Trump’s White Walkers

By Hunter Wallace

Donald Trump said this on Meet The Press this morning:

“Donald Trump would reverse President Obama’s executive orders on immigration and deport all undocumented immigrants from the U.S. as president, he said in an exclusive interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd.

“We’re going to keep the families together, but they have to go,” he said in the interview, which will air in full on NBC’s “Meet the Press” this Sunday.

Pressed on what he’d do if the immigrants in question had nowhere to return to, Trump reiterated: “They have to go.”

“We will work with them. They have to go. Chuck, we either have a country, or we don’t have a country,” he said. …”

They have to go. All of them. Back to Mexico, or wherever.

There was a scene in the episode “Hardhome” in the last season of Game of Thrones in which the Night’s King and the White Walkers slew the Wilding army. As Jon Snow rowed away in ignomious defeat, the Wildlings were raised from the dead, now a part of the Night’s King army preparing to invade the Seven Kingdoms.

I think a comparable moment just happened in American politics with marginalized and disaffected voters. All those people, long laughed at and excluded from the “mainstream,” who were cast out beyond the wall of “respectability,” are now in the tank for Donald Trump. The signal has gone out to join the Trump campaign and to openly organize in the mainstream under the banner of the Republican frontrunner to take down the hated cuckservative establishment.

I have no intention of getting involved myself, but I have to wonder: I know from firsthand experience how many people support our views, but who have been afraid to get involved because they fear the consequences. How many of those people, who have been exposed to our ideas over two decades, who are confined to venting on the internet, to involuntary anonymoty, will now take advantage of this gift to organize and host meet ups under the cloak of the Trump campaign?

How many of those people will get involved in the Trump ground game as it unfolds in the 2016 primaries? How successful will they be in networking with all the disaffected, alienated people in their area, who will be drawn out into the open by the Trump campaign?

Note: I should add here that Trump isn’t going to “take back America.” He is going to land some serious blows on the GOP and the legitimacy of the system. He also just laid out the red carpet for all those who want to move beyond the last 20 years of internet isolation and anonymity.

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  1. Women I know, in the D world, who never ever ever EVER talk about anything political, EVER, noticed the 2nd Annual Mike Brown Memorial Riot, in Fergadishu.

    They were confused, shocked, and distressed. “Why are they doing this again?”. There was genuine distress, and fear, in their questions. The White women I know could NOT comprehend why the Dindus were rioting AGAIN, for “no reason”. The key thing is that they asked questions. They were asking “why?”.

    When this happens, with White People, whonever ever EVER think about anything but their families, and food, and paying their bills, things get interesting.

    The Obamacare Taxes are landing now.

    Things are going to get really interesting…

  2. Anyone up for ripping the plate off the Statue of Liberty?

    That would be quie a stunt.

  3. What Trump is proposing will not necessarily save America, but it will put several white countries beyond the reach of the New World Order.

    Cycles of history, and all that.

  4. The Statue of Liberty is not our symbol. Stone Mountain is.

    There is probably a direct correlation between those who even know of its existence and those who are awakened to the truth.

  5. You’re right, Trump isn’t going to “save Amurrika.”

    If he wins, he’ll do some sensible things.

    If he falls flat on his face tomorrow, it STILL will have been worth it for his renting asunder a lot of stupid and incorrect conventional wisdom, and for giving everyone the hint that nationalist politics, or at least, soft nationalist or kiddie pool nationalist politics, can be a viable political space. And also, for the fact that his immigration agenda openly calls out Mark Zuckerberg by name.

  6. The next episode in this semi-scripted soap opera will be an attempt to corral Trump and his supporters into a more amenable position so that they don’t stray too far from the PC/Diversity reservation. Once the GOP stooges finally accept the fact that they can’t distract Trump’s supporters with their typical cuckservative cuckery, they’ll want to quickly force him/them/us into admonishing any “racist” support that he might have. Removing racial identity is, after all, part of the underlying goal shared by the mechanisms of both parties. It’s the point where both parties are joined and fused together.

    Go ahead and get ready for a formal renunciation in the next several weeks. But it really won’t matter at this point. Those that have “seen it” and have seen how political manipulations have been forced onto them have already been shown the light. It’s like Dorothy trying to unsee the man behind the curtain.

  7. “All that’s missing from his campaign platform is a proposal to rip the plaque with Emma Lazarus’ words right off the base of the Statue of Liberty and to repatriate the lady in the harbor back to her native France at the nearest possible convenience.”

    Jeepers, Noah–give ‘im time.

    PS Statue sculpted by Frederic Bartholdi. Jew. Fundraising for mounting of statue put over the top via campaign conducted by newspaperman Joseph Pulitzer. Jew. Poem on plaque in statue’s pedestal by Emma Lazarus. Jewess. Creation of the poem: 1883. Pulitzer’s announcement of the fundraising drive: 1885. Year of Czar Alexander II’s assassination, for which the Jews were getting heat that was leading to their American migration, which was a subject of importance to Lazarus: 1881. Amount of time that the Statue of Liberty has been an anti-white lie: Like, from the start.

  8. The statue too?

    That’s actually new to me.

    Knew the plate’s poem was written by a Jew though.

  9. Thank you for correcting me, Captain John. I could have sworn I’d recently read, at Wikipedia, to my surprise, that Bartholdi was Jewish, but I don’t see anything to that effect at Wikipedia now. Unless one or more of my other statements in the above post are inaccurate, I’ll hold to the conclusion I stated therein.

  10. Postscript, Captain John: Among the webpages I encountered when your post prompted me to check Bartholdi’s race was one headed “Emma Lazarus & Statue of Liberty,” at Now that that page’s contents have seeped into my mind, I must withdraw my conclusion about the statue. Apparently, the excerpt from Lazarus’s poem was placed within the statue’s pedestal at a white woman’s urging, no earlier than 1903. Whether the statue’s meaning before that had been more like “Liberty enlightening the world” than “Give me your tired, your poor,” I don’t know.

    I don’t mean to derail the thread, Mr. W.

  11. The Statue of Liberty is a perfect example of Jew behavior. People in France pay for statue, people in America pay for base through small donations, Jews put advertising on it having nothing at all to do with the reason it was built to destroy Amrica. We should rip that crap off. The SOL was built to signify the freedoms of the United States and friendship with France.

  12. I’d like to see this excerpt from John Jay’s Federalist #2 at the base of the Statue of Liberty:

    “Providence has been pleased to give this one connected country to one united people — a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manners and customs . . . a band of brethren, united to each other by the strongest ties”

    The Emma Lazarus poem can be mounted on a newly built gate in the Israeli border fence.

  13. I recall listening to Howard Stern sometime around 1994.

    He said how the Statue was a typical French gift that backfired, then he read Lazarus’s poem and said how stupid it was. He pretended to BELEIVE the poem was written by the French. Instead it was slapped on by a Jewess.

    Typical Jewish sleight.

  14. I recently watched Black Sails. I like to think Trump is like Captain Flint. A slightly mad romantic figure who has figured out where a Spanish Treasure ship has beached. He’s the Ur Pirate.

    It’s a great Romp.

  15. This action of Trump’s has both historical precedent:

    Eisenhower’s “Operation Wetback” in the 1950’s –

    and Biblical (this one will be important to the CINOS – Christians in name only
    Ancient Israel was COMMANDED by YHWH to guard her borders, she engaged in numerous battles from the time of Joshua, until the Maccabees, to guard their homeland, and it was ALL sanctioned by GOD.

    Never cede on this point. If everything in Scripture is ‘god-breathed’ [II Tim. 3:16] then this stance is, too.

  16. He seems to have asked Jeff Sessions what he thinks about this, and if there is one guy in the government Trump should be talking to, it’s Jeff Sessions. So it seems okay so far.

  17. HW: The one missing component is the infowarrior / Ron Paul types; but there is movement on that front:

    Alex Jones can do simple math and he see that Trump stories get 10x the number of comments as Rand Paul stories – on his own website. He knows that Rand Paul is not going to be competitive for the nomination. He has challenged David Duke to a debate which is another way to sound out his base.

    I would love for David Duke to point out that liberty is a uniquely white phenomena, and that the dilution of liberty in the US correlates strongly with the dilution of white (especially Anglo) blood. From a historical science perspective, it is a cut-and-dry causative relationship.

    Give the floating fat man a face saving way to get in to the white defense sphere; he has already done a series of “liberals are the real racists” and anti-white racism exposes, so he is not far from the zeitgeist at this point.

  18. “I haven’t checked, but is Coontown on board?”

    – Coontown was banned and eliminated from reddit, in case you hadn’t heard. Gone. I did read that they migrated to another forum called “voat” or something like that.

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