The False Narrative: Fight Over Confederate Flag Ends In Charges In Racine, WI

The Confederate flag "led" to a home invasion

By Hunter Wallace

Here we have another home invasion over the Confederate flag in another Northern state … this time in Racine, Wisconsin:

“RACINE — A Confederate flag hanging in a Racine resident’s house reportedly led to a fight that ended with a man forcing his way into the home to tear it down.

The Racine Police Department responded to the 1300 block of Center Street on Friday afternoon. The caller said Tajaun Boatner, 37, of Racine, had confronted her at her house about a Confederate flag hanging in her window and eventually pushed her down, the complaint said.

In a later interview with the police, the resident said Boatner had politely asked her to take the flag out of her kitchen window, and she moved it to her bathroom window, the complaint said.

They both began yelling and the resident had called Boatner a racial slur, the complaint said. The argument ended after Boatner reportedly walked up her front porch, pushed her down, and walked into the house to remove the Confederate flag, according to the complaint …”

Apparently, offended blacks now have the “right” to enter private homes, push White women to the ground, and steal their property.

Note: I just finished listing the litany of similar incidents this climate of anti-Southern hate, which is being stoked by the SPLC, has provoked in both the North and the South. It’s all part of the so-called “false narrative of a victimized white majority under siege by allegedly violent people of color in the United States.”

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  1. The hatred of the South is being stoked by everyone, Hunter, Billy Graham’s son, Charlie Daniels, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Mitt Romney. And for decades and decades — most likely even before you were born, the Jew media kept up a never-ending line of White Southerner demonization in the movies, tv and music.

  2. She should have had a gun, because she had the right to shoot him and could have spared us all the expense of jailing him along with his future offenses.

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