The Donald Schools The GOP Establishment

By Hunter Wallace

Reportedly, the secret to Donald Trump’s success is that he doesn’t speak the same language as Washington politicians:

“To many voters, rightly or wrongly, Trump is the antidote to years of Washington’s cynical, manufactured outrages, the petty punishments of those who deviated from the party line, its broken promises, meaningless “show votes,” careful, poll-tested politician speak and a multitude of backroom deals that have solved exactly zero of our nation’s problems. How deliciously humiliating it must be for the political pros of DC. The guy who somberly handed out goofy busywork assignments to people like Stephen Baldwin and the star of Sharknado on “Celebrity Apprentice” has just wandered in, delivered a few speeches off the top of his head and totally taken over the presidential race without breaking a sweat. …”

Yes, we are enjoying it immensely, even if we are not exactly onboard the Trump campaign. We can’t wait to see The Donald tell the GOP establishment “you’re fired.”

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  1. Mike Huckabee should have read the warning label on the Trump campaign:

    Do not try this at home. What you see is a product of experienced media savvy charismatic personalities campaigning on crucial hot button issues that have deep public interest. Do not remove this label under penalty of Federal law.

  2. I believe:

    A) On The Apprentice, Donald Trump decides who to fire and who to hire based on his objective judgement, as a CEO, of the business savvy and work ethic of the apprentices and how they complete the assignments given to them.

    B) On The Apprentice, the writers and producers decide what happens based solely on ratings considerations and the apprentices are really actors playing a role, sometimes improvisationally, but scripted in advance.

  3. Comments like Aurre’s are typical of the atomistic Protestant, American ‘me-first’ mentality. Which, when the nation/race was unified, and held to one faith (Christianity of conservative bent), actually believing this nation was founded ‘… for US and for OUR posterity’, ALONE… well then, yes- rugged individualism is a positive good.

    But the Frankfurt School, the Tribal Jewish race/mythos (their’s is NOT a true religion) the Communists ALL SOUGHT TO FRAGMENT our already fragmenting tendency as a race and a nation.

    So, comments like ‘Trump is no friend of the South’ are as useless, counter-productive, and actually fit the bill of the Abolitionists, who were the first ‘rabid individualists’!

    It was once said, ‘Unless we all stand together, we shall most assuredly hang separately.

    Trump is a Man. Trump is White. Trump is a LEADER. Trump trumps EVERY SINGLE CUCKSERVATIVE out there. And he would WIN against Hitler-y, hands down.

    To hold that that is not enough, is to merely be a SOUTHERN CUCKSERVATIVE, and not much more.

    We tried this ‘concensus’ thing with Ron Paul, and then with McCrazy, and the only thing that helped that Communist operative was Sarah Palin.

    This time, it’s race all the way. I will vote ONLY for the man who holds MY race, MY skin color as more important than anything. Trump at least has the directional arrow pointing toward the Whites as the means to re-conquer America. Certainly not the Reconquista of the Bush Burrito clan.

    God help us.

  4. Is Trump really soaking up the money and shoe leather of Partitionists? Not really, it is cost free to “support” him during the GOP primary (literally a year to go!)

    and we can support Bob Whitaker with real money and shoe leather.

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