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  1. countenance
    ‘Posted not even an hour ago

    OMG! He’s been lobbing grenades!

    I agree with him totally, but he is stirring up a sh*% storm of epic proportions.

    They have to go! Families have to go! We’re a nation or we’re not!

    The Democucks will go crazy. The Cuckservatives will join the ACLU and call him a fascist, another Hitler. No heart, no compassion.

    It’s not feasible, it’s unrealistic, he’s evil, he’s immoral!

    What about the children? OMG the children?

    The Catholic Bishops will declare war on him. Hagee and Huckabee will say he’s the antichrist.

    The media will interview thousands of poor border jumpers crying incessantly.

    There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth like you’ve never seen before.

    You know damn well that most of them will not leave peaceably.

    I hope he has a good strategy to weather the storm.

  2. Sam

    I think this week, the Republican establishment and cuckservatives will totally lose their **** and ch*mp out, it could be one of the most hysterical news weeks in a long time.

    Hagee and Cuckabee can whine all they want, but Trump is in the lead among Christian conservative (“religious right”) voters.

  3. countenance
    Hagee and Cuckabee can whine all they want, but Trump is in the lead among Christian conservative (“religious right”) voters.’

    Yes, and most of those bothered by his stance on immigration will still support him because he’s a big supporter/defender of Israel.

  4. Ha ha ha. Here come the lame counter attacks.

    MSNBC’s Joy Reid Likens a U.S. Border Fence to Berlin Wall


    On Saturday’s “Melissa Harris-Perry” on MSNBC, guest host Joy Reid remembered the construction of the Berlin Wall, “one of the world’s most infamous symbols of oppression and division,” by comparing it to proposed fencing along the US-Mexico border.

    Reid first explained how the Berlin Wall was constructed overnight without much warning, and even though friends and family were separated, soldiers were ordered to shoot anyone who tried to cross. (snip)

    Reid concluded, “History has taught us building a wall, whether to keep people out, or to lock them in, can have far reaching, and sometimes devastating consequences, just like that wall bisecting Berlin, which the government of East Germany began building on this day, August 15, 1961.”

  5. At all times and in all places people have been drawn to leaders who show strength. The Jew-controlled neo-con movement has convinced white conservatives that they need to appear as neutered as possible in order to appear palatable to the masses. Trump has decided to run as an unapologetically strong and aggressive candidate, and the masses love it.

    With any luck Trump could become an American Putin; not a full blown racial nationalist, but way better than what we’ve been dealing with recently.

  6. If Trump comes to power he should make it law, their biggest donors must stand on the same stage as their puppets and take policy questions from the public.

    “Mr Koch, what is puppet Bush’s policy on immigration?”

  7. RichardBird,”If Trump comes to power he should make it law, their biggest donors must stand on the same stage as their puppets and take policy questions from the public.”

    That’s a brilliant idea. I really like it.

  8. I love how the Donald comes at this from the perspective of one of the donors, and saying, “I know the game from the other side, and that’s the way it works.”

  9. “We’re going to keep the families together, but they have to go,”

    “We will work with them. They have to go. Chuck, we either have a country, or we don’t have a country,”

    Trump just drove the dagger through the heart of the GOP Vampire. He also simultaneously drew a very clear line of separation between those who, at the very least, could be open to a specific type of identity politics(Racialism + Nationalism) and those who would NEVER support any type of resistance to the Multicultural Machine. Anyone deciding to participate in this election charade and NOT voting for Trump is complete dead weight. It’s not that there’s a guarantee that someone supporting Trump will be receptive to racialists views; it’s the fact that anyone supporting any other candidate instead of Trump will probably never be a friend of ours.

    Checkmate, bitch!

  10. Hunter Wallace // August 16, 2015 at 2:27 pm //

    “This qualifies as a “black swan” event now.”

    Something I noticed early on about the way Trump talks, he sounds a lot like people that read survivalist websites and alternative media like Jeff Rense. These kinds of sites may not be Stormfront, but they are pro white friendly. Face it boys, we won the information war. It was only a matter of time before someone like Trump saw the light and stepped up.

  11. Jeff Sessions just went from having no influence (through no fault of his own) to writing the immigration policy of a front-runner for president.

  12. I wish Hagee would be stupid enough to condemn him. Dispensationalism is the biggest heresy since Arrianism. If it is shown for what it is, it can finally be stamped out.

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