The End of the rEVOLution

RIP: the liberty movement, 2007-2016

By Hunter Wallace

Richard Spencer and Matt Parrott have beaten me in writing the obituary of the Ron Paul “rEVOLution” which spectacularly flamed out in Rand Paul’s debut on the 2016 Republican presidential stage:

“Pinpointing the exact moment that a human is dead is a tricky medical conundrum. Doubly so for political movements. Perhaps we should wait until Rand Paul’s campaign folds up its tent. Perhaps we should wait until Dr. Paul heads off to the one place with more gold than his investment portfolio. Maybe we should call it when Jack Hunter announces in his grating moralistic tone that he’s had a change of heart about his libertarian principles.

Rats are, after all, the surest indicator that a ship is drowning.

I consider last week’s Republican debate the moment that the paleo-libertarian insurgency died. This moment, Rand Paul’s big debut as a presidential candidate, was supposed to be a crowning moment for a revolution which was decades in the making. It didn’t only end with a metaphorical whimper, but with Rand literally whimpering about constitutional errata after the American mind, the debate audience, and even his corps of notoriously rabid supporters had already moved on to bigger and brighter things. …”

Spencer writes:

“Contrast this with Ron Paul’s 2008 performances. Whatever you might think of him and libertarianism, Paul differentiated himself from the rest of the field, which was then still caught up in Bush-era neoconservatism. …

Is this the end of the Ron Paul movement, which began in 2007 as a heady, though quite genuine, antiwar alternative to the staus quo? Could we have seen this coming? Let’s put aside the “playing the game” critique, which so many have leveled against Rand Paul and his followers, who made their peace with the Republican establishment and conservative movement. Could we have seen this coming in the shear number of sub-mediocrities who were promoted by the “liberty movement” (some of whom were recently indicted for alleged campaign malfeasance)? Could we have seen this coming due to the nature of libertarianism itself? Libertarianism is, after all, a form of liberalism, in other words, a purified version of the system’s own ideology.

In the end, millions of dollars were raised on behalf of the Paul family, and millions of man-hours invested in a movement that has become barely distinguishable from standard Republicanism. So again—what was the point? …”

I’ve been thinking the same thing … what started as a movement which seemed for a time to be a genuine challenge to the status quo has ended in a conventional Republican politician carping that Donald Trump is a RINO.

It is obvious at this point that Rand Paul has none of the charisma, principles, or sincerity that powered the Ron Paul presidential campaigns. Not only will Rand Paul fail in his presidential bid, he won’t even come close to matching Ron Paul’s 2012 performance in votes or fundraising. He’s the albatross that will sink the “liberty movement.”

Ron Paul’s supporters are already abandoning the sinking ship:

“Senator Paul has raised significantly less than most major candidates, pulling in $6.9 million, including a $1.6 million transfer from his Senate committee. Affiliated super PACs have raised only $5 million. Meanwhile, Jeb Bush’s super PAC has raised $103 million, and Ted Cruz’s got over $37 million.

By comparison, in the last two quarters of 2007, Ron Paul, who had literally zero percent name ID in early internal analyses, raised $25.2 million, second only to Rudy Giuliani’s $26 million. (Governor Mitt Romney’s receipts were heavily dependent on loans made to his own campaign.) Super PACs, of course, were not a factor.

In 2007, Ron Paul’s success was called “astounding.” In 2015, Rand Paul finds himself having to explain “paltry” returns. …”

I honestly don’t think it is too early to write off Rand Paul. I can’t imagine a scenario in which he catches fire. This is like watching the first game of football season and having a gut feeling that it is going to be a bad year. It’s going to be a really bad year for the “liberty movement” which is going to crash and burn in 2016.

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  1. Funny. Y’all have obviously got TVs. I don’t. It’s funny that y’all supported either Paul but esp. Rand. And it was truly spectacular esp. for me not having ever seen Rand Paul on TV before the debate.

    Puny pipsqueak pussy. His demeanor and lack of physical presence or prowess were stunning. Comically so when Trump said something like, “You are having a hard time tonight.” LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lots of people supported Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012 … at least up until the Nevada primary, where he famously compared the Border Patrol to the Gestapo. I believe that was the real turning point.

    As for Rand Paul, everyone who might have supported him in our circles began to peel away in 2012. The decisive moment was the week after Romney’s election when he began to pitch the tenants of his “a different kind of Republican” campaign strategy.

    It has been all downhill from there.

  3. Nah. We should be so lucky.

    As Dr. Van Helsing was the obscure experts on the strange , do they really exist sub cult of Vampirism, I’m a similar expert of an even smaller cult Never say die, race denying Libertarianism , with special Ron Paul and Rand Paul cult worship, cult following.

    The R a& R true believer, old believer Ron Paul/Rand Paul Libertarianism for a President goes all the way back to 1988 when Ron Paul first ran for President of the United States on the Libertarian ticket and won all of 0% one would think that winning/losing 0% would kill any mainstream movement , but not the R&R Paul Libertarian cult. Contestant rejection at the polls only makes the appeal stronger, as so many people are just alienated by mainstream life and are attracted to lost causes – as it justifies the situation where these people are loners and our rejected by mainstream society.

    Another reason this R&R Paul Libertarian cult , though extremely small, it’s allowed to go on – because it is really the only “conservative” political, economic philosophy allowed on campus – it must always be presented as looking to helot minorities, Blacks, gays, undocumented, even Muslims and it offers young people unlimited freedoms to do whatever they want to do, like letting children not have a bed time.

    Other reason it goes on – the VP nomination. GOP nominated Jack Kemp and Paul Ryan who expressed similar Hispandering, pro Black versions of Libertarianism, vouchers for ghetto Blacks to attend a White private schools etc.

    The anti White media also likes libertarian VPs because they always lose and the MSM wants lib Dems to win.

    So, let’s not celebrate the death of Rand Paul and race pandering, or race denying libertarianism – it ain’t dead, it’s….

    The Undead.

  4. Ron Paul is still an icon, but Rand Paul has been flatly unable to carry the torch. The true believers are still around, but the movement has faded and lost influence.

  5. It’s going to be a really bad year for the “liberty movement” which is going to crash and burn in 2016.

    Which is why I advocate getting ready for the “armed rebellion”. Every day we’re not at War is a day to sharpen our axe. No matter how you slice it, we are NOT voting our way out of this mess. I’d much prefer to do the fighting than leave it to my children & yours HW.

  6. Libertarianism is the immature red herring of a jewess calling herself Ayn Rand. A country raised and nurtured on a John Wayne can do attitude should spit on this vile jewess and her professions of cowardice. Her fake “heroes” who are rabid money-grubbing capitalists run away and hide from the Government when the Jackboot comes down. Anyone waiting for John Wayne or the calvary to ride in on these paeans to cowardice will be sorely disappointed. Slack jawed losers like Rand and false opposition red herrings like his father Dr. Nobody are what you would expect in the intellectually vapid desert of a personality cult of a vile jewess.

  7. The liberty movement can never die for me because it was never born for me. I didn’t even know there was a liberty movement until now. Been busy with bees and cows. LOL.

  8. Rand has been Trumped.

    I would pinpoint the peak of the liberty movement at Rand’s endorsement of Romney – it was demoralizing, and the death was probably the RNC 2012 convention where RP was thrown under the bus.

    Austrian economics is Jewish economics
    How the Money Power created Libertarianism and Austrian Economics
    The Ron and Rand Paul betrayal
    Five more reasons Ron Paul was a phoney all along

  9. Trump drank Rand’s milkshake, but yes, it was over long before then as the exponential growth of white awareness pulled many away from people friendly with open borders and minority empowerment. But is the liberty movement really dead? Or is it being suborned into a larger pro-white movement that points out plainly that only white societies have ever achieved anything resembling a republic, and even then, only imperfectly. The upshot of rands flameout will be the infowarriors abandoning universalism for pro-white attitudes. Their energy and resources should be welcomed as part of the next phase of exponential growth.

  10. Again it s a cult.

    The cult isn t really designed to win much of anything. Ron Paul managed to somehow win a Congressional seat in Avery White Area, Rand Paul a US Senate seat very White state of Kentucky. But after that the cult is concerned with other things not associate with winning or even competing close to winning. It s about getting on TV, selling books and videos spread the message of the cult. Those at the top of the cult get wealth and fame, people see them on TV, they get to make paid speeches , things most of us would like to do. Those at the top of the cult don t have to work real jobs, as long as they never saying anything pro White, or against immigration or against Israel, they are in line for great lifetime gigs at places lie, the Hoover Institute. What s the Washington Libertarian think tank?

    The CATO Institute.

    Most people like to hang out at the CATO institute have young, bright attractive women fawn over them.

    So you see, the R R Paul, Libertarian cult brings lots of great things for those at the top and it doesn’t t depend on winning GOP Presidential primaries. It s just something in the past like some racist comments in a Ron Paul newsletter saying Black rioters are criminals, that can mess up,the whole cushy, easy life for those at the top of the Libertarian cult.

    As long as we can t do much worse than sinking their presidential contention, those like Rand Paul will keep on doing what they do. They have an easy soft, good life.

    They should be in hiding in the wilderness , hiding from mountain men with shot guns and knives intent on punishing trItors.

  11. There’s no doubt about it. Libertarianism in general has been the right’s opiate and millstone.

    Then there’s the matter of Rand Paul being all over the map, trying to meld together whatever he thinks the person or people who he is talking to want to hear into some libertarian principle or mold.

    It’s no surprise to me that Rand Paul’s Presidential campaign is going nowhere fast, and it would still be going nowhere fast even if Trump wasn’t in this thing.

  12. When thinking about Rand Paul’s implosion, I remind myself of O’Sullivan’s Law, or rather, my creative rephrasing of it:

    That which is not explicitly nationalist will sooner or later become explicitly anti-nationalist.

    Rand Paul’s implosion which was a consequence of his being all over the place on agenda items is nothing more than a consequence itself of a non-nationalist ideology (libertarianism of some sort) becoming explicitly anti-nationalist.

  13. The best summary of a libertarian would be the youtube of the guy getting tazed for trying to force his way into a court with a camera. A lot of them have a weird victim complex and are nearly delusional. They see shadows of some sort of police state when, in reality, the system is much more insidious and underhanded.

    I blame it on having no sense of themselves. Southerners don’t need libertarianism. We need real representation.

    There were a lot of proto-libertarians during the war. They criticized the “Davis regime” over abstract principles and hampered the war effort. These people are useless, but thankfully, they are head-in-the-clouds loners. They will never have mass appeal, especially if our people have a well represented alt right option with a clear message.

  14. All this analysis of libertarians is useless psycho babble. Watch and learn from the Jews.

    Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. Endless repetition. And then more repetition. “White Supremacist haters.”

    Any white person who is not Pro-White is a Cuckservative, a Cucker, a Cuckette and a member of the Cuckservative Old Party, aka, COP.

  15. They have two words for us, White Supremacist. We have one word for them, Cuckservative.

    They say we hate. We say they submit.

    Repeat. Again and again.

  16. You could say Ron Paul had an impact on the GOP. However the GOP is 100% RINO these days. The party has no place for libertarians and especially Nationalists. Rand Paul thought he could be more RINO friendly and get the nomination. Wrong ! Good time for a protest vote in 2016. WPWW !

  17. Jim Giles,”They have two words for us, White Supremacist. We have one word for them, Cuckservative.

    They say we hate. We say they submit.

    Repeat. Again and again.”

    Agreed. Good Man.

  18. Jim Giles ‘They have two words for us, White Supremacist. We have one word for them, Cuckservative.’


    Just one word but it totally disarms the opposition. It cuts through the facade of altruism and reveals what they really are.


    We know it. They know it.

  19. Repetition of a meme in itself isn’t going to get us anywhere. It isn’t that people use the word “white supremacist,” it’s a constant assault on us in every form of media that makes the enemy’s lies effective. We don’t have anything like that, which is why we need to cut out the cancer of leftism like a cancer. Libertarians are loners, like I said, and not very dangerous. Calling them cucks doesn’t make it clear why the philosophy is a failure. Yes, they should be dismissed like other cucks, but we have to educate our people as to why they were wrong.

    Cuckservative is good propaganda, but if you rely on it to explain things to our would-be supporters, you’re going to sound unintelligent.

  20. There is a difference in striking a nerve with our enemies and enlightening our own people. I am infinitely more interested in the latter. It is time that we should be done with vanguard movements and that we should start offering a real third position

  21. Vick Viper // August 10, 2015 at 5:33 am //
    “Repetition of a meme in itself isn’t going to get us anywhere.”

    You better tell the left to stop calling Whites racist and Nazi then. They’ve been doing it for the last 50 or 60 years. They never sound smart, but somehow they hijacked everything and the cuckservatives both adore and are terrified of them. 😉

  22. Anyone who prefers sounding intelligent to attacking Cuckers is going no where. White Supremacist encapsulates racist and Nazi too. Or you could say they have 4 words for us. Maybe 5 if you add in unintelligent. But we still have only one word for them and that’s Cucker.

    There is no difference whatsoever in striking a nerve with our enemy and ‘enlightening’ our people.

    Defining those who pretend to represent us as Cuckers is effective and enlightening. Babbling about the defects of libertarianism, etc. is the stuff of egghead intellectuals and not the stuff of political revolution.

    Ultimately, we need our own media propaganda machine like the Jews if we are to prevail.

    White Media Uber Alles.

    Learn from the Jews. They are relentless with their attacks. Their every word is not about enlightenment. It’s an attack. Our people are enlightened when they see their enemies diminished.

    ‘Watching as their wives are mounted.’

    Brad, I suggest you start a post entitled, The Etymology of Cuckservative, where we can list the nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, etc. of the word and sundry, e.g., The Cuckservative Old Pary, COP. BTW, forget RINO. It’s no longer to be employed by White Alphas. White Alphas only employ Cuckservative. Period.

    Learn from Trump also. Trump never apologizes. Worry over sounding unintelligent sounds apologetic.

    And we still need a new heroic term for White Alpha Males.

  23. I liked Ron. I despised Rand. I lost ALL interest when Rand traitored the state that voted him his spurious legitimacy, when I saw him idolatrously worshiping at the garbage dump wall in Shekelstein (Israel) a yarmulke on his goyische locks.

    Meh. Let the dead bury the dead.

    “And we still need a new heroic term for White Alpha Males.”
    Christian Knight once worked very well……

  24. My point is that you don’t have a media voice, so doing exactly what the enemy does is not going to work. You can pick the low hanging fruit all day but you aren’t going to be successful with mere repitition. If we are easily dismissed, then we are no different than any other failed vanguard movement.

    Also, what is going to be accomplished by a lot of talk and no action? If you are limited to chants and slogans, then the controlled media can ignore you or misrepresent you. Leftist style chants and boring sign holders didn’t stop them from taking down the flag in South Carolina. Documenting “the false narrative” is a step in the right direction. Defending monuments and graves through more overt measures should be the next step. Call the cops on vandals if you see them. Organize some sort of watch – even the blacklivesmatter crowd are organized enough to commit vandalism on a massive scale. Speak against and vote out your city councils if they are traitors. Why haven’t we started printing or distribution of our message? It’s very easy for the enemy to dismiss the internet. Cuckservatives are the power structure – the people we need to reach are all around you. Most of them are more receptive than you’d think.

    The difference in cucks and us is that we don’t care what they call us. They have never stood up for us. You can stand up for yourself in a lot of ways. The first step is not to look stupid. Eat right and dress well. People gravitate towards someone who is organized enough to present a good image of themselves. The worst thing is to be dismissed outright. Enough good activism and recruiting will put an end to that. If we don’t, then we’ll just be talking on the internet when things are worse. If you don’t buy that, just look at the madness of ‘world war T’ which would have been unthinkable even ten years ago. Stop blaming cucks for everything if you have never even tried to enlighten the old folks as to what cucks are all about.

    • And defending Cucks should be a ban-able offense.

      Vicky, Vicky, Vicky. Come on Vicky, what’s your real name?

      Your verbosity is boring. Verbose Vicky full of effeminate intellectual mumbojumbo.

      I blame Cucks for everything.

  25. Jim Giles

    ‘Learn from the Jews. They are relentless with their attacks. Their every word is not about enlightenment. It’s an attack.’


    Words like Cuckservatives, cucks, cuckfedeates and Cuckabee are making huge inroads.

    Antis have changed the course of history by employing words and catch-phrases as powerful weapons leaving enemies dead in their tracks.

    To the masses a well reasoned argument formulated by a knowledgeable speaker criticising any aspect of jewry will be totally annihilated by the utterance of a hyphenated word — anti-semite.

    Debate over.

    We often see same effect using words like, racist, homophobe, redneck, Nazi,
    white supremacist.

  26. I don’t see what Jim thinks he is advocating here. Being limited in vision as a virtue of some kind?

    No one is defending cuckservatives. What a stupid accusation.

  27. You already posted that somewhere else. You really aren’t that smart. Does a simple question confuse you that much or do you really believe your own ‘act like a Jew’ line? You admitted that you don’t know what you’re talking about. Too busy doing something with your livestock. (Yeah I’m really taken in by that self congratulating, salt of the earth bullshit.)

    We need simplistic, childlike people like you for menial tasks, not for leadership. I’m guessing that you are always this rude – butting in on conversations and changing the subject while not actually saying anything. You can’t answer a simple question either.

    • Vicky,

      You make me call you out. You are an anonymous coward, a nobody. I’m anything but.

      If your honor is offended. Do something about it pussy. I’m readily locatable.

      Otherwise, understand this. The largest weakness of intellectual tough guys is that they have nothing to back up their strong intellect with. No muscle. All mouth.

      It’s embarrassing to understand implicitly that if you were put in a ring with Ronda Rousey, she would win. I’m ambivalent about a contest between you and Rand Paul or Lindsey Graham. I would need to know your height, weight and age to project the winner.

  28. If you know that you’re dumb, know your place and keep your mouth shut.

    Or just embarrass yourself elsewhere. At least that way you won’t embarrass SNs.

  29. Do you really want to live in a world with open borders, legalized drugs, and Unbridled Capitalism run riot? Such is Libertarianism and as such it is just as much an economic doctrine as Capitalism and Communism. We need Ethno-Nationalism, more specifically a form of white separatist-nationalism, because one must separate from what is before one can form what should be. (As opposed to the current Anti-nation that is the U.S.)

  30. Feric that is exactly what I want. Anyone with a fifth grade level of reading comprehension can tell what I was saying. That includes analyzing recent events. It isn’t “useless psychobabble.” It is information to be used.

    I’ll make it simpler: We have to be better at things that are important if we are to win. Understanding history and understanding the modern world is important, or we’re just tilting at windmills and then whining about losing without ever having done anything. If you are doing this to feel good about yourself by indulging in defeatism, then you aren’t helping.

    Acting like a jackass is NOT policing your own. It’s a common sense thing that you probably shouldn’t go onto a site for discussion to brag about how tough you are when it’s pretty easy and cheap to get the vision test and a fight card.

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