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  1. “If the races were reversed, there would be a national uproar”

    True. It’s a compliment.

  2. “And I thought my hatred for those apes was at max limits. I was wrong.” -Sam

    I posted on SBPDL a few years ago that we were within a decade of seeing a completely defenseless white toddler murdered by blacks on video in the street in broad daylight. 2 years now. Tops.

  3. They are too stupid to see it coming but the Uncle Tuna types are cutting their own throats. Most blacks are more trouble than they’re worth and Anti-Whites don’t need them anymore.

    There are more than enough Mexicans to finish the job of White Genocide.

  4. This is absolutely disgusting and of course because its underground stuff its probably never going to be shown on Faux News but I am just speechless.

  5. Let Forced DIVERSITY run its course in America and everything will burn down. You are not going to maintain a 1st world Western civilization with non-Whites. Its my opinion that as White Nationalists goes Forced DIVERSITY is one of our best political allies.

    • Those of you waiting and even hoping for it to burn down just realize the brutality that will come. If you think whites will band together during the initial onslaught of brutality I think you have another thing coming. Many of your family members will suffer greatly if not yourself.

      Pray that something is done before it gets to this. Now I am not opptimistic, but for the sake of my beautiful white grandchildren, I hope it can be turned around.

      Anything forced at the perversity of any kind is not an ally.

  6. Proximity + diversity = war The last two presidents rammed it down our throats & we are paying for the consequences.

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