Tennessee: The Capital of American Jihad

By Hunter Wallace

Politico has a very insightful seven page article on how Tennessee has rapidly become a breeding ground for violent jihadists:

“In letters he later wrote to journalist Kristina Goetz of Memphis’ largest daily newspaper, The Commercial Appeal, Carlos Bledsoe recounted the sense of belonging and wonder he first experienced on attending services at the Islamic Center of Nashville. Despite being unfamiliar with the Islamic rituals of bowing and prostration, he recalls being “drawn and amazed” by the congregational prayer, or “salah.” When asked if he was a Muslim, Carlos responded that no, he was just interested in the faith, a declaration that was met by enthusiastic praise and shouts of “Allahu Akbar,” or “God is the Greatest.” The congregation, Carlos wrote, “embraced me like I was a long lost brother.”

What would a young black man and son of the South, scared and confused about the direction his life had taken, find in the unfamiliar environs of a mosque that would so resonate? Plenty, as it turned out. Certainly there was a sense of acceptance by the many transplanted Africans and Middle Easterners among the congregants, part of Nashville’s burgeoning population of Somali and Kurdish refugees. …”

The article focuses on Carlos Bledsoe’s 2009 terrorist attack on a military recruitment center in Little Rock, AR which has ominous parallels with Muhammad Abdulazeez’s recent attack on a military recruitment center in Chattanooga. Thanks to the US federal government, Tennessee has become a dumping ground for Muslim refugees, who under the cover of multiculturalism, have transplanted their culture there in much the same way that jihadists have established their beachheads in Britain and France.

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  1. HW, it may not be a bad idea to have a couple of go to paragraphs that you can cut and paste per topic, because a new reader would not necessarily have the years of background reading that the minds of regulars would automatically append to such posts.

  2. The comparison with France and UK doesn’t stand in my opinion. As these countries have 5/10% muslims while the US has only 1 or 2 at most. If Islam is a threat it is more in Europe than America, much less Dixie. As for Asians or Latinos immigrants very few are of Muslim backgroud. I mean, America could have what Europe get through the Méditerranée and Calais.

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