#NoFlaggingChallenge Ends In Fight In Myrtle Beach, SC

#NoFlaggingChallenge provokes fight over Confederate Battle Flag in Myrtle Beach, SC

By Hunter Wallace

After all they have done, it is a small miracle that one of these “Denmark Veseys” hasn’t been shot … yet:

“MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A business manager down on Ocean Boulevard says a Saturday night brawl started because of a confederate flag.

That man says one single action quickly erupted into a big problem.

“From the time the fight started to the time it got across the street, it was ten seconds,” described William Hovis as he recalled the incident.

Hovis is a manager at Beach Creations on Ocean Boulevard.

He says around 10 p.m., a man and his friends ripped a confederate flag off of a truck stuck in traffic.

The driver of the truck confronted them outside Hovis’ store, and after some argument, the driver punched the flag thief, knocking him on the ground.

“Unfortunately for him, somebody stood their ground and stood for what they believed in and it turned out bad for him,” Hovis said.

He says the man’s friends then chased the driver into the haunted house across the street.

Actors there tried to keep everyone separated, but the group then allegedly attacked the employees.

Myrtle Beach police say officers did respond to an incident at that location but no arrests were made. A spokesperson for the department did say 911 calls indicated a confederate flag may have started the incident. …”

I keep waiting for the day when the news breaks that someone on our side has returned fire and killed one of these punks after a provocative incident of this nature. We’ve seen everything from mob attacks to vandalism to drive-by shootings to murders to shootings to home invasions over the Confederate Battle Flag.

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