Trump’s speech at his campaign launch for a 2016 presidential run–six weeks ago–calling the Republican candidate a harbinger of anti-Catholic, racist “nativism.”

    Cardinal Dolan writes at the New York Daily News:

    During those happy days decades ago when I taught American religious history to university students, I spent a chunk of time in class on the ugly phenomenon called nativism, defined by the scholar and author Ray Allen Billington as, “organized, white, Protestant antagonism toward the Catholic immigrant.”

  18. They’re Catholic about as much as Black Churches are Protestant. This Cardinal Dolan doesn’t know anything about this country and he seems to know even less about Mexican Catholicism.

    Fools. We had common cause with the Catholics. Protestantism is the predominant religion, not the profane law in the South. The South is Norman in its culture, not the Puritanical type of culture that led to the banning of Christmas, alcohol, and theatre in both Cromwell’s England and in New England. Catholics AND Southerners have always been overrepresented in our wars. Catholics who reject Vatican II are very similar to those of us who reject mainstream, PC churches and the conservative establishment.

    Source: “Dirty Little Secrets of the Vietnam War” – a useful book of statistics in a good series. I recommend “Dirty Little Secrets” in general for those who think secession is impossible. The point is that, besides bomb dropping and elite units, our military really isn’t that powerful

  19. “Nativist” = “racist” = “white supremacist” = “anti-Semite” = “white Protestant” = anti-White hate words used to silence and intimidate White people.

  20. The “Southern Avenger” is such a sniveling little cuckservative that the term should have been invented for him, instead of for ¡Jeb! later on. I used to really like the guy, he seemed so based and all, and I really liked his Mexican wrestler-style Dixie mask. But when the leftist media seized on the connection between him and Rand Paul, he completely capitulated, renouncing his principles almost immediately. Coward.

    • Me as well. The problem with being a traitor/apologist, like Jack Hunter, is your initial base you betrayed will never take you back (and view you as weak), and the people you sold out to will always view you with suspicion (and view you as weak). I have much respect for Southern nationalists like The Political Cesspool guys. They use their real names, show their faces and never apologize for their views.

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