Five People Are Having a Baby In The Netherlands

From gay marriage to plural marriage

By Hunter Wallace

Last month, we brought you the story of the woman in the Netherlands who is planning to move on with her life by getting married to her dog Travis after the untimely death of her previous husband, her cat Doerack.

This month five people in the Netherlands are having a baby together:

“The idea of a “nuclear family”—white picket fence, a kid or two, friendly golden retriever—has been under siege for a while now. No longer do stories of step-parents or half-siblings shock us, and children being raised by parents of the same gender (so-called “pink families”) are becoming increasingly common. Another new, lesser known family structure that has emerged is that of multi-parenting—or raising a child with more than two legal parents. For instance, a lesbian couple and a gay couple bringing up a child together as a single family, but in separate households.

That’s more or less the family unit that two couples—Jaco and Sjoerd, and Daantje and Dewi—have decided upon. The four have known each other for ten years, and have been considering the possibility of having a child together for about six. That possibility is going to become a reality this week, when Daantje gives birth. …”

We know about these things like beastility, Otherkin, cuckholding, and plural families because progressives report on it and boast about it on their own websites like VICE and The Daily Beast.

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  1. Sir, I would like to offer something positive about this, but, try as I might, I can find nothing redeeming about it.

    Frankly, the reality your report is ‘hateful’ to me – although I understand that this is probably only my own projection… oh, yes ; and, perhaps, Our Lord’s, as well.

  2. One wonders what ANY of those fools have involved in this bastard birth, other than one of the ‘men’ (one can only hope it is the heterosexual one) donating his sperm…. but even there, the ‘baby daddy’ is not a husband to the wife, or the sacramental/covenantal partner to the mother, in having cuckolded his position, via this abominiation of a ‘parental unit,’ for lack of any other permissable/viable term for such an abomination.

    And how soon will the child to be born (if a male) be sodomized/seduced by the faggots in this equation, as soon as their sexual appetites ‘broaden’ to include pederasty? (which they will, it is invevitable in a gay-permissive nation such as damned Holland) Truly, the public stoning of adulterers and open faggots is a moral good to all concerned in society. As Mosaic law permitted, and the Church condoned for millennia.

  3. @BGriffin…

    Sir, when I shared your article with a friend, I wrote this :

    ‘One thing I feel very remorseful about, here, is : why did they not pose with their two dogs and three cats, whom they employ as ‘partners’ when things need a little spicing up? That does not seem ‘fair’ or in the egalitarian spirit of Rainbow inclusiveness…’

    And he replied …

    ‘It’s really very intolerant of them to be so “species-ist.” Insisting upon cohabiting only with other humans is really very hateful of them. Clearly they’re mean and biased. They must be Republicans.’

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