Cuckservatives: Jeb Bush Addresses National Urban League Conference

As governor, I put the Confederate flag in a museum where it belongs

By Hunter Wallace

He boasts that he got rid of the Confederate Battle Flag at the Florida State Capitol and boosted the numbers of blacks in the Florida judiciary by 43 percent:

“Just for starters, leaders know that there are plenty of tough calls we have to make, and therefore we should not be wasting time agonizing over the easy calls. So, 13 years ago, when the question was whether to keep the Confederate flag on the grounds of the Florida State Capitol, I said no, and put it in a museum where it belongs.

“Another easy call was reaching out for talent wherever I found it – for my cabinet and staff, state agencies, and the courts. You’re not going to get good judgment in government when everybody comes from the same life experience. You can’t serve all the people unless you represent all the people and we did, with the most diverse appointments this state ever saw. We increased the number of black Floridians serving in the judiciary by 43 percent. And I was particularly proud that during my governorship, the state’s use of minority owned businesses tripled. ….”

¡Jeb! 2016 … whether it is amnesty for illegal aliens, fathering Latinos, or erasing our Southern heritage, he’s making the “tough calls.” #cuckservative

Note: ¡Jeb! is losing Florida, even Miami where he lives, to Donald Trump.

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  1. National Urban League is the nation’s oldest and largest community-based movement devoted to empowering African Americans.

    Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Arabs all have representative organisations specifically charged with furthering their agendas at the expense of Whites.

    What do we have?

    Nothing, nada, zip, zilch, diddilly.

    That would be raycis.

    The cuckold elites routinely curb stomp Whites to gain the favor of the drooling retards applauding them.

  2. Hunter Wallace: ‘C of CC, League of the South, Trad Youth …’

    Yes, but none of these groups are endorsed, promoted and funded by the government and most institutions.

    Your groups are vilified and considered anathema in the eyes of the cuckoldry.

    You espouse political and racial heresy and therefore must be eliminated in one way or another.

  3. Rand Paul cant be far behind when there is a soapbox to pander to blacks and scapegoat whites. Hope Jeb gets the Paul treatment in the polls.

  4. The whole of the South isn’t as deluded as that, Sam. Yes it’s still the most patriotic place, but there’s a huge leap from being an oldschool, flag waving person and a maniacal neocon. Everyone I know who flies a flag – US, State, or CS – is more in line with our way of thinking. The difference in our people and ideologues is that most of us have jobs. Southern Nationalism resonates with tradition and has tangible goals. That millions of people could latch on to weird, foreign ideas doesn’t invalidate the stronger and more natural appeal to the volk.

    The biggest challenge will be getting the word out, not convincing people of what they already know is right. After that, it will be to form a superior alternative to democracy.

  5. Bush is absolutely pathetic!

    We always fail those budding geniuses who have sooooooo much god-given talent to offer the world.

    The worst inequality, injustice … bla, bla, bla.

    Quote from speech: Friday in Fort Lauderdale, FL at the National Urban League Conference, Republican presidential candidate former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL) said President Barack Obama is “speaking the truth” on racial injustice.

    Bush said, “When President Obama says that ‘for too long we’ve been blind to the way past injustices continue to shape the present,’ he is speaking the truth. But we should be just as candid about our failures in addressing injustices of the more recent origin. In our cities we’ve got so many people that have never known anything but poverty is. So many young adults with no vision of a life beyond the life they know. It’s a tragedy for them in such a loss to our country because everyone has a God-given purpose to live out and God-given talents this world needs. Every one of them was also promised one-day break in life in the form of a public school to help them learn who they are and what they can do. For millions it is a false promise as technology advances, the first rung of the latter is higher and higher and higher. If we don’t create an education system that allows young people to reach it, we are setting them up for a lifetime of failure. You and I have to call the situation what it is. The worst inequality in America today and the source of so many other inequalities. I want to work with the Urban League movement to end this injustice once and for all.”

  6. Ruh-roh! According to someone over at Infowars, TWMNBN have already selected for us: Jebbie or Shillary. Oh, yes, the corporati have already made their minds up, both will do exactly as their massahs say dey gotta do.

    I agree with Anne Colter, we need a box marked “None of the above”.

  7. A Cuckservative will be given the GOP nomination.

    The populist right will revolt.

    The powers that be will activate a left wing populist to make the election “close”.

    The Democrat will win.

    A sagacious poster pointed out that who ever controls the media controls democracy, as the people can only vote for what they see.

  8. Afterthought
    ‘A Cuckservative will be given the GOP nomination.’

    Probably, but the lefties will have a Democuck at the top of their commie, anti-White, pro negro, fag, jew and mexican’t party too.

  9. Rethinking things? Our precious “form” of government? Ah, yes, I may have mentioned it before: Moon Over Parador, a witty satire of all things political. One scene, two guards are arguing. Why? Before them are two posters for dictator Simms, albeit, one is red, the other blue.

    “I’m gonna go with that one.”

    “What’s the difference? They’re one and the same!”

    “Yeah, but I’m gonna go with that one.”

    I always wondered how many who saw the film realized the true nature of that cute joke!

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