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  1. Totally off topic? Know you won’t mind?

    Morning headline on Yahoo news: BALTIMORE HOMICIDES REACH 43-YEAR HIGH.

    Time for FINAL JEOPARDY! The answer is: “Blacks, of course!”

    I’ll let everyone else take a stab at the question…….!

  2. Suggestions?

    Some movement is good. Too much is bad. Choose the most legible font. Less is more. Keep it simple and intuitive. Clutter is bad. Form follows function. Simple elegance. Substance over style but style is important too. Sizzle and steak.

    I recall Robert Frenz never thought much of my advice that he improve his website’s presentation. And his lack of ‘style’ never deterred me from reading all that he posted.

    Presentation is very important but it shouldn’t interfere with the substance. Trump is a good example, the richest pitch man in the world. I can still see my grandfather taking a piece of paper and putting it into a manual typewriter. Others would recall a quill into ink.

    Gannett, tacky and tawdry, taunts with USA Today and Clarion Ledger. It’s jewish html porn.

    Whether VNN or Stormfront (which I hardly ever visit) I see a disorganized mess of mush. You’ve got to wade through so much crap.

    Consider keeping it very simple and cutting edge especially breaking and unreported/underreported news.

  3. I think the Blacks knew from the beginning that they were one heck of a lot better off in slavery in America, than they would have been in slavery in Africa. The Blacks went from a barbaric cannibalistic civilization to a modern civilization where they were fed, clothed, housed and had their medical and other needs taken care of for them in return for seasonal work.

  4. Back on topic, so long as there’s none of that flashy stuff that makes you go into an epileptic freakout, okay. Too, KISS…simple as you can get and still attractive. I like it so far.

  5. May take a while to get comfortable with new site. Looks professional and high rent. After clicking a comment I would like to see it in a different color to distinguish it from unread comments to remind me where I left off.

    Photo at top is very attractive.

  6. I am waiting for you to put the old banner back up with the beautiful live oak and plantation. Less purple would be good also… Just a suggestion.

  7. I suggest taking your iPhone and using it to take compelling photographs yourself to post as banners. Photo journalism. A picture is worth a thousand words.

    Authentic. And purple is a bad color.

  8. Why not a “like” button next to posts? Or do you consider it too Facebookish? Nice banner by the way. And yes, the older posts from years ago buried at the bottom of OD became tedious. Better now.

  9. Too much clutter not enough focus.

    Why don’t you employ a vBulletin forum instead of a blog?

    You don’t give posters here enough latitude to express themselves.

    Tough challenge esp. when practically everyone wants to remain anonymous.

    Still forum trumps blog. And too much moderation is as bad as not enough.

      • Interesting. Then I would locate the best forum out there.

        I assume the best forums still employ ‘threads’ where the last post bumps the thread to the top?

        • There has been a migration from forums to blogs and webzines to social media platforms. I’ve opened the vBulletin here multiple times before and no one used it. If I ever do anything forum related again, it will be on Reddit or Voat.

          • Why not try vBulletin now? Re: presidential election esp. Trump and Confederate Battle Flag.

            And too, just because it didn’t make a hit in the past doesn’t mean it wouldn’t today. Persistence is the key.

            Blogs seem to be too individualistic. We need White teamwork.

            But you’re right about social media. I finally got a Facebook page. But Jewbook is too girly. vBulletin is more masculine, IMO.

  10. For example, you should have a Donald Trump thread now at your forum debating the wisdom of whether whites (Southerners) should get in behind him or not.

    Another thread on Cuckservatism, etc.

    Otherwise, way too much clutter. You get dizzy just looking at all the links and photos. Too much candy.

  11. I am on several Forums and the benefit is you can have a serious discussion, post solid information and have it as reference for future use if participants are serious. I agree with Palmetto Patriot that you can get into hyperboleville pretty quick if you do not police the forums often but that is almost a full time job. LOL

    • No policing, no moderation of posts.

      State the forum rules clearly.

      If someone violates the rules ban the user.

      Moderation is too inhibiting. It eliminates interest and a following.

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