Meet Tommy Dimassimo

Meet Tommy Dimassimo

By Hunter Wallace

H/T 4chan

Lots of us have been wondering who the bearded SJW was who stomped on and burned the Confederate Battle Flag at the Stone Mountain rally. Apparently, he is rather well known and has a long history of doing stunts like this, and even held a rally in honor of Eric Sheppard, the Valdosta State University student who stomped on the American flag and wants to kill all White people.

Meet Tommy Dimassimo of Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio:

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  1. I’ll say it, just because it’s so obvious. Di Massimo is NOT an Anglo-Saxon name.

    Latinate people south of the Alps ‘in general’ have a lowered IQ, come from a Catholic background, where blind submission to a false authority engenders conformity, and the belief that if a government is in power, it is ipso facto, legitimate… even when it ain’t.

    And, having taught in Ohio, there are some really rather stupid rednecks there- even liberal ones. Di Massimo fits all the parameters, for me.

  2. These paid activist are annoying, but that’s about all. Their mission is to distract the media’s time away from the message of the Southern rights activist. Their trolls only there to have their faces plastered in the media to show a vocal and rowdy opposition. This was the case in SC with paid activist like Bree Newsome. Bree wasn’t even from SC, but from Maryland, and from a well off family.

    There could be thousands of protesters in support of the Confederate flag, but it’s these opponents that the media will zoom in on to make them appear more vocal and larger as a group than they were while reducing the numbers of the pro-flag group to half the real number.

    The rally at Stone Mt is an example of such distortions. The media has ignored many of these protest, or have downplayed them, or have up played the opponents, or have shown the one or two flag supporters who look and act like caricatures, or have reported on phony and infiltrated flag events such as the KKK one. Not only this, but they have ignored the murder of Harvey and have downplayed the shootings, attacks, and destruction of people’s property. They also have gone as far as to paint the violent anti-flag crowd as the good guys, like they did in that one incident where the U.S Marine was sucker punched in the face after picking a Confederate flag up at SC rally and was arrested for disorderly conduct instead of the black attacker.

    Southern freedom fighters, patriots, and civil rights activists and all Southern men, women, and children should not stop protesting until these crimes against their heritage and civil rights violations are addressed and stop.

    There are several large flag rides planned in Virginia and South Carolina, including one is Charleston in the coming days and weeks.

  3. I hope we never have pro-south protesters standing on or burning US flags. That would be a PR nightmare at this point. Let the SJWs do that.

    Perhaps in the future things could get bad enough to justify degrading the US flag but we are definitely not there yet.

  4. I guess his acting career isn”t going well. The pussy should just go back to school,I heard the girls dorm has a vacancy.

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