League of the South Participates In Pro-Confederate Rallies

Florida League participates in Confederate Ride in Jacksonville

By Hunter Wallace

The League of the South was out there again this afternoon supporting the Confederate Battle Flag at two big rallies in Stone Mountain, GA and Jacksonville, FL.

I’m told anywhere between 800 and 1,200 people were at the Stone Mountain rally. Once again, my friend William Flowers, who is now the chairman of the Georgia League, addressed the crowd. There were some tense moments with a handful of counter-protesters.

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  1. I’m very encouraged in that pictures of League of the South activities all seem to have more young people in them. Keep up the good work!

  2. Please extend to this fine men and women my hearty congrats for a job well done, and as for the “opposition”, keep it up, laugh all you want, we are through caring about you!

  3. That was a nice little speech given by a naturally ably speaker; however, there’s a reason why facial hair aren’t seen in politics. It’s just isn’t a good, clean, tidy look. It just looks like you’re too lazy to shave.

  4. I disagree FB. Beards are very Southern and Christian and many politicians had facial hair until the early 1900s.

    Flowers beard is well trimmed and maintained. A beard that is scrubby and unkempt is dirty and unattractive yes, but if you take care of your beard than that does not mean you’re lazy or unclean. General Lee and most Southern generals had facial hair.

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