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  1. Fritz Hollings, who retired from the US Senate, a Democrat at that, and represented SC, wrote some on that very topic, telling Bill Moyers point blank: It’s always about the money! Once in, you cannot stop raising money! Not ever never!

    So, he retires and we get…two cuckservatives! And both as worthless as kickstands on B-52’s…

  2. Stroke of genius to run as a Republican instead of 3rd party. He is destroying these rotten cuckservatives and hopefully will destroy the GOP as well.

  3. What’s really going to splatter the punditry’s hivemind is when the minorities poll strongly for him.

    Nobody sees that coming, and he’s not even bothering yet because he’s not at that point in his carefully considered campaign. He’s already outperforming El Arbusto with Latinos.

    Anecdotally, I saw a Black guy in a “Trump” t-shirt at Family Dollar yesterday. I made sure to make eye contact and give him a thumb’s up. I may be a notorious racist, but I hate the Washington Establishment more than I could ever hate somebody for the color of his skin. 😛

    • ^^ The video above is why we have abruptly shifted to covering mainstream politics.

      If someone had told me six months ago that Trump would run for president, pull the curtain down, expose the puppet show for what it is, and burn the whole system down, I would have dismissed it as a wildly optimistic scenario.

      Yet here we are. He’s inflicting incredible, absolutely incredible damage on the legitimacy of the system on a daily basis now. He has a real shot at destroying the GOP in the process.

  4. Great move invoking Jeff Sessions in his campaign. Everyone knows Jeff Sessions is the only person actually trying to stop this immigration fiasco. Trump is politically smarter than I thought.

  5. One of my friends, an artist from Charleston, hasn’t voted since Pat Buchanan ran. He is excited about voting for Trump. All my old high school friends were politically disaffected and haven’t voted in years. Every one of them is for Teump.

  6. Matt,

    I think that is why the Democrats didn’t run anyone against Sessions in 2014.

    They were afraid of how well he’d do, including how well he’d do among minority voters.

  7. “I really do fear that someone will try to assassinate Trump”

    Its too late for that. If they shoot Trump, Sessions will just step forward as his heir apparent. If they also shoot Sessions, Chris Kobach can step forward, etc. There is a deep bench this time, not just one flamboyant personality.

    National conservatism, already dominant in Hungary, influential in Switzerland, and rising in France, has officially arrived in America.

    PC is the disease, and national conservatism is the cure.

    PC hurts us Whites the most, but as Matt Parrott correctly points out PC also hurts everyone except those at the very top of the PC pecking order.

    Foxman, Schumer, Adelson and Singer must be grinding their teeth right now. They lose when PC falls apart. Everyone else wins.

  8. @BGriffin…

    Sir, every day, for the last several weeks that I have awakened, I am more and more surprised that Mr. Trump is still alive.

    Never, in my entire life, have I seen a more likely candidate for such.

    Of course, I share your glee at seeing the sham that the Yankee system is, being exposed to wholesale publick ridicule!

    Maybe even more so, Sir – as I have been living in the mess much longer:)

  9. Who ever thinks that Sessions could take Trump’s place, must know that he would inherit Trump’s money, because that is what it takes, along with a brash personality, to do what Mr. Trump is doing.

    Mr. Trump, along with Miss Denise, is one Yankee I can really like.

  10. I think he is hilarious:


    On Jeb Bush

    He’s a stiff. The guy can’t even talk. He has zero energy. You would fall asleep interviewing him.”

    It’s so sad what a brotherly relationship will do to one’s mind. We were a hell of a lot better off with Saddam Hussein holding that crazy country together than we are now with it split up into ISIS and five other factions. If only we could have Saddam back, as bad as he was, rather than $2 trillion spent, thousands of lives lost and all these wounded warriors. Maybe his brother said, ‘Hey, listen, that’s my legacy. Don’t kill me.’ ”

  11. We should all prepare ourselves now for the inevitable shift toward the center. Trump’s never going to look as good for us as he does right now. That being said, I intend to be generally (if passively) supportive of this project regardless of how much pandering to minorities and Jews is in his future.

    A confident, creative, and authentically independent challenge to the Washington establishment is a good thing, regardless of how much he lines up with me on the litmus test issues.

  12. On Rand Paul
    Tiny little guy. Did you see the press release I put out about Rand Paul? Pretty brutal, right? A nasty, nasty guy. I gave him a lot of money for his eye center. I played golf with him. I’m a good golfer. I’ve won 18 club championships. And he’s a golfer and I killed him. I could play him a thousand times and never lose to him.”

  13. http://mobile.nytimes.com/2015/08/16/opinion/sunday/introducing-donald-trump-diplomat.html?referrer=

    “I’m a counterpuncher,” he said. “I can’t hit people who don’t hit me. Maybe that’s my weakness. Perry started it. Lindsey Graham started it. This moron Rand Paul just started it because he is mired in 12th place and he’s a U.S. senator.” …

    I mention that George Will has written a column demanding that Republican leaders renounce Trump as a cynical opportunist “deranged by egotism.”

    “So George Will came to Mar-a-Lago 10 years ago and made a speech,” Trump said. “I refused to go because he’s a boring person.” Trump said he stayed on the patio and had dinner and that offended Will. (Will says he has “other and better reasons for thinking it might not be altogether wise to entrust him with the nation’s nuclear arsenal.”)

  14. ‘The Republican “bulls” are castrated.’

    Not yet. They have just begun to fight judging by the attacks on Trump in recent days.

    I read a piece that I assumed to have been written by a flaming anti-White liberal in Slate mag.

    Boy, was I wrong. It was written by By Reihan Salam

    Wiki: Reihan Morshed Salam is a conservative American political commentator, columnist, and author. He is the executive editor of “National Review”

    Americans Shouldn’t Fear Mexican Immigrants But Mexican immigrants have every right to fear Americans.

    ‘Over the past week or so, Donald Trump’s claim that Mexican immigrants commit violent crimes in large numbers has been thoroughly debunked. If anything, we have good reason to believe that Mexican immigrants commit crimes at a far lower rate than native-born Americans. But while Mexican immigrants aren’t the menace that Trump imagines them to be, there is another threat to our society that has been almost entirely ignored: the threat that America poses to immigrants and their children.

    Consider the extraordinary fact that while immigrants commit crimes at far lower rates than native-born Americans, their children commit crimes at rates that are virtually indistinguishable from other native-born Americans. (snip)

    What a load!

    The only way one could arrive at that conclusion is to include Americans of groidial persuasion into the mix which he doesn’t mention. He also fails to educate the readers of the fact that very often Latinos criminals are categorized as being White.

    Just more gobbledygook.

    Check out the photos of the executive editor of “National Review” to understand why he empathizes with coloreds.


  15. Hunter Wallace
    ‘Trump on Jeb Bush’

    “He’s a stiff. The guy can’t even talk. He has zero energy. You would fall asleep interviewing him.”
    “If only we could have Saddam back, as bad as he was, rather than $2 trillion spent, thousands of lives lost and all these wounded warriors.”

    The Bush clan’s next golf outing with Bill Clinton should be interesting. They might arrange for Trump to get the Vince Foster treatment especially if he keeps saying Hillary should go to jail.

  16. All of the Cuckservatives are like Bulls #1 & 2.

    Who Bull #3 is, is yet to be seen. But that was the damned funniest story I have heard in a coon’s age. Thank you.

    I’ve relayed what a real Conservative Religious person (Ann Barnhardt) thinks of the Donald-


    But even so, more and more he seems to see politics as less important than that the country get back on track fiscally, and racially- though he clearly is no Racial activist/White Nationlist, ‘bigotwhowantstokillsixmillionjewsanddeniestheholocaust.’

    But hey. We all grow, change, mature. You never know- he knows how to ‘jew a fella down’ in his business deals. He’s lived in NYC/NY State all his life. He sure knows what the Christ-killers are all about, and we have YET to see any of them stand up to him, because if they did, and he does continue to grow in the polls, in people’s respect, and as the potential front runner, could you IMAGINE if Trump took on the Jew- and went for the jugular?

    Whoo, boy. “May you live in interesting times’ goes both ways, Demoncrats. Both ways.

  17. If Trump’s next move is to take Paul Kersey’s advice and hire Darren Wilson, you might as well cancel the election, it’s ov-ah.

    Matt Parrott: I’ve been saying that myself, that Trump will do better among blacks and among Hispanics than your typical Republican, and way better than the sort of Republican the Republican consultants say they need to get the NAM vote. Mind you, Trump won’t get anywhere near a majority of the Hispanic vote (I think he can get 45-50% of Hispanic men), and 15% of the black vote is his ceiling I think. But compared to Romney, 27% of Hispanics and almost no blacks, that’s a universe better. Plus, Trump is winning evangelical Christians (even though he makes it clear he’s not one and he’s not a social issue guy), Tea Party Movement activists, and a lot of other surprising niches.

    Yeah, Trump is renting a lot of conventional wisdom asunder, and even if he falls apart tomorrow, it will all have been worth it just for that alone.

    Cracker: Jeff Sessions maybe Trump’s Attorney General?

    Hunter Wallace: What Trump should be worried about is eliminationism. That is, the people who want him gone are going to start a campaign of extremely hateful and vitriolic slander and rhetoric against him in the hopes that some lone nut will pop out of the woodwork and nail him. I predict that if he’s still on top of the R party polls in November, that’s when they start the eliminationism hot and heavy.

  18. http://blog.dilbert.com/post/126589300371/clown-genius

    I better get The Art of the Deal into my Kindle app, to understand what Trump is up to.

    Steve Sailer had a column in Taki a few weeks ago, stating that Donald Trump got out of his father’s real estate business of suburban apartment development, because of all the race and legal and lawsuit hassles in it, all the equal opportunity and fair housing and disparate impact minefields, and instead opted for a career of building big shiny things in big shiny places. If that’s true, then Trump at least knows the deal about blacks.

  19. That Scott Adams post is the single most intelligent thing I’ve seen written in the mountain of attempts to analyze Trump.

    And after all, what is the office of the Presidency other than national brand management, executive delegation, and clever negotiation? Looking at it that way, he’s the only candidate in the entire pack who comes close to being qualified for the job.

    Not that I’m suggesting he’s otherwise unfit. The man has been rambling in a steady stream for months and hasn’t managed to get caught up in a single “That fool didn’t know the capitol of Kazakhstan!” gaffe. He’s making his appeal to the political unsophisticated, and speaking in unsophisticated language, but his command of the material exceeds both the wonks and contenders who purport to possess the political high ground.

  20. Matt Parrott

    I hope for Trump’s sake that he doesn’t pay attention to the “you gotta be specific” and “you need to do details” P-Nut Gallery. Leave the details for the website, do broad based broad appeal bite sized generalities in public, as George Wallace once said, put the crumbs down to where the ducks can get to them. Nitpicking over details and being technocratic in public loses people and gets you stuck in the mud. That’s why they want him to get detailed, to bog him down.

  21. Matt Parrott

    One other point I forgot is that the inside the Beltway Republican consultant industry has a big direct built in incentive to ruin Trump, because if he wins and wins based on doing better with NAMs than Romney, it will show up the Beltway Republican consultant industry for the irrelevant fraud that I already knew it was, then others will put 2 and 2 together to wind up with 4, that being that the consultants are riding herd for and peddling political pseudo-science and conventional “wisdom” on behalf of and for the benefit of the donor class.

  22. Reihan Morshed Salam said,”…Over the past week or so, Donald Trump’s claim that Mexican immigrants commit violent crimes in large numbers has been thoroughly debunked. If anything, we have good reason to believe that Mexican immigrants commit crimes at a far lower rate than native-born Americans…”

    This study has been demolished by Ann Coulter. She said the study is behind a pay wall. She had a look and the figures are cooked by comparing Hispanics to Blacks.

    I’m so skeptical but Trump is saying the same things he said decades ago on Oprah about the decline of manufacturing. If he could just get manufacturing back on the upswing it would provide the country with a lot of time to straighten out.

    There are hints that Trump is the real deal. His funding of the research on Obama’s birth certificate shows he doesn’t believe the lies they keep telling us. Another is a guy he just fired, Roger Stone. The point is that he hired him in the first place. Stone wrote the book “The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ”. Shows Trump has a certain frame of mind. I mean God forbid he hired a conspiracy theorist. No one in the media can complain about it because people might actually read the book if they mention it.

  23. One of the main strengths of Trump and he has a considerable number of them along with weaknesses is that he has the brashness and balls to energize many white non-voters to come out and vote for him. The Establishment’s stranglehold on politics and the media has alienated many. Potentially Trump if he manages to energize dis-affected voters who haven’t voted in years, such as Michael’s friend, could completely dominate the primary and general elections. Trump could change the face of the GOP. That is a distinct if not probable possibility. It could fix the illegal immigration problem but it would likely provide new life for the GOP. Which may or may not be so good for Southern nationalism. Which is the greatest impediment to Southern nationalism? Displacement levels of immigration? Apathetic Southerners? A reinvigorated GOP? There are many things to consider.

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