War Against The South: Old Georgia State Flag Provokes Shooting In Lilburn, GA

By Hunter Wallace

Here’s the latest drive-by shooting involving the Confederate Battle Flag … this time the version on the old ’56 Georgia State Flag:

“A Lilburn couple flies the old Georgia flag on their front lawn. They say it’s out of a love of history.

The couple says someone recently took exception to it and fired a shot at them for it.

“It was hanging on this hi limb on the tree,” Linda Benton said.

Linda Benton showed Channel 2’s Tony Thomas where the old Georgia flag was flying late last week when she was confronted by people in a passing car.

“It didn’t’ scare me at first but then I realized oh my god they could have shot me. I could be dead because we are flying a Georgia flag in our front yard,” she said.

The Benton’s said they were preparing for a yard sale when they heard someone yell from a passing car on Killian Hill Road.

“Take that flag down, what are y’all crazy or something?”

“As they got to about the corner of the yard I yelled, ‘We love you too,’” Benton said.

A police incident report shows the car slowed and a man fired one shot out of the passenger side of the car. No one was hit and neither police nor the Bentons have been able to find the bullet. …”

Note: There was a similar incident in Bessemer, AL.

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  1. “We love you too” is the White response to violence. It’s a common phrase over here in Mississippi too.

    This is where a moderated blog is dull in comparison to a free speech forum.

    There is only one response to someone shooting at you.

  2. I ran a free speech forum for years.

    Ultimately, the forum was hijacked and I was banned from my own website. I later decided that it was a waste of time and money and that I was done with that format.

    With a vBulletin forum, all you will ever get is a collection of anonymous people who will never do anything, and whenever one of them self destructs you will get blamed for it. It is a sink of time, money, and energy which is really just a liability for whoever owns it.

  3. I wish we had a Confederate Donald Trump or Ted Turner who would start producing pro-Confederate ads and documentaries. In these productions, start educating the public about the Confederate Flag and other Southern issues and encourage all Southerners to join the SCV or other Southern organizations to help put a stop to this cultural genocide. These ads/documentaries would expose the younger generations to a way of life that these cultural Marxists are trying to bury as they seek to totally control the media with their anti-South, anti-white agenda.

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