Obama Surprisingly Good – Opposes Foreign Wars for Foreign Interests

With shyster Vegas Casino Owners, Israeli Firsters, Neo Conservatives liars, and confused Christian Zionists all pushing for yet another US attack, war in the Middle East (either against secular Assad regime in Syria or against Iran depending on what day of the week it is), it’s nice to see some sanity in American political leadership on the question of war and peace. President Obama is now showing good leadership in this area.

Since the Conservative Inc/Neo Con purges of Pat Buchanan and other America First, Paleo Cons, we really don’t have any Conservative National leaders opposing the Tribe’s war mongering in the Middle East. The best we can really hope for on the Conservative, GOP side are people like Trump arguing these wars just aren’t worth the time and money, plus we have more important problems at home.

This is a good line of argument with Bible Belt Southerners who are brainwashed that we have to follow AIPAC’s line in everything to bring back Jesus:

“Well sir, we would really REALLY like to start yet another US war in the Middle East this time against Iran, but we just don’t have the money, plus American cities are now falling in to Brazil, Haiti style criminal anarchy”.

Obama is apparently standing up rather well to the Jewish war lobby and being a bit candid about the filthy rich, unpatriotic $ millionaires, $ billionaires lobbying to kill his Iran peace deal.

Steve Sailer is commenting on this conflict on the Lib Left.

Neo Cons, Tribe Donors Upset With Obama

This goes to show that we shouldn’t write off the liberals or even certain Black American political leaders like the half Black President Barack Obama. The “powers that be” want both endless US wars against Israeli’s various “enemies of the week” (Remember when Neo Con Bush speech writer David Frum wrote the classic “Axis of Evil speech” – that supposed Iran, Iraq and North Korea had formed a Nazi style Axis of evil against the entire free world?). Now Christian Zionist, Neo Con prostitute Mike the Huckabee Huckster is getting on CNN and shouting that this Iran peace deal will put all Israeli jews in the oven for another Holocaust!

Well, President Obama isn’t having any of this nonsense – and good for him. President Obama’s foreign policy, war policy has actually been much, much better than any of the Neo Conservative, RINO alternatives and I for one will support him. This is a reason the “powers that be” in the media want to shift media attention away from foreign policy to alleged incidents of White racism, racial injustice, Black Lives Matter and of course open the flood gates of third world immigration so all these tens of millions of new Americans will supposed vote for progressive, anti White racism etc.

So, I again recommend that we….

Don’t write off the Liberals

Libs on our side


  1. I don’t see how Obama has been better. He has destabilized the Middle East by pulling out of Iraq and bombing places like Libya, which means Europe is being flooded with Arabs and Africans. They never should have gone into Iraq in the first place, but Obama created a power vacuum by pulling out which has been a disaster. Really it seems with either Republicans and Democrats we are screwed.

    How come they don’t call neo-cons, zio-cons? Its more accurate is it not? And what is it to be a RINO these days? Seems all of the Republicans are open borders and political correctness enforcers now. So what does a real Republican stand for these days? I can’t tell the difference between them and SJW any more.

  2. There are other areas to which outreach might be possible to groups generally considered to be on the Left.

    One of the first that comes to mind are Environmentalists. I’m not speaking of the crazies of course. Those who want to reduce the human population by any significant amount or who want to re-wild large parts of the eart are beyond reach. But people who want to protect the environment and have clean air and water are not necessarily opposed to us. Most of us support these things as well. Additionally immigration should be attached from the environmental angle.

    Another area of outreach is replacing welfare with workfare. You have guaranteed employment to please the Left and on the plus side as far as the Right is concerned there would be the immense reduction in the welfare state. Welfare would be limited to those who absolutely can’t work.

    Third would be taking on the Oligarchy. Progressive taxation has traditionally been supported in more populist political traditions. Those industries that lobby for cheap immigrant labor could be the first target. The Oligarchy most definitely is not our friend.

    Fourth would be taking on the military industrial complex. This burden doesn’t benefit anyone except those industries that depend on it for access to natural resources (such as oil); or to open markets; or the armaments manufacturers.

    There is room to reach out to certain sectors of the Left. But it can only be done in a party that replaces the GOP. The duopoly stranglehold blocks all change unless it moves the US to the Left.

  3. “How come they don’t call neo-cons, zio-cons? Its more accurate is it not?”

    I respond:

    Many reasons Neo Cons aren’t called Zio-Cons. 1) it’s a bit like using the “N word” in educated, polite society – it tends to shut down the conversation. 2) Neo Cons denoted a specific group of intellectuals – former (heavily Jewish) Liberal/Leftist/Trotskyites who supposed left Liberal Left politics over the excesses of the 1960s the realities of Black crime, the failures of Communism and the Soviet Union and also because the American/Western Liberal Left was becoming increasing anti Israel.

    These New Conservatives, “Neo Conservatives” once only ran Commentary Magazine, but then they were welcomed at National Review and other Conservative Inc where they proceeded to take over and purge anyone and anyone who stood up of the legitimate rights of White Western people or who opposed endless US wars for Israel.

    That’s who these Neo Conservatives were/are.

    But, we still can’t go shouting “IT’S THE JEWS” unless we want to drop out completely from mainstream society.

    But to answer your question – yes it is the Jews, at least one powerful component of Jews, plus their White Gentile stooges, Christian Zionists being the worst.

    I hope that answers your question.

  4. I actually like Obama in foreign policy…did you see how Jew liars like Netanyahu are trying to portray Iran as a threat to the U.S. And Europe? These people have innate chutzpah, except nobody is buying their usual bullshit and their fuming.

  5. Goodbye Brad. You and Jack Ryan are mental defectives, and both of you will die as slaves to the US fedgov. Your ’cause’ is universally despised, and your lame little stories average roughly 4.5 comments.

    You’ll secede from nothing, not even your own delusions, ever.

  6. Given how weak and even liberal on domestic and social issues Republicans are, I’d rather have roughly the same style of governance at home from a Dem, but with the bonus of no War on Iran and not replacing Assad with ISIS in Syria. You’ll notice Obama drags his feet to the maximal extent possible on entering into those two possible wars against rational governments, and I don’t doubt he’s less hawkish on Russia than a servile Republican would be too.

    For 2016, it seems candidates in both parties have calculated that promising the neocons and their financiers the moon (or promising to blow it up at any rate), is the path to their party’s nomination. With two vocal exceptions so far: Trump and Sanders. Hillary gets an asterisk for me, because I wonder if she might govern more like Bill, who stated that a priority of his was to avoid a Vietnam while in office, and given Obama’s additional proof that it’s possible for a Democratic president to resist the war-psychotic elites. I see no evidence that a beholden Republican could do the same.

  7. I said the same thing about Obama a while go because it so surprised me. He has been good, comparatively. The nuclear deal with Iran is not a bad deal at all except for we don’t get all our hostages. I’m assuming the hostages are not Jews. If they’re Jews we are getting a good deal. They can keep the Jews masquerading as Americans. I don’t care about them.

    There’s an old saying the Jews have/had at the turn of the last century, “If it’s bad for the Goy it’s good for the Jew”. My saying is “If it’s bad for the Jew it’s good for the Goy”.
    If Iran gets more money they can support Hezbollah better. The Jews have been so vicious even the Christens support Hezbollah.

    The ultimate evil would be to break off the top Kurd portion of Iraq and give it too Assad and Syria. Assad has been reasonably good to minorities, that haven’t tried to kill him. As part of the deal move the Christens there with an outlet to the sea just in case. We could move Egyptian and Israeli Christens there. They in turn agree to not give Assad grief. The only problem is the large Sunni portion between Syria and the Kurds. They may just have to be moved. We could easily roll them up as we’re the ones funding them with Israel. Without funding and as Trump says without oil money they would be toast quickly. This would of course drive the Israeli’s nuts and make me very happy. It would also cut down on Israeli adventurism having a powerful neighbor who hates them so bad.

    As far as this pisses off Saudi Arabia…so what. They might not like it but we could easily make a case it’s a lot more stable than what we have now.

  8. Finally Pres Obama doing something right and acting like a statesman. He is right on Iran for a change. He is also right when he says the whole world is pro the Iran deal. Israel cannot be trusted. They are horrific warmongers. Hope it passes smoothly and that he acts like a statesman and sends illegal immigrants home asap as its ridiculous to think they need to be in america They are much better off in there own cultures and countries than being low class labourers in america. People do better in there own culture with there own people and its racist to say they need to be in a foreign country cos there own countries are useless. A true statesman would have already agreed a non immigration policy with mexico based on trade assistance etc. Immigration is failing miserably They look lost and ridiculous. What possessed america and europe to think they need to become white or european or western. Its so insulting to think taking people away from there race and culture is positive. Let mexicans and africans return to buiold there own countries and offer free trade fairly where possible. I can’t understand the logic of creating little mexican squatter towns or asian communities or all these diverse communities who have no desire to mix inside america. Give them the dignity of being who they are in there own countries

  9. I would not give Obumma the steam off my shit. He deserves no praise whatsoever, only condemnation and the day of the rope can not come soon enough for the Nigger in Chief.

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