The False Narrative: Three African-Americans Instantly Regret Robbing Bouchard’s

Come and Take It

By Hunter Wallace

The owner opens fire on them with an AR-15:

“MILWAUKEE – WISN 12 News has obtained surveillance video of a Milwaukee man defending his store against brazen would-be burglars who smashed into his business.

It happened earlier this month at Bouchard’s at North Martin Luther King Drive and Meinecke Avenue.

The owner of the store found out Wednesday he won’t be charged in the shooting.

The attorney for Bouchard’s owner told WISN 12 News reporter Christina Palladino his client had every right to defend himself after three men with guns broke into his store. …”

Naturally, it happened on Martin Luther King Drive in Milwaukee, which is reliably one of the most violent streets in America. He shot one of these good boys at least three times.

Note: The SPLC has condemned the C of CC for spreading a “false narrative of a victimized white majority under siege by allegedly violent people of color in the United States.”

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  1. It happened in Wisconsin. Which means it’s non news; because it doesn’t fit the anti-Southern narrative. It’ll quickly be forgotten by the next day.

  2. James Owen
    ‘It happened in Wisconsin. Which means it’s non news; because it doesn’t fit the anti-Southern narrative. It’ll quickly be forgotten by the next day.’

    The story has been in the news often and still is being discussed on local radio programs. Shooter is arab, robbers negroes.

  3. Keep in mind, in the Arab culture, justice is swift as a starship and ten times as lethal. Excellent! That’s making good your target!

  4. A whiny bitch gets an achievement medal for complaining about JTTOTS (Facebook group) or something similar, while someone who shoots the enemy and save lives gets a court martial. This is why people are getting out. Imposing PC standards on the combat arms has been a massive failure.

    It may be the best thing that could happen. Everyone from the past decade who has combat experience is being disenfranchised. Even the Union Army of 1861 was smart enough not to try and make an army of ideologues. That is why I think a second conventional civil war is unlikely. Contrary to the stereotype, infantrymen aren’t stupid. When they penalize the kind of people who win wars, how can they then use them as a bargaining chip to enforce unconstitutional restrictions on the people?

    This isn’t more of the same constitution worshipping. That fight died in 1865. What I mean is that soldiers are sworn to uphold it, so it’s a legal quandary to use them to suppress inevitable revolts against unconstitutional tyranny. If anyone is ever stupid enough to use the military to enforce the subversion of their own system, it’ll be like Honduras in 2009. Better examples can be found in the book, “The Strange Death of the Soviet Empire.” In the various Eastern Block countries, revolts happened at different levels. The end result was the same: Communist governments tried to use the military to suppress citizens and ended up dead or ousted.

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