Antioch Theater Shooting

By Hunter Wallace

Tick, tock. Tick, tock … BOOM!

It is only August 5th … and since June 17th in Charleston, we have seen THREE more mass shootings in America, Mohammad Abdulazeez in Chattanooga, TN on July 16th, John Russell Houser in Lafayette, LA on July 23rd, and now this guy with a gun, pepper spray and a hatchet at a movie theater in Antioch, TN.

Here’s what I wrote on June 19th:

“And you know what? Next time there is a rampage shooting (Abdulazeez), and the next time after that (Houser), and the next time after that … and talking heads wonder aloud about the “root causes” of “the sickness in America,” the same deadly cocktail of expressive individualism, fantasy ideology, and mental illness will rear its ugly head. When the next self righteous narcissist walks down the catwalk of the 24/7 cable news media, only the details will be different.

Oh, and that Confederate flag … that’s just a small, irrelevant detail.”

There, I have fixed it.

Fortunately, it seems this individual wasn’t nearly as successful as Roof, Abdulazeez, Houser and the rest and was stopped quickly before he was able to inflict further damage.

Note: I just watched “Jurassic World” at a movie theater last night.

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