Two Babies Born Within The League

By Hunter Wallace

I have some great news to report: two babies were just born within the ranks of the League of the South, a boy and a girl, to two different young couples within the past 24 hours.

This is what I enjoy the most about the Southern Nationalist movement. It is based in the real world, not on the internet. Because we have gone out of our way to make ourselves visible, young couples are joining our ranks all the time. Babies are being born left and right now. My own son will grow up in a large peer group.

In recent weeks, I have seen two of our friends get engaged. I have seen other single friends find mates through the movement. While some people on the internet dismiss the importance of conferences, protests, and rallies, these events have been very useful in building up our community. We’re building a network in the South that really has no parallel on the “Far Right” in other regions of the United States.

I bring this up because we are all familiar with the alternative: anonymous people who are only linked vertically through the internet, who are completely isolated from each other, and who are united only by very thin bonds of shared grievances and abstract ideas and who seem to spend too much of their time fighting with each other. Perhaps once a year they will gather at Amren in an academic lecture format setting.

It’s a striking contrast: I think back to all the WN debates on the internet both here and elsewhere about how terrible women are these days, how The Daily Stormer went full MGTOW in April, and I look around and see all my friends having children. While we share the same ideas, we also get to watch each other go through important milestones in life. I think that anchor makes us much stronger and more committed to our cause.

Anyway, I just thought I would share the good news. It’s a sign of how we are changing and where we are going.

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  1. Wow, that is great!

    These stories and better yet pictures are what we need much more of, instead of constant gloom and doom, Blacks beating and killing whites stories.

    Women readers, in particular love – love stories and photos of beautiful Southern babies, little children. Many women don’t really care what their husband or boyfriend looks like, but they want beautiful, healthy White children. Let’s give our readers what they want.

  2. Congratulations to the proud parents. I hope to see a lot more of this amongst Southern Nationalists.

  3. Congratulations to the new parents! As Christian Southerner’s we understand that marriage and parenthood are not something that we just stumble into but is a Christian Vocation that God calls us to.

    Our prayers are with our Southern young folks and new family’s.

    God Bless Y’all.

  4. Mr. Daniel- ‘MGTOW’ stands for “men going their own way”… and by “their own way”, they mean a life without female companionship.

    It’s the idealogical fruit of basement-dwelling mouth-breathers who are– surprise, surprise– terminally unlucky in their dealings with the opposite sex. So, instead of a trying to make themselves more appealing to females via the conventional avenues (exercise, getting a job, etc.), they have concluded that they’re simply too good to play that game, and they were meant to “go their own way”

    Essentially, it’s the same process that happens to lesbians– never able to attract a man (or a desirable man, anyway), so at some point during young adulthood they partner up with some other ugly duckling, find the companionship they’ve been craving and then declare themselves “born that way”. MGTOW folks just opt for loneliness instead of faggotry.

  5. The purpose of any kind of organic/racial/ethnic nationalism is to establish a kinist based nation. This cannot be accomplished solely through Internet activism. The end goal is to have nationhood based on blood and soil connections and that can’t be accomplished without real world connections. Even if it’s on a very small scale, Southern Nationalist are establishing their own nation. People who are establishing real world communities are doing exponentially more to establish a form of White Nationalism than those who endlessly hypothesize and debate the prospect of a White ethnostate on the Internet.

  6. Sir, here we go again with the abbreviations! What is MGTOW?

    Men Going Their Own Way

    Think of it as a larger scale version of the Women Haters Club from the Three Stooges.

  7. Most excellent news, and hearty congratulations to the parents. We have three married daughters, all are young and not very long married, each of the three want several children. God willing, ours will give us many fine White grandchildren.

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