SJW Killed In Traffic Accident While Bicycling Across America For Affordable Housing

"I live in a racist society and it's imperative that I fight the stereotypes ..."

By Hunter Wallace

H/T WTF, Anti-SJWs?

Meet Patrick Wanninkhof:

“As a teacher in the Bronx, I know that biking across America pales in comparison to the struggles my students must overcome on a daily basis.

I was thrust into the education with little background on the systemic inequities which limit my students. The middle-class ideal of meritocracy instilled me with the misguided belief that all my students needed to do was work harder and success would follow. This mindset was soon challenged when a student told me that she and her mom had been moving between relatives houses every week after they couldn’t pay rent. How on earth could I expect her to give her all to Newton’s Laws when she wasn’t sure where she’d be sleeping that evening?

To fix systemic inequities which burden our nation, we need a systemic approach to fighting poverty. Education reform will be fruitless if we cannot guarantee that every child can return to a safe home in the evening. The quest for Affordable Housing for each American runs parallel to my dedication for bringing each student an excellent education. Only by simultaneously addressing both these issues can we guarantee the prosperity of each person in our nation. …

As someone with a Dutch father, bicycling is in my blood. Combining my passion for social justice and pedal powered-vehicles will make for the adventure of a life.”

Nice knowing you:

“ELK CITY, Oklahoma – A man bicycling across America to raise money for affordable housing died after being hit by a car in western Oklahoma Thursday morning.
Patrick Wanninkhof, 25, was hit while riding on Highway 152 south of Elk City at 8:05 a.m. on Thursday, July 30, 2015, according to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. He died at the scene.

See ya around sometime.

RIP, Patrick Wanninkhof


Ice Cube – It Was a Good Day

Restoring the honor!

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  1. “The middle-class ideal of meritocracy instilled me with the misguided belief that all my students needed to do was work harder and success would follow.”

    His misguided idea was that whites are responsible for the welfare of low IQ peoples who are colonizing formerly white nations.

  2. In the reality Israel video he says that he firmly believes in Israels values in self reflection and social justice.

    Yeah, values like non-jews are cattle and were created for the sole purpose of serving jews.

    And social justice, as in bombing and killing the British in Palestine forcing them to vacate and allowing the jew terrorists free reign to massacre the residents of the land who lived there while the remaining survivors are forced to live in gulag like conditions?

    He says educational inequity is THE civil rights issue of our generation.

    Yea, as if most blacks are not allowed to attend school and those that do suffer from White privilege.

    Just the opposite is true.

    I despise idiots like that doofus educator.

    Shed no tears for the cuck.

  3. If his father had said

    “We are biologically different which explains most of the broad outcomes.”

    He’d be alive today and have a wife n kids.

    I blame the Cuck’s Father.

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