Mapping Our Hate: SPLC Covers League of the South Rallies

By Hunter Wallace

It looks like the SPLC forgot to include several of our events in their new little hate map: the DC rally, the CPAC protest, both rallies in Harrison, AR, the most recent rally in Gainesville, FL, the rally in Jackson, MS, and the Stafford, VA rally.

Note: Otherwise, kudos for showcasing our hate. This is partially my fault for failing to update the Events/Activism page. Hope that helps!

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  1. All this whining about “hate” is so Jewish. It’s also ironic when one considers that Jews introduced fanaticism or absolutism in religion. According to Freud it’s called “projection.”

    • Pretty much.

      There’s actually no “hate” at any of these rallies. People stand around and hold flags and signs, chat with each other, wave at people. All of the rallies have been about “mainstream” issues too: immigration, gay marriage, Southern heritage, energy policy, jobs, etc.

      Secession, too, is a mainstream issue now. All the polls show that the public has no confidence in the presidency, the courts, the media, the universities, etc. Most Americans agree the country is in terminal decline. Millions of people also support secession.

  2. Well said Hunter!

    The only hate I see at these event are from the other side who seem seem to be provoked by the lies being promoted from the likes of the $PLC and the actions of people like Governor Rubber Bentley.

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