Ain’t That America: How Witchcraft Empowers Queers and Trans People

By Hunter Wallace

Let us not speak of them, but look and pass on:

“Dakota Hendrix, a non-binary trans witch based in New York—an identity Hendrix jokingly refers to as “goat femme,” describing their combination of body hair, a smoky eye, and talons for nails—says the practice of witchcraft is a way to take control in a world that can be both metaphysically and mortally threatening.

It’s a supernatural form of self-defense that Hendrix says includes amulets that fight off mis-gendering, rituals that provide protection when walking down the street, and paying honor to queer and trans ancestors who don’t have descendants of their own paying homage. Not to mention—since, Hendrix says, contemporary witchcraft is connected to social justice work—a hex or two on the NYPD for good measure. …”

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  1. The 2013 Eurovision saw Conchita Wurst, an Austrian (Austrian, does that ring a bell?)transsexual similar to this picture, long hair, black beard and the perfect body won. Remember that two years ago, Obama endorsed gay marriage throughout the United States, the French were almost a million in Paris protesting it. The media’s brainwashing of the masses is underway. Ain’t that… The 21century West?

  2. “Ain’t that… The 21century West?”

    True, but America is to the West, what Rome was to the Roman Empire.

  3. This don’t surprise me. Witchcraft, particularly shamanism, can lead to homosexuality and gender identity disorder.

  4. Stephen- the OT clearly saw ritual prostitution and sexual ‘blending’ as the sins of the nation, Israel, for turning their back, as YHWH’s bride, against Him as Bridegroom.

    The same thing applies today with the Church, and sodomites like ‘Gene Robinson.’

    God is not mocked. Of course they would turn to satanic craft- they are already denying God in their bodies…

  5. As to the fellow, above, Sir – it’s got to be damn exhausting maintaining that persona, 24/7!!!!

  6. I’m going to guess this is the Wicca bullshit. All the leftist are flocking to that bogus to express anti-racist shit to protest whom ever is attempting to do anything with European heathenism. It wouldn’t surprise me for a second, considering there are multiple videos of wiccans which openly allow gays, non-whites, freaks of all calibers and whatever other sort of degenerate you can think of to join a “European Paganist Movement”.

  7. (If it works “WISH-CRAFT”, it works for everybody all the time)
    Want a nation where the Whites once again are respected, honored, and employed as they can best produce value? WISH it into existence. If you please, you can use Prayer Wishes. Otherwise, you need swear no alliance to any other nefarious disembodied entity or their sinister goals. Just focus on the reality you desire (mentally Wish-Removing anti-White obstacles with the harshest means possible) and focus on the reality you want to live in. If it works for idiots, layabouts, nitwits, and beggars, then it will certainly work better for a person that can precisely imagine details, locations, target human obstacles to remove, and you can attribute this power-result to God or Jesus or anyone you please or nobody but yourself. In a war of many levels, would you ignore a potentially usable weapon that you are currently ignoring because “it is silly”?

    The multi-level marketing business called Amway was founded by two roommates in a Michigan basement in 1959. They started with a single soap product and it grew into a company worth over $4.5 billion-a-year. 11,000 workers are employed across 50 countries in the world. And it has become a successful world – wide business.

    These books contain, different techniques for bringing about “success”. Terms such as “speaking it into existence” and “you get what you speak” are used. Visualization techniques such as thinking of a particular goal or item (such as a car or new house), or a specific amount of money, are encouraged. The recruit is strongly exhorted to paste pictures of such things on their refrigerator, bathroom mirrors, etc. They are also instructed to paste quotes from the different authors on the reading list in different places, and repeat these “success” and “positive thinking” quotes over in the mornings and evenings. The recruit is told to speak “positively”, think “positively” and to associate only with “positive” and “right thinking” people (meaning people who are in the = AMO).

    They are told that a person becomes what they read and with whom they associate. No TV, no reading of “negative” books (that is, anything that questions any of these techniques and practices), and naturally, to buy only “positive” products (all non-Amway products are considered “negative” and “heathen”). All of these different things are reinforced over and over in the tapes from the standing order tape list. Further reinforcement comes from speakers at the various meetings and functions. The outwardly stated goal is to help the new recruit “become a better person”, change them to “positive thinking” from “stinking thinking”, and to help them become “successful”, “build a big business”, bring them “freedom”, and be a “success”.

    “Success” is defined as being a “diamond”, having an extremely lavish lifestyle with large houses, vacation houses, expensive cars and watches, jewelry, furs, and so on. To make this palatable, bits and pieces of Scripture will be quoted to show that “God wants you to be rich and successful” (successful, of course as defined by the sponsors, directs and higher-up leaders of the particular Amway Motivational Organization (AMO). = Themes endlessly repeated by all is that “we don’t become successful until you become successful”, “you only reach your dreams when you help others build their dreams”.

  8. I bet the real witches and druids, whatever once existed, wouldn’t have been so friendly. Wicca = a hoax.

    And yea, some pagans were friendlier to that sort of thing, but I doubt anyone went that far. Hendrix might fit in with the new-improved Harry Potter witchcraft though.

    I have nothing against anyone born a certain way, but creating a cult like that is troubling. People should strive to fit in, to join the community; and we’re all flawed.

    I doubt Hendrix is happy.

  9. I thought wiccans worshipped nature as coming from the ancient Druids. Wouldn’t the worship of nature include seeing the truth of gender? Never mind. I was thinking of logical folks.

  10. Ha! Goys fearing a transgender witch. Bunch of Aspie faggots. Maybe she’ll turn you into a newt.

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