Cuckservatives: Erick Erickson on Donald Trump at Redstate Conference

Grinning ... they're two of a kind

By Hunter Wallace

At his little confab in Buckhead this afternoon, Erick Erickson hailed ¡Jeb! as “the most conservative Republican governor” and denounced Donald Trump for his mean-spirited, sexist remarks about women:

“ATLANTA – After rescinding an invitation to Donald J. Trump over his misogynistic comments about a Fox News reporter, the leader of a conservative conference said on Saturday morning that his email box filled with vitriolic messages.

Erick Erickson, the conference leader, told attendees of the RedState Gathering here that “we will not gain the White House” by using such language, particularly against women. Mr. Trump seemed to suggest to CNN Friday night that the Fox News reporter, Megyn Kelly, had questioned him aggressively during the first Republican presidential debate because she was menstruating.

“If your standard-bearer has to resort to that,’’ Mr. Erickson told hundreds of conservative activists in a packed hotel ballroom, “we need a new standard-bearer.’’

“We will not gain the White House,’’ he added, “if we’re screaming at people, calling them whores and queer and the N-word.’’ …”

Trump denounced Erickson as a “weak and pathetic leader.”

You're doing a heckuva job, son
You’re doing a heckuva job, son

Note: We remember how Erickson was pretty tight with Rick “Fed Up” Perry in 2012 … and he’s still close to the swaggering moron in 2015.

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  1. Erickson claims to be offended by Trump saying Kelly had blood in her eyes, ears etc. etc. Which he believes to be a sexist comment referring to a woman’s menstrual cycle. Being a family friendly event (quick, hide the women and children) he banned Trump for not apologizing.

    Trump said his comment was not about menstruation.

    I thought Trump was trying to convey the idea that she was so angry her blood pressure was rising, popping blood vessels, blowing a gasket, whatever.

    I Googled and found idioms, cliches, slang

    What is the figurative meaning of the phrase ‘blood in my eyes’?

    it means someone can see the anger in you’re eyes, and the blood is referring to a person’s desire to hurt and injure another.'blood_in_my_eyes

  2. As Erickson says in his Atlantic interview yesterday, he is good friends with Bush. As I have stated before, much of the damage done to America can be attributed to the outsized influence that one family has had, the Bushes (including especially the assassinations of Kennedy and Reagan). GHWBush openly called for a New World Order from the Oval Office and the well of the House.

    It’s hard for me to understand how a party apparatus could pull for a Bush less than 8 years after arguably one of the worst Presidencies in history, a Presidency that paved the way for a black muslim to become President.

    One possible explanation is the kind of networking that allows child rape and murder to be swept under the rug:

    Dosen’t Erickson look like the type that got in on that action? He’s about the right age, and there has to be an explanation for how a talentless hack has so many “friends”.

  3. When you see opportunity, you should take it.

    There’s opportunity here for Trump, and he should take it.

    “Taking it” means bragging about how Conservatism Inc wants nothing to do with him. Which would be a great follow up to his not raising his hand for the first question. Just as Sam Francis advised Pat Buchanan 24 years ago before PJB’s first Presidential campaign to separate himself from the Conservatism Inc hustle and not even use the word conservative about himself, Trump can really put some distance between himself and that hustle, which can only help him.

  4. Here is my semi-semi-personal experience with Erick.

    Back in either late 2008 or early 2009 I commented on Red State’s website that there has been a 100 year inter-party war between conservatives and liberals within the Republican Party and the liberal/establishment wing has always opposed/thwarted the conservative wing. Therefore, reform of the Republican Party to a conservative party has a 100 year track record of failure. I said this prior to the Tea Party revolt against the Republican establishment. When I made this comment, one of Red State’s moderators stated that my opposition to unqualified support of the Republican Party meant that I was for infanticide (I know its complete non sequitur). According to this moderator’s “logic”, by not choosing to blindly pull the lever for a Republican on election day it was the equivalent of voting for Obama. And since Obama is a proponent of partial birth abortion, I, therefore, was for partial birth abortion (infanticide) too. I avoided directly responding the moderator’s assertion because I had mentioned nothing about partial birth abortion (for the record, I’m against all abortion). There was some bitch commenter that insisted that I should answer to the moderator’s assertion that I am pro infanticide or else I admit, by default, that I am a proponent of this practice. I let her know that I would not dignify the moderator’s accusation against me. And that’s when the countdown to my permanent banning from the site began. The moderator made a snide remark about me and then hit the ban button. The Red State message board, which is more like a daycare center, all reveled in my banning. All of this was due to my bringing up that reforming the Republican Party has been a failure for 100 years. Within 15-30 minutes of being banned, I guess Erick felt the need to wag his finger at those who were properly illusioned that voting Republican was futile means of achieving political change. He wrote his own piece stating that none one had the right to complain about Republicans. And if anyone were dissatisfied with the direction of the Party, we should get more involved with the Republican Party at the local level.

  5. These people are bad at losing to us and good at losing to leftists. It’s like they grew up in some weird country where you can be shamed for thinking mean thoughts but not for being weak and uncompetitive.

  6. Erick Erickson on Mike Brown, Ferguson. He rambles on touching issues but flagrantly displays his cuckservative credentials.

    Erick Erickson (Diary) | August 15th, 2014

    (snip) The police officer claims Mr. Brown tried to take the police officer’s gun. Witnesses disagree. What is undisputed is by the time you read this Mr. Brown, who worked his way through a bleak high school education in Ferguson, MO, would be in a college classroom. He defied the odds of many young black men, graduated from high school, and would have started college last week had he been alive. But he failed to beat the odds of young black men having bad encounters with police. (snip)

    (he forgot to say he was an aspiring rapper, who dindu nuffin)

    Given what happened in Ferguson, the community had every right to be angry. The police bungled their handling of the matter, became very defensive, and behaved more like a paramilitary unit than a police force. Property damage and violence by the citizenry cannot be excused, but is also the result of a community seeing those who are to protect and serve instead suiting up and playing soldier. (snip)

  7. I haven’t been to V-Dare lately and was surprised to see the cuckservative meme in articles.

    Peter Bradley: What used to be called “law and order” issues were a cornerstone of the winning Republican agenda of the 1970s and 1980s. Presidents Nixon (1972) and Reagan (1984) won 67 percent and 64 of the white vote respectively by taking a tough stance against rioters and black criminals. These victories were made possible by working class white voters—often ethnic union members—who switched parties precisely because of social issues like crime, Affirmative Action, welfare and busing.

    But those days may be over as cuckservatives and GOP leaders try to compete with Democrats in reducing minimum sentencing laws and releasing (mostly black) criminals from prison. That they are getting soft on crime when cities across the U.S. are seeing riots and sharp spikes in violence speaks to the clueless and corrupt nature of the Stupid Party’s consultant class:

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