Sixth Planned Parenthood Video

Planned Parenthood is determined to make the sale, with or without consent

By Hunter Wallace

In the latest undercover sting video, an “ex-procurement technician” who worked for Planned Parethood claims that fetal tissue was collected from aborted babies to be sold on the free market even when patients explicitly refused to give their consent:

“An anti-abortion group has released its latest video in its campaign against Planned Parenthood, this one featuring an interview with a former StemExpress technician who claims the organization illegally collected fetal tissue and organs without patients’ permission.

In the sixth video — which is not as graphic as previously released tapes — former technician Holly O’Donnell explains how she and colleagues collected consent for fetal tissue samples.

O’Donnell said she saw coworkers collect tissue or organ samples even when a patient refused to sign a consent form — an allegation, if proven, that would violate federal law. She also said she was told to encourage patients to sign the forms. …”

Note: Hillary Clinton recently released a video in which she boasted that she is “proud” to stand with Planned Parenthood. Democrats in both the House and Senate have also blocked efforts to cut government funding to Planned Parenthood over these scandalous videos.

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