Megyn Kelly’s Howard Stern Interview

By Hunter Wallace

Rod Dreher, a cuckservative who calls Trump “a vulgarian to his fingertips,” ppraises Megyn Kelly as the “Trumpslayer” without batting an eyelash:

“The Fox News anchor’s question allowed Trump to do what everybody who has followed him over the years knew he would eventually do: expose himself as the pig that he is, always was, and always will be …”

Meanwhile, Kelly goes on The Howard Stern Show to talk about breasts, penises, and the women of FOX News:

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  1. Why would a serious journalist or at least one who wants to be thought in that way go on the Stern show? Who, by the way, is a real Jewish caricature…something straight out of Nazi propaganda in his sex-obsessed vulgarity and smarminess. Only in The Jewnited States could someone as crude and infantile make tens of millions by asking penis questions. What does it say about the American culture? Jews have totally corrupted what’s left of Aryan sensibilities. Aryans just don’t talk this way. As Adolf said: tone half of the U.S. is Niggerized and the other half Judaised. It’s amazing how right he was about so much.

  2. Ms, Kelly is delusional. The hiring “criteria” (gag-cough-wheeze-gurgle-hack-hack-hack) of Fux Noise for women:

    -How hot do you look in a short skirt and pumps?
    -Can you read off a teleprompter?

    Journalist credentials? Since when? Fux, Commie, all of them haven’t been into credible journalism since Cronkite retired and Woodward and Bernstein parted company. Not since. All we get now is propaganda, sound bites, and talking heads who tell us what so-and-so _actually_ said. Lenin would be so proud!

  3. Dreher isn’t cuckservative. Like much of the TAC staff, he’s a full fledged cucktural Marxist.

    Remember, PC does not mean polite. PC, the central construct of cultural Marxism, is a caste system, an ethnic pecking order. Those at the top cannot be criticized at all. Those in the middle can be criticized, but the criticism must be polite and restrained. For those at the bottom, criticism is mandatory and de-humanizing.

    PC Pecking order:
    Very Top – Ashkenazi Jews
    Middle – Blacks, Muslims etc.
    Very Bottom – White Protestants

    The central construct of the controlled opposition (neocons, etc.) is alt-PC:
    Top – All Jews (including disproportionately non-Ashkenazi West Bank settlers)
    Middle – Whites
    Bottom – Blacks, Muslims (Think of some of the cringe worthy, dehumanizing things Lawrence Auster used to write about these groups!)

    Any non-Jew who supports PC is a cucktural Marxist, and any non-Jew who supports alt-PC is a cuckservative.

    The authentic opposition rejects the entire concept of a pecking order. When discussing ethnic identity, interests, and conflict, the authentic opposition applies an equal, polite criticism to all ethnic groups. Good examples of the authentic opposition include Kevin MacDonald, Matt Parrot and F. Roger Devlin.

  4. Dear Megyn, how many of the penises you worked your way to the top with *weren’t* circumsised?
    Only kosher approved female journalists for me, thanks.

  5. August 7th, 2015 was the turning point. The Evil Empire of Rupert Murdoch joined the Rainbow Axis of Evil and attacked the GOP frontrunners and tried to torpedo the USS DONALD TRUMP the carrier of the hope of Real Americans. We must never forget GIRL HARBOR! GIRL HARBOR will live in infamy! The Girly men and bimbos of Yellow Journalism have awakened an Angry Giant and filled him with a Terrible Resolve!

  6. In a sane world, Howard Stern would be peddling condoms from his pushcart in the back alleys of Warsaw, Poland. In the post-modern JewSA, he’s a “celebrity” paid millions to sabotage the last remaining vestiges of our once vaunted Civilization. Indeed, Howard Stern is a living, breathing Jewish caricature straight out of the pages of Julius Streicher’s Der Stürmer.

  7. She has no class. I won’t even listen to the Howard Stern YouTube video. He is pure trash, and her appearing on his show displays what a loser she really is.

  8. Nothing has changed since 1980s song:

    I make my living off the evening news
    Just give me something-something I can use
    People love it when you lose,
    They love dirty laundry

    Well, I coulda been an actor, but I wound up here
    I just have to look good, I don’t have to be clear
    Come and whisper in my ear
    Give us dirty laundry

    Kick ’em when they’re up
    Kick ’em when they’re down

  9. don’t like her politics with Trump, but considering who she was dealing with I think she handled it well.

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