#Cuckservative In The New York Times

Even the mightiest trees fall

By Hunter Wallace

I want to start off this article with a tribute to the lowly Southern pine beetle.

Around the fringes of our property, we have some pine trees in the woods which have been slowly killed off by these pine beetles. The dead trees can remain standing for months, even years, until one day they are knocked over in the night by the wind in a strong thunderstorm. It happens all the time around here.


The point here is that you never know when nature will take its course and these dead, rotten trees will fall to earth, but it is inevitable. You can’t predict when the strong blast of wind will come that will knock them down, when they will “collapse” under their own weight, but you know it is going to happen, eventually.

With this in mind, #cuckservative made its debut in The New York Times this morning:

“As Republican presidential candidates offered careful answers to questions about education, immigration and foreign policy at last week’s debate, streams of tweets panned their responses as too soft or disingenuous. Senator Marco Rubio is beholden to corporate interests, one said. Former Gov. Jeb Bush is weak on immigration, crowed another. Many of them were adorned with a cryptic hashtag bearing a new word: “cuckservative.”

The phrase has caught on among a segment of disaffected Republicans, some of whom hold white nationalist ideologies and who feel many of the party’s presidential candidates are not conservative enough. And they are frustrated by the willingness of Republicans in general to compromise on a variety of issues, like spending or the Confederate battle flag, or they accuse them of being beholden to their donors. …”

By itself, this story would indicate nothing but a popular new hashtag on Twitter, but consider the context:

Victor Davis Hanson, “How Long Will Trump’s Cathartic Candidacy for Fed-Up Conservatives Last?,” August 13, 2015

George Will, “Donald Trump Is an Affront To Anyone Devoted to William F. Buckley’s Legacy,” August 12, 2015

Rich Lowry, “The Phenomenal Incoherence of Donald Trump,” August 12, 2015

Rick Wilson, “You Hated It From Barack Obama. But You Love It From Donald Trump,” August 12, 2015

Matt Lewis, “Behind Donald Trump’s Dangerous Worldview,” August 12, 2015

Jonah Goldberg, “Donald Trump Fans: This Is Your Intervention,” July 11, 2015

Kevin Williamson, “Donald Trump and the American Id,” August 6, 2015

Charles C.W. Cooke, “The Trump Virus and Its Symptoms,” August 10, 2015

Matt Walsh, “I’m Not Angry At Donald Trump, I’m Angry At His Supporters,” August 10, 2015

Rod Dreher, “The Atomic Trump,” August 11, 2015

Michael Gerson, “Help Trump Marginalize Himself,” August 10, 2015

John Fund, “Trump and the Teenage Bully,” August 9, 2015

Erick Erickson, “I Have Disinvited Donald Trump From The RedState Gathering,” August 7, 2015

Glenn Beck, “Trump is a Son of a Bitch,” August 7, 2015

Charles Krauthammer, “Donald Trump is a Rodeo Clown,” July 6, 2015

The cucks and the neocons huffed, and they puffed, and they BLEW THEMSELVES DOWN! It’s an amazing moment in American politics.

Who do the cuckservatives think they are fooling, seriously? Are they attacking their champion Rubio for pushing amnesty through the Senate? How about Scott Walker who supported amnesty for a decade? Are they attacking Kasich for his blatant attempt to cuck the conservative base on gay marriage? Are they attacking ¡Jeb! who is still even today pushing amnesty in the primary? How about their current heartthrob Dr. Ben Carson who, it was revealed today, experimented on aborted babies?

The whole flock of cuckservatives are lashing out wildly at Donald Trump. The only reason they would react in such a way to a candidate is if they perceived a threat to their own power. They can feel their own power and influence slipping away. Having lost all credibility and legitimacy, they are as DEAD as those trees in my backyard, and they fear The Donald is strong enough to blow them down.

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  1. Uh-huh! What I say? Trump’s hurled a BIG rock, and listen to all them nasty mutts howl! I love it!

  2. B-b-but a 3rd party run will let hillary get elected! Cause things would be different with her.

    I’m actually starting to think that Hilary might hold off on beaner amnesty in order to get a 2nd term….where as these cucks are signaling they’ll drop trousers foe the left asap.

  3. There is not a single reason for anyone on the right to ever vote for a cuckservative. Might as well let Hillary or Bernie win.

    BTW, I hadn’t heard about this new revelation with Carson. He is done. That was the one issue that he had and without it he has nothing.

  4. The great majority of the support Trump is born of a well earned spite against the GOP and media Establishments. Very few people actually think of Trump as a savior riding in on a white horse. The objections of these clueless GOP and media idiots is only driving his support higher.

  5. This is a lot of fun; I’d never vote for ANY of these turds, including Trump, but it IS fun while it lasts. What would be great would be someone running 3’rd party admittedly for the sole purpose of ensuring a GOP loss; i.e., “my mission is to make sure the republican candidate loses”.

  6. The narrative is moving toward explicit discussions about race. The cucks and their liberal masters are headed for the dustbins. In a few more years MSM will be talking about White Genocide in a dispassionate and unbiased way.

  7. That NYT excerpt is surprisingly objective.

    The cuck/neocon/reactionary/stupid party response is as faggy as anything I ever had to put up with in college or gradeschool.

    “Bully?” “Intervention?” “Virus?”
    Every one of these sounds like what I expect to hear from the limp wristed rag you can get for free in any urban hell.

    “Dangerous worldview.”
    I would caution every Southerner that denial is infinitely more dangerous than belligerence. It’s the only reason why genocide is ever successful. ‘Don’t run or they’ll shoot us’ …as you’re getting on the truck to a mass grave. Ours is the same, except they’re more afraid of words than a bullet.

  8. From the linked George Will article:

    “Trump’s aversion to reality was displayed during the Cleveland debate when Chris Wallace asked him for ‘evidence’ to support his claim that Mexico’s government is sending rapists and drug dealers to America. Trump, as usual, offered apoplexy as an argument.”

    Aversion to reality? I’d say Trump is thoroughly in touch with reality–political reality. At some point maybe, he’ll say, “I don’t care whether the Mexican government is sending them, and I don’t care whether they’re rapists, drug dealers, or Boy Scouts. I don’t want them coming in here.” In the meantime, his whirlwind of apoplexy is, as you say, Mr. W., knocking down some pines.

  9. IF a liberal tree falls in the forest, and there are no white men around to hear it, does Hillary make a sound?

  10. Jim Robinson of “Free Republic” rants against GOP establishment. Likes Trump. Many conservatives of various mindsets, viewpoints follow his site.
    Lots of anger fueling Trump’s rise.

    Trump vs the GOP?
    August 16, 2014 | Jim Robinson
    Posted on 8/16/2015, 4:54:02 PM by Jim Robinson

    In response to George Will, Peter Wehner and the long list of GOPe pundits they reference who are trashing Trump today.

    Trump wouldn’t stand a chance to run for president as a Republican had the traitors in the GOP not screwed over the voters. We voted conservatives in to de-fund if not repeal Obamacare and to stop Obama’s executive amnesty and to stop Obama and the democrats in general. What have they done? They screwed over the conservatives we voted in, declared war on the conservative voters, and gave Obama every damned thing he asked for.

    Screw George Will! Screw Peter Wehner! Screw Bill Bennett, David Brooks, Mona Charen, Charles C.W. Cooke, Michael Gerson, Jonah Goldberg, Victor Davis Hanson, Charles Krauthammer, Matt Lewis, Rich Lowry, Michael Medved, Paul Mirengoff, Dana Perino, John Podhoretz, Karl Rove, Jennifer Rubin, Kevin Williamson and the entire lot of sniveling RINO wimps!!

    You want to stop men like Trump? Then do your JOBS!!

    Hint: It’s not putting up amnesty pimps like Jeb Bush!!

    Dole, McCain, Romney, Jeb Bush? Get frickin real!!

    Either put up conservatives who love America, love liberty, respect the constitution, are willing to do the tough job of securing the nation while rolling back the excesses or you can kiss it off and the GOP can die and rot in hell!!

    We want rebels who fight not wimps who cave and kiss the left’s ass.

    This is war for the survival of America as a free nation and the left is winning it.

    You refer to George Will, Karl Rove and Jennifer Rubin? Give me a freaking break!!

    Screw the big government, cheap labor amnesty express GOPe ruling class RINOS!!

    Trumple the corrupt, treasonous bastards!!

    By the way, why are Jeb Bush and the other GOPe RINOs NOT running on a platform similar to Trump’s, ie, to secure the borders, reform the tax system so we can fill out our tax returns on a postcard, cut the taxes so the rate on most working families will be 10% or less, cut the corporate tax to zero (we the consumers pay that tax anyway), cut the regulations, get rid of the EPA, cut the spending, cut the bureaucracy, cut the government, cut the debt, cut the crap, make our government smaller but sharper and smarter, deport the illegals and their anchor babies, strengthen the military, bring capital and jobs back to America and make America great again?

    Trump is sounding more like a Republican every day while Jeb Bush et al are sounding more like democrats.

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