Cuckservatives: Matt Walsh Jumps The Shark

By Hunter Wallace

Glenn Beck’s house truth teller, who by the way just happens to echo the Glenn Beck line, has come out swinging against Donald Trump. Among his other silly claims:

1.) Trump is engaged in “political booger flicking” – No, he has tackled several major issues head on – political correctness, immigration, trade policy, the castrated cuckservative establishment, and campaign finance – which the GOP establishment ruled were off the table after the 2012 election.

2.) Hillary Clinton will be elected president – Please note the Republican Party already controls Congress and the Supreme Court. So what difference would it make? If we get another cuckservative in the White House, he will appoint more cuckservatives like John Roberts and Anthony Kennedy to the Supreme Court.

3.) Trump is a flagrant scam artist – In 1988, Trump was saying he would run for president if things got really bad, and that is precisely what has happened after thirty years of Republican victories. The real scam artists are the Republicans sitting in Congress passing things like Obamatrade, turning tricks for Wall Street, saving Planned Parenthood, presiding over the exploding national debt, etc.

4.) Angry populists blame politicians and corporate interests – Are you kidding? Politicians really are puppets and liars. They really are in the pocket of corporate interests. This is why they all seem to end up as corporate lobbyists like Tom Daschle, Eric Cantor, or Trent Lott. And you know what? Lots of people have finally figured out they have been taken for a ride all these years.

5.) We keep electing bad people – Yes, we do. But we keep electing them because every two years people like Matt Walsh tell us we have no choice but to vote for the Romneys, the McCains, the Bushes, and the Grahams in order to “stop the Democrats.” Naturally, the Republican monopoly won’t tolerate competition, so we get the same paid cuckservative writers writing the same shit every election cycle.

6.) Trump is a lifelong liberal Democrat – A hilarious claim. Trump is exactly what he appears to be, a saavy New York businessman,  not a partisan Republican. Ross Perot, too, was a truth telling rogue billionaire, and like Trump, he attracted lots of supporters who are Independents and Democrats.

7.) Trump “flip flops” on issues – He’s flip flopped in a good way though. Guess what? Most people are not rigid ideologues and have changed their minds on various issues. Should we attack people or praise them for “flip flopping” from being “pro-choice” to “pro-life”? Should we attack people for flip flopping from atheism to Christianity or from being anti-gun to pro-gun?

8.) Trump has made “menstruation” jokes – Except that he hasn’t and has explicitly said otherwise. It sure is interesting how the cuckservatives are hiding behind the dress of a woman, who discussed details of her sex life with Howard Stern, and reading Trump the riot act over his implied, sexist comments.

How does this make them any different from SJWs? As Trump has pointed out, political correctness is out of control, and people like Matt Walsh are making his point by demonstrating how weak and cucked they are by policing “offensive” language, which is so hilarious that even the Left has drawn attention to it.

9.) Trump donated money to Democrats – As Trump has admitted himself, he is a businessmen who was just playing the game because he understands how the system works. To my knowledge, no other Republican presidential candidate has ever explained how the system works in front of 24 million people on national television and for that alone Trump should be given enormous credit.

10.) Trump’s defenders are “racists” – As with Trump, the difference here is that we are honest about our racial views. Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, however, is notorious for dog whistling and ripping content directly off our websites and using it to drive traffic in order to 1.) sell ads and make money, 2.) cuck the Republican base, and 3.) channel White racial grievances into Republican political campaigns.

11.) Trump hasn’t articulated his policy agenda – Trump has demonstrated that he is a fighter and has backbone. He has proven that under pressure and scrutiny he won’t humble himself and apologize every five seconds. A policy agenda is important, but wonkish policies are utterly useless without the will to fight for them.

12.) Trump is a crass, self obsessed bully – The knock on Trump is that he is a confident bully. Does anyone seriously believe that Scott Walker or ¡Jeb! will fight and go for the jugular of the opposition? Isn’t it more likely that these other lightweights will fold and surrender when challenged like John Boehner?

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  1. I think his ongoing personal attacks against others does no good, especially Megyn Kelly who is actually known for in the past saying pro-white things. But, I think read an interesting article on “American nationalism” on Breitbart, and which is also re-posted in Trump’s own site.

    The article it states that America’s competitors, such as: India, China, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Japan, etc, have been led by nationalist minded leaders, whereas America has been led by globalist and leftist corporatism, and that we need a nationalist minded leader to put America first.

  2. He’s wearing the Chi Rho tat.

    What a fucking eunuch.

    That’s the battle ensign of Constantine.

    You need to photoshop in a mug of cocoa and some PJs on this one.

  3. (1) Like others don’t
    (2) Hillary and Jeb! are so much alike that even Rush has suggested they should run on the same ticket. I don’t care how Trump as a potential third candidate affects the calculus between Tweedledee and Tweedledum.
    (3) That might be, but he’s the least bad scammer in the bunch
    (4) “People notice things.” There, I fixed it for you.
    (5) And that’s why there’s a lot of interest in unpoliticians.
    (6) Not really.
    (7) Which politician hasn’t? Very few, including one I once worked for.
    (8) The idea that Trump talking about the blood coming out of Megyn Kelly’s eyes (hint: He said “eyes”) had something to do with menstruation is coming from the same pervert mindset that says that “cuckservative” has something to do with interracial porn.
    (9) He had to, in order to get any damned thing done in business in New York City.
    (10) Actually, that’s not true. I wish it was, and I wish the candidate reflected it. But I’m under no delusions that Trump is a $10 billion net worth version of Jared Taylor, I don’t have inflated or even high expectations of him, he’s not our race’s savior, he’s not some white knight riding in on a horse from Valhalla, and I’m not going to cry in my beer when he doesn’t win.
    (11) There’s plenty of time for policy wonkery (most of which he has already written about in his book of four years ago). 175 days until Iowa cauci, that’s enough for three or four political eternities.
    (12) Just about everyone in the realm of elected politics or who seriously wants to be there is a self-obsessed bully; it’s only matter of how well they hide it. This is not the line of work that serves those with humble personalities. The kind of people who do electoral politics are the ***holes who think the world just won’t turn without them in office. Again, I once worked for one of the very few people in public life who wasn’t like that, the total antithesis of that.

  4. Another

    Trump’s soft nationalism or kiddie pool nationalism is what is buying him a lot of political capital, allowing him to get away with things that would kill and ordinary politician.

  5. Trump doesn’t have to pander to a donor.

    Real simple. He’s spent 2 decades on TV as well. He’s written a dozen half decent business manuals.

    Are you not entertained?

  6. The Establishment needs to be bullied. Now whether Trump is the one to do it I haven’t decided yet. But he appears to be the only one who is interested.

  7. Good stuff Hunter. Another thing that bothers me about them constantly going on about Trump’s ties to Clinton. What about the Bush’s ties to Clinton?

    If memory serves me right, Bush the father said he considered Bill Clinton as a son and traveled the world with him. George Bush is now doing the same thing yet we never hear about those close ties.

  8. Pat Buchanan was the only worthwhile presidential candidate in my lifetime.

    Trump has his strong points, but he would continue our anti-Iran foreign policy, he would continue our current high levels of legal immigration, and he isn’t 1/10th the gentleman Buchanan is. To be blunt, Trump is not good enough.

    If the 100 most powerful Jews in America got together and decided to enact the Buchananite agenda, they could easily do so with their wealth, media control, intelligence and Jewish privilege. I strongly recommend they do so, very soon. If not, it becomes absolutely necessary to engage in a White Advocacy which does not recognize Jews as Whites. VDARE, AMren and NPI will no longer be good enough!

    In a multi-cultural United States, in which Whites are just another minority, we cannot afford to have Jews classified as White for the following reasons:
    1. Jews will hog the entire White quota for desirable positions.
    2. Including Jews as Whites in census statistics will inflate perceptions of White wealth and income, increasing the size of the reparations payments demanded of us.
    3. Whites will be blamed for the wrongdoings of Hollywood Jews, Wall Street Jews, landlords, organ traffickers, pornographers etc.
    4. Our self-respect demands that we don’t waste time defending those who willfully and knowingly destroyed our country. (Yes, yes, I know that there are a handful of powerless middle class Jewish intellectuals on our side, but the 1% of the 2% has been uniformly and ferociously hostile.)

  9. It was Buchanan’s 2001 book Death of the West that turned me on to all this, but 2000 was his last political campaign.

    As for Trump, he’s no Buchanan, but he has the capacity to inflict an incredible amount of damage on the GOP. He’s softening up the system with body blows. He’s clearing the path for a more serious challenger.

  10. To know he’s a cretin just look at the stupid tattoos. He thinks he’s a hipster…but looks like a fat-lipped, grease-ball douchebag. When I see tattoos I automatically deduct 10 IQ points for males and 15 for females.

  11. Do people really expect “4 year plans” from a leader? That’s Marxist trashthink.

    A leader should tell us how he is going to operate, not specific details; just as Trump is doing.

  12. No honest Christian would ever deface the Imago Dei by a tattoo- it’s against the Moral Law of God, and is a blasphemous slap in the face to Christendom to have a Chi Rho, to boot!

    On a banner going into battle, on a church building, even as a piece of jewelry, possibly.
    But on your body? Damning one’s self by ‘pagan cutting’ is the new mark of the beast, frankly.

  13. He sounds and looks like a typical neocon. They like western symbols, but only in the abstract. He probably thinks of them as universal values or something.

  14. “Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, however, is notorious for dog whistling and ripping content directly off our websites and using it to drive traffic in order to 1.) sell ads and make money, 2.) cuck the Republican base, and 3.) channel White racial grievances into Republican political campaigns.”

    This is where we take the cuckservative attack next.

    We have to start calling out conservatives every time they dog whistle. We have to point out how insincere they are even as they suggest agreement with us.

    We want to keep white advocacy as our issue and not let conservatives get away with pretending they represent whites.

  15. Whites Unite I have been screaming this for years. Paul Kersey, Jared Taylor are brilliant and I like their writing, HOWEVER when you do not NAME THE JEW you are left with a bunch of dots with no lines to connect them. The Negro, the Homosexual, the Free Love freaks, the degenerate, HAVE NO POWER TO EFFECT CHANGE by themselves. Negroes cannot organize a bake sale, much less a political action committee. So who is organizing and funding it? IT IS ALWAYS THE JEW.

    Until Paul Kersey recognizes Black Run America BRA is Jew Run America in Blackface, he won’t get it

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