Donald Trump and White Nationalists

By Hunter Wallace

I’ve got some great quotes in The New Yorker article that came out this morning about Donald Trump and White Nationalists:

“After years of decline, the League has recently acquired a number of younger members, including Brad Griffin, a thirty-four-year-old who writes an influential blog under the name Hunter Wallace. Short and genial, he wore Top-Siders, khaki shorts, and a polo shirt. As we talked, Griffin’s eyes wandered to his two-year-old son, who was roaming nearby. Griffin told me that he embraced white nationalism after reading Patrick Buchanan’s “Death of the West,” which argued, in Griffin’s words, that “all of the European peoples were dying out, their birthrates were low, and you had mass immigration and multiculturalism.” Griffin once had high hopes for the Tea Party. “They channelled all that rage into electing an impressive number of Republicans in the South, but then all they did was try to cut rich Republicans’ taxes and make life easier for billionaires!” he said. “It was all hijacked, and a classic example of how these right-wing movements emerge, and they’re misdirected into supporting the status quo.”

Griffin had recently told his readers that his opinion of Donald Trump was “soaring.” He sees Trump’s surge as a “hostile takeover of the Republican Party. He’s blowing up their stage-managed dog-and-pony show.” Griffin is repelled by big-money politics, so I asked why he spoke highly of Trump. “He’s a billionaire, but all of these other little candidates are owned by their own little billionaires.” He mentioned Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers. “So I think Trump is independent.”

The wailing and gnashing of teeth among the Republican establishment has reached a fever pitch with the onset of Hitler week. Republican insiders who have viciously bashed Trump reportedly feel helpless to stop the rise of European-style White identity politics.

Lots of cuckservative tears are being shed as they ponder their inevitable fate … could this be, they ask, the end of American conservatism as the preservation of classical liberalism?

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  1. ((((James Howard Kunstler)))):

    “Trump is worse than Hitler” and would get US into a war, presumably with Putin.

    Aren’t any Jews going to lay low in case Trump does win? They usually like to play all sides.

  2. Congrats, HW, on being in the NYT! You were right on and came across as normal, concerned and using language and ideas regular people can identify with -exactly what we have to do.

  3. Hunter do you have a link to the New Yorker article on you/us?

    You handled this press inquiry great. It’s a mistake to completely write off all the MSM press as controlled, liars.

    David Duke has always done a good job of using the media. Try to go for live, unedited interviews. Try to get your face, your nice close, your beautiful young family in the picture.

    Great job Hunter Wallace!

  4. The Southern People will benefit greatly with deportation of millions of anchor babies and other illegal aliens.

  5. The New Yorker is also quoting 2012 Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson on immigration he’s saying “NO, NO, NO – mass 3rd world immigration isn’t bad, it doesn’t cause increases in crime”….

    Gary Johnson, Like Rand Paul in 1988 won all of 0% on this open borders immigration libertarian loon nonsense.

  6. Evan Osnos – is he Jewish? Yes! Why wouldn’t he be Jewish, of course he is Jewish! – slimes whites for tribalism? Like tribalism never got the Hebrews their own country, did it?

  7. americafarm
    ‘Evan Osnos – is he Jewish? Yes! Why wouldn’t he be Jewish, of course he is Jewish!’

    You are 100% correct. From a very well connected influential family of lefty jews.

    Evan is also married to a jewess.

    Peter, his father is the son of Marta Osnos who was a daughter of Dr. Zygmunt Bychowski, a member of the first Zionist Congress, which was held in Basel, Switzerland, in 1897.

  8. Snips from the article which is full of BS

    Osnos: ‘From the pantheon of great demagogues, Trump has plucked some best practices—William Jennings Bryan’s bombast, Huey Long’s wit, Father Charles Coughlin’s mastery of the airwaves—’

    (He describes those men as damagogues for obvious reasons.)

    Merriam-Webster Dictionary: 1: a leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power.

    Osnos: Trump’s phantasmagorical visions of marauding immigrants are part of a genre in which immigration and race are intermingled. In recent years, hoaxes and theories that were once confined to the margins have been laundered through mainstream media outlets.

    (Hoaxes and theories my ass!) Lying weasel.

    Osnos: When Trump announced his candidacy, on June 16th, he vowed to build a two-thousand-mile-long wall to stop Mexico from “sending people that have lots of problems.” He said, “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

    Osnos: ‘Three of the statements had no basis in fact—the crime rate among first-generation immigrants is lower than that for native-born Americans—but Trump takes an expansive view of reality.’

    (Trump spoke the truth! Ann Coulter and others have totally demolished this SOB’s lies.)

    Osnos: In 2013, Fox News repeatedly broadcast warnings about the “knockout game,” based on a self-published book by the white nationalist Colin Flaherty, which described black men randomly attacking white pedestrians. In a study published in the journal Race & Class, Mike King, a sociologist at SUNY-Oneonta, searched for a single actual case of the knockout game and found none.

    (How do these bastards sleep at night?)

    Osnos: The news reports were largely patched together from unrelated viral videos of street violence. Bureau of Justice statistics show, King wrote, a “marked decrease in random assaults, including black assaults on white strangers.”

    (Chutzpah off the charts!)

    Mike King is the rabid anti-White who wrote: The ‘Knockout Game’: Moral Panic and the Politics of White Victimhood

  9. The media in the US– newspapers, magazines, television– is far, far worse than the media was in the late period of the USSR, even before Gorbachev’s glasnost’.
    Lies heaped upon lies. Ignoring events and problems– if the “newspaper of record, ” the New York Times doesn’t cover it, it doesn’t exist, it didn’t happen. Here they have added a huge dose of sleaze. A glorification of crime and degeneracy. And an obvious hatred of white people, especially Southerners. Such did not exist in the Soviet Union.

  10. From the article: He said, “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” Three of the statements had no basis in fact—the crime rate among first-generation immigrants is lower than that for native-born Americans—but Trump takes an expansive view of reality.

    Perhaps someone more eloquent than myself can finally put an end to this canard. Trump was talking about illegal immigrants, not all immigrants, so a crime statistic inclusive of all immigrants is not relevant. Also, progressives never want to talk about specific groups of immigrants. Are the crime statistics the same for Asian immigrants compared to others? What if we remove blacks from the equation? Will statistics prove favorable to immigrants then? We are also told amnesty will enable illegals to report crimes because they will no longer fear being deported. Does this mean that there are a significant number of crimes being committed that aren’t counted in the statistics of immigrant crime? Lastly, we can all see with our own eyes that the communities with large immigrant populations are among the most dangerous and the least desirable to live. Progressives will not be able to convince us of anything that is contrary to the evidence that surrounds us.

  11. A+, HW.

    I’m making my way through The Art of the Deal, and I’m about halfway through. The reason I’m reading it is to try to get inside Trump’s head. If the second half of the book doesn’t change my mind, then what I think is going on is this, and I’m going to have to choose my words carefully:

    Trump doesn’t do anything he doesn’t want to do, and he prides himself on having a good sixth sense on when not to do something. If he actually didn’t want to be President, he wouldn’t be running. However, when he does get his caboose going, I think he more enjoys the negotiations than the end result. So, this Presidential campaign for Trump is I think is him trying to make the biggest deal of his life and make the only kind of deal he can, because in the business world, he has already accomplished everything he can really without anything else of the mold seeming boring. He’s trying to negotiate with us to give him the Presidency. Also, he sorta gets off on hostile takeovers of companies, if the company in question is run by people he personally dislikes or deems incompetent. I happen to think that he thinks that about most big time big name Republicans, that they’re either disreputable people, or they’re a combination of bought off and incompetent. Therefore, he’s engaging in a Carl Ichan style hostile takeover of the Republican Party.

  12. To Hunter’s point – List of cities by murder rate:

    Leave it to Ann Coulter to provide insight into immigrant crime:

    Also, her article brings up a tangential point. The majority of today’s immigrants are poor, non-white, and are considered disadvantaged by our politically correct culture. If their crime rates are so low then doesn’t that invalidate the progressive argument that these factors account for higher rates of violent crime among blacks? More evidence that progressive ideology does not comport with reality.

  13. I watched a Trump documentary on Youtube. Deal maker extraordinaire. His casino ventures are filled with all sorts of characters, from jews, to mafia types, union bosses, big time investors and politicians.

    He certainly knows how to get his way more often than not. Might reach to the outer edges of the law and go beyond at times. He’s a mix of true vision, instincts, hyperbole, guts, luck, experience and passion.

    Can’t swing a dead rat around him without hitting jews. Fact of life in his stomping grounds. Gotta play with the movers and shakers to get anywhere.

    As I write, the local talk show host Mark Belling is reading George Will’s article bashing Trump and is doing his best to dissuade listeners from boarding the Trump Express. Keeps saying he isn’t a real Republican.

    I do not care!

    We’ve been screwed over so many times by them it’s not funny.

    Belling tells us immigration is not that big of an issue and Trump’s positions on it are totally unrealistic and unworkable. Besides that, the American public will not support him.


    That is the primary issue to me and most of us, I believe.

  14. Congratulations, Brad. Not everyone has even couple lines in the NYT. As for Latin countries thats correct. Except for ISIS and other war places. South Africa not being at war has also insane crime data.
    That said, Id choose LA over Detroit anyday… If illegals want to stay in Murika they can only behave and work I guess.

  15. I suspect OD is read widely at the NYT, Dailymail, Washpost.

    They just rip off the story and change the villains.

  16. I’ve never seen Trump’s TV show, but this spoof of Obama by him is great!

    Too bad the GOP chickened out showing it at the convention.

    Bumped: Never-Aired Trump Parody Firing Obama – RNC 2012

  17. My, how time flies. You have a two-year-old son? Can’t be.

    In April last year I met you and Renee in Richmond VA, and she was still pregnant.

    Good job with this interview. I was under the impression that you had given up on White Nationalism; maybe the reporter screwed that up as well, but it worked out well. Thanks.

  18. It was basically a more sophisticated version of a standard SPLC hit piece. The tone wasn’t hysterical, though substantively it was as dishonest and malicious as anything SPLC puts out. The unique difference here imo is the anti-white bromides were grafted on to some canned reporting about Trump that itself was founded on stale liberal premises. US Elite Culture has been writing the same hit piece on American populism and traditionalism from the right for 75 years.

    FWIW anyway, this contributor at mpc says the author is a Jew.

  19. Trump proves something that I think everyone here has always understood, HW for sure. Major social change up to and including revolution is always an elite-driven, top-down event, never bottom-up no matted how much ordinary people want it. Jeff Sessions for example is a good man, far from perfect from a radical white right standpoint, but still a good man by today’s standards. Sessions has been fighting for years, but the GOP leadership has kept Sessions marginalized. I’m also pretty sure Jews were at least partly responsible for keeping Sessions off the federal courts when he was nominated by Reagan I think. I’m going to look that up later. But then, bam! Just like that, Sessions goes from the margins to having his immigration plan driving national discourse as the presidential front-runner’s preferred plan. One elite did what literally millions of Sessions supporters could not do. It shows the complete artificiality of the elite consensus. If white ideas ever get a fair hearing, that’s it.

  20. I looked it up. Reagan nomimated Sessions for a federal judgeship in the 1980s. Arlen Specter (Jew) and some Yale-educated liberal republican were the deciding votes against Sessions in the Senate. Prior to the vote, Sessions was subjected to an organized smear campaign led by — no surprises here — no less than four Jew “civil rights” groups.

    – The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights
    – People for the American Way
    – The Alliance for Justice
    – NAACP Legal Defense Fund

    That’s how organized attack looks, folks. It would be sweet revenge is Trump wins and appoints Sessions Attorney General.

    • It would be sweet revenge is Trump wins and appoints Sessions Attorney General.

      What about our flag, honor and self respect?

      Are you ready to demand Trump salute our flag?

  21. Sam

    “But Trump isn’t a real Republican,” they keep saying.

    “But Trump isn’t a real conservative,” they keep saying.

    One person in this world that is more than happy to hear people keep saying these things over and over again:

    Donald Trump.

    Because without him having to do one thing or spend one nickel, people are helping Trump’s campaign by putting psychological space between the Stupid Party/Conservatism Inc and Trump. It’s an in-kind contribution, if you ask me.

  22. Hunter actually being talked about elsewhere? Wicked! Ah, the smarmy ones are now realizing Trump means business and so do we!

    As for the knockout game being white-fantasy stuff, tell that asshat to come see me personally, I will teach him the difference between Marxist fantasy and an entire generation of black kids raised on Death Rap.

  23. Sam said,”…Because without him having to do one thing or spend one nickel, people are helping Trump’s campaign by putting psychological space between the Stupid Party/Conservatism Inc and Trump.”

    An excellent point!

  24. Election cycles events tiresome. When the populous reaches fever pitch whom Trump has whipped. Msm throws in the stink bomb holocaust and racism. Remove nigaz and Jews from politics. Dixie flag symbolize Southern white culture and the Swastika shield from international usury; national socialist workers for the German people; by 1938 German economy was stronger than all three conspirators conbine, France, Britain and Russia.

  25. Evan Osnos’ moving account of his family, “The Jews of Poland” [Dec. 29], brought tears to my eyes. His family’s history as Jews in Poland mirrors the story of my husband’s family: Jews who lived for generations in and around Warsaw, but were torn apart, persecuted and ultimately slaughtered in the Holocaust.

    Are there any Gentiles working in mainstream media in the U.S.? Must we always see everything via the Jewish neurotic prism?

  26. Hunter Wallace, some kind of Greek, yeah right. If I never heard of the name before, it’s not a “good American name” AND the person is someone I read about in the media, a writer or not, I always figure “probably Jewish” and it is rare that it turns out not to be a Jew.

    Osnos’ article was boring, I skimmed over the first half. Boiler plate anti-white America writing, but without the shrillness and the “evil or sick” meaning adjectives they usually pile on “It’s the Nazis!” pieces. Struck me as quite unusual in that respect.

  27. It should be asked with all the anti-white rhetoric being spewed why wouldn’t whites take to their version of identity politics

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