Cuckservatives: Donald Trump’s Hostile Takeover

¡Jeb!, you're next!

By Hunter Wallace

This is exactly what The Donald is doing to ¡Jeb! and the cuckservatives!

“In every town large enough to have two traffic lights there is a bar at the back of which sits the local Donald Trump, nursing his fifth beer and innumerable delusions. Because the actual Donald Trump is wealthy, he can turn himself into an unprecedentedly and incorrigibly vulgar presidential candidate. It is his right to use his riches as he pleases. His squalid performance and its coarsening of civic life are costs of freedom that an open society must be prepared to pay. …

A political party has a right to (in language Trump likes) secure its borders. Indeed, a party has a duty to exclude interlopers, including cynical opportunists deranged by egotism. This is why closed primaries, although not obligatory, are defensible: Let party members make the choices that define the party and dispense its most precious possession, a presidential nomination. …

So, conservatives today should deal with Trump with the firmness Buckley dealt with the John Birch Society in 1962. The society was an extension of a loony businessman who said Dwight Eisenhower was “a dedicated, conscious agent of the Communist conspiracy.” In a 5,000-word National Review “excoriation” (Buckley’s word), he excommunicated the society from the conservative movement.”

Note: ¡Jeb! is down to 5 percent in Iowa!

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  1. Followed the link to the National Review article. Mind-boggling. Left a one-word comment: “cuckservative”

    Within a few seconds– literally a few seconds, because it was before I even had time to scroll down, a reply appeared from “RememberSekhmet”, saying “That term is used by white supremacists and is not acceptable here.”

    The comment wasn’t taken down, so I don’t know if the guy is a moderator or just some “cuck” version of an SJW, but I’m floored that the leftist thought police stuff has now affected the National Review to that degree… say something with the slightest pro-white connotation– like “cuckservative”– and you’re struck down just as swiftly as you would be at Vox or ThinkProgress.

    If this Trump mini-surge goes no further, it has at least accomplished one meaningful thing: it has exposed “right-wing” organizations like National Review and RedState for what they really are: gutless peons who prioritize being viewed as “acceptable” by people who are flagrantly anti-White and anti-Christian. The lights have been turned on, and the roaches are indeed scattering.

  2. I’ve just waded through the comments.

    It occurs to me that NR’s definition of conserve is unusual to say the least.

    The fags over there Jabber about conservative ideas, policy and principles.

    They do not appear to understand that a conservative principle that Trumps all others. Ethnocentrism.

    Lose the coherence of the national community and there is nothing to conserve. Mexicans ain’t gonna vote for Milton Freidman’s ideas, or Ayn Rand’s ideas.

    Who are these commentators trying to fool?

  3. I am pretty proud that I was banned from NationalReview. Apparently the thing I was banned for was questioning one David French on his (1) interpretation of the writings of TnH Coates and (2) His adopt of a black African baby girl and subsequent wielding of her as a totem against accusations of ‘racism’. Talk about a cuck! It’s not like he even helped the overall situaton in Africa — his thousands in tuition and tutoring fees will end intmembor

    Is there really anyone who listens to those guys anymore?

  4. Okay, I’m calling shenanigans. Where’s my shillelagh? Ah!

    Uno – That George Will had the effing cajones to call down Mr. Trump for his “non-cuckservative” views, Mr. Will has now pranced and minced his way out of the closet, revealing to all: Yes, Virginia, even he’s a damned cuckservative.

    Dos – Bill Buckley? Getoutahere! Oh, yes, at one time, Buckley was one mean conserv, but over time, even he succumbed to the pansy-wansy ways of the Cultural Marxists, even to the point of “admiring” MLK, and dumping poo on the Birchers.

    And as for National Review’s relevancy on any topic? Any issue? Keep in mind, anuses make racket, but it don’t mean it’s intelligible or relevant, unless discussing killer Mex for dinner. I’d rather read wallpaper.

  5. William F Buckley was fighting one battle above all others, and that was the battle against global Communism. I’m not going to judge the tactics and strategies of he and his cohort because I wasn’t there and it really doesn’t matter now; Communism has mutated and so must the defense against it. That is what Buckley may have concluded had he lived, but the cuckservatives don’t get, which is why they are going to the ash heap of history.

  6. In every town large enough to have two Starbucks and one Super Target, there is a a bistro at which the back sits the local cuckservative. He is nursing one fizzy yellow beer and a single massive delusion: That the end of the Cold War meant the beginning of the next great war to democratize the rest of the world.

    He doesn’t know it, but the importance of ideology makes him remarkably similar to those old commies. But unlike them, he doesn’t have the national roots which no amount of violence could permanently destroy. He has willingly sold off his faith, his race, and his heritage in order to avoid the stigma of those oh so evil “racists” and anti-semites.

    Assuring himself that he is on the right side, he looks lovingly at the latest Fox News report on Israel and becomes visibly excited and inspired by their powerful army and the loyalty they have for their own faith and race.
    He never considers what it would be like if he could have the same thing, if only he were loyal.

  7. ‘The Donald body slams Vince McMahon …. and the GOP establishment’

    I would love to see Trump body slam cuck extraordinaire John Kasich for giving this spineless reply to a question about BLM.

    “Martin O’Malley apologized for saying ‘all lives matter.’ Do you think that it’s appropriate to apologize for that?” she said the Ohio Governor. “What’s your view on all this?”

    “I’ve been very involved in Ohio,” Kasich said. “We have a collaborative effort with community leaders, African-Americans, law enforcement, and they came up with 23 recommendations.”

    “Should a public official apologize for saying all lives matter?” she repeated.

    “I don’t know about that issue…” he responded. “And all lives do matter. Black lives matter, especially now, because there’s a fear in these communities that, you know, justice isn’t working for them.” (snip)

  8. Who the fuck is devoted to Buckley’s legacy? What legacy? I can’t remember the last time I read something by Will. Is call him irrelevant but even that’s too much.

  9. Buckley’s as irrelevant today as Teddy Kennedy. Both were that “Hah-Vahd” supercilious New Englander Unitarian mindset, that HW illuminated for us all, in his analysis of the Ten Nations book. Even though both thought themselves above (Beyond?) this, because both were RC, it only served to make them both go further, and depart from white racial consciousness, faster, due to their multicultural Cult.

    Let the dead bury the Dead. Move on.

  10. “Bill Buckley’s legacy.”

    What legacy? Perpetual purges of anyone mildly interesting, talented and non-cuck?

    Some think that the CIA sent Buckley in to ruin the right, and while Buckley was involved with the CIA for a few years, it was after he founded NR, so the timing does not line up well on that theory. It’s probably more like NR being a NY-DC based publication.

  11. In what may be the most important development in the 2016 Presidential race to date, Donald Trump has announced, and Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL)80%
    ’ office has confirmed, that the GOP front-runner is consulting with the Alabama Senator in crafting his immigration plan for the future of America.

    The real estate mogul’s announcement will send shock waves through Washington D.C. and all across primary states.

    Trump, whose campaign has focused primarily on issues of immigration and trade, has seen a meteoric rise since entering the race, with throngs of supporters across the country rocketing him to the top of every single poll, despite an extraordinary effort of establishment Republicans to take him down. Republican pundits have lobbed every imaginable accusation at Trump. Yet these same pundits, while seemingly furious at the man, have demonstrated no similar concern, angst, or passion about the dissolution of our southern border, the rampant exploitation of guest-worker programs, the collapse of middle class wages, and the growing illegal immigrant crime wave.

    Sen. Sessions, Chairman of the Senate’s Immigration Subcommittee, is widely regarded as the gold standard on immigration. Sessions has also become the intellectual thought leader in the Republican Party on appealing to the blue collar voters who have been abandoned by their political leaders.

    For instance, Sen. Sessions recently led the fight against Obamatrade, issuing one in-depth report after another about its effects on working families.

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