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  1. Please tell me where the opportunity is so I too can benefit. Don’t be greedy with your knowledge. Share. It’s the Christian thing to do!

    My phone, power and cow feed bills can wait! Tell me where I can invest my bill money and get ahead!

  2. yep woke up and saw that madness, -1081. any sane fellow YT would have a stock of water, canned goods, ammo, etc.

  3. The market fundamentally operates on the greater fool theory: namely that someone else will come along and buy what you have for a higher price. traditionally this has been the next generation of investors, but the country has eaten that seed corn.

    No one is really going to be able to give good advice on what to do, but don’t try to catch a falling knife, don’t fight the fed, the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent, and so on.

  4. As far as the markets are concerned, the dow transports most likely give the best single read on the economy. While manufacturing can be offshored, and tech can be outsourced, goods still have to be moved from point A to point B.

  5. There are legitimate cycles of economic expansion and contraction. However, the shysters in charge have manipulated the hell out of everything for their profit.

    We are overdue. I’ve been out for the last two years thinking the sh*t was going to hit the fan. I don’t know if it beginning.

    Many folks have anticipated a huge collapse this fall for many reasons.

    Remember the last meltdown in 2008 after another pump and dump?

    Most people lost major chunks their lives savings.

    Ah, but the brokerage houses (largely a kosher affair) were bailed out by Congress. In reality we the little people did not benefit from the so-called stimulus packages. The banksters merely used the $$ to buy stocks at historically low bargain-basement prices.

    Wonder why there are more multi-billionaires than ever?

    Now you know why Forbes list of the richest of the richest is even more top heavy with jews.

  6. This is when I love watching the stock market. I love to watch those with money lose it. Right before close is best as the market is propped up all day with psychobabble. But come close, . . . LOL!! I love it!

  7. Correction. Mainly because of the Chinese economy inevitably slowing down and the inevitable end of QE. I don’t think we’re headed for a depression because of it.

  8. The stock markets are like farming for the mega rich. They plant the stocks, cultivate and fertilize them and watch them grow. Small timers with a bit of a field are always trying to get in on the yield. The growing season can be unpredictable, as is farming. When the time is right, the harvest begins and the markets tumble and reset at a planting level once again. They set the prices, just like the big farmers and the little guys get to eat the dust. It is all make believe, based on fake money, bogus confidence and rules that benefit the rich and powerful. So you say you are a farmer? I say you are a sharecropper, who ends up owing the store every time you buy some seed. You never really get ahead. Sooner or later, they will steal your harvest. Over and over.

  9. Ferengi Rule Of Acquistion #162: “Even in the worst of times, someone still turns a profit”. No doubt, quite a few are playing the same scam game J P Morgan once pulled…..

  10. Rebound? What if the stock market dives another 1,000 points upon opening?

    Be safe. Do the safe thing. Sell.

    Rebounders are for suckers and those who bought low looking to sell quick and get out!

    Don’t be a sucker! Save what you have left while you still have something left.

  11. The global market rout showed signs of easing, as U.S. stock futures and European stocks surged despite another sharp drop in Chinese stocks.”


    All psychobabble horse shit! Don’t risk it! Sell, sell, sell!

    The real fucking market ain’t even open. How can there be any real proof of stability? The stuff of fantasy and fraud. Sell!

    “Markets Stabilize Despite China Fall”

    Says who? The Jew, that’s who!

    Much instability, the market might drop so much as to precipitate an unprecedented historic melt down. Wall Street investors may be jumping out of windows to their death before the market closes today. Think about it.

  12. From SurvivalBlog dot com, for yesterday:

    “On August 24th, 410, Rome was overrun by the Visigoths in an event that symbolized the fall of the Western Roman Empire. This is a moment in history that we would do well to remember. An empire that ruled the world was corrupted from the inside to the point that they could not defend themselves from a much weaker enemy. This could conceivably be the beginning of the dark middle ages.”

    • “Sell because of a ‘Made in China’ panic?”

      Sell because the price of your stock is going to drop.

      Why are stock prices going to drop?

      Because “Made in China’ has made paupers of the largest consumer market in the world. Most Americans are now poor and un/under-employed. They are increasingly unable to sustain the purchases (consumption) required to keep the Chinese economy afloat let alone the U.S. economy. Houses of Cards that are/will falling/fall.

      Chickens always come home to roost. Always. And those chickens will increasingly come home to roost.

      The video I posted above of the 1929 crash is worth a complete viewing.

      @17:13 “How these prices keep going up.” “It’s a global economy.”

      “The more astute got out.”

  13. My stock broker just told me that he was going to jump if he couldn’t dissuade me from selling my entire portfolio. I told him to go ahead and jump but to sell all first!

  14. “This could be the early stage of a very serious situation,” said Larry Summers, the former US Treasury Secretary. He compared it to the two spasms of the Asian crisis in the summer of 1997 and again in August 1998.


    “Global markets have swung almost overnight from a mystical faith in the competence of the Communist Party to near revulsion, doubting everything until proven. From now on, Beijing is on probation.”

    Greed begets ruin. Sell.

  15. “Beijing’s botched efforts to prop up the country’s stock markets have collapsed. An estimated $300bn of state-orchestrated buying achieved nothing, overwhelmed by an avalanche of selling by investors forced to cover margin debt.”


    ZOG is much better at propping up a failed financial system waiting to collapse than the newbies.

    “The speed with which this episode has now engulfed US markets – trading at 50pc above their historic average on the long-term Shiller price/earnings ratio, and primed for trouble – suggests that events could all too easily metastasize into a self-perpetuating crisis of confidence. The Dow may have rebounded after a record 1,090-point drop at the opening bell, but such tremors cannot be ignored.”

    Given what we know our government is capable of there is no telling the strings being pulled behind the scenes to prop up that all important confidence.


  16. “There is nonetheless good reason for concern, if not for panic. Fundamental questions are being raised about China, an economy which now accounts for 15% of global GDP and around half of global growth. The government’s ability to manage market gyrations and animal spirits is very much in question, suggesting that a descent into Japanese-style stagnation is a possibility. The odds of a sharp Chinese slowdown will grow if China’s government reacts to market turmoil by ending the process of structural reform that is meant to facilitate a rebalancing.”


  17. I got distracted but I was going to predict all the hype would not keep the market from diving again today.

    Fear or greed? Be very very afraid. Sell!

    I fucking love it! I didn’t lose a penny today but all those rich motherfuckers who hate me and my flag are taking a bath.

    I can’t wait until tomorrow’s close. We may be headed into a Depression. Come on Big D!

  18. >Please tell me where the opportunity is so I too can benefit. Don’t be greedy with your knowledge. Share. It’s the Christian thing to do!

    Research the “Harry Browne Portfolio”, otherwise known as the “Permanent Portfolio”. More information can be found at “http://www.gyroscopicinvesting.com”. Basically, one holds multiple asset classes which react to different market conditions. The asset classes are equities, cash, bonds, and commodities which perform best in prosperity, recession, deflation, and inflation, respectively. The “opportunity” is found when any asset class falls above or below the rebalancing bands, which are traditionally set at 15% and 35%. The portfolio is balanced back to four 25% allocations when a rebalance is triggered, thereby buying low and selling high.

    Backtest the portfolio here: http://www.peaktotrough.com/hbpp.cgi

    Best of luck.

    • “The asset classes are equities, cash, bonds, and commodities which perform best in prosperity, recession, deflation, and inflation, respectively.”

      The rates of return are in free fall on all of these passive investments.

      Diversification and not putting all of one’s eggs in one basket is futile if the basket has a hole in the bottom.

      What’s best course of action in case of a market crash a la 1929? Sell?

      What’s your opinion of investor confidence in the market tonight? Do you think they plan to panic and sell in the morning? If no one is buying and everyone is selling what happens then?

  19. >The rates of return are in free fall on all of these passive investments.

    While the rate of return for the cash asset is at historic lows, the *value* of this asset is not in freefall; cash holds value while the value of other assets drop. The average investor is “all in” and does not possess any cash as dry powder for times like the present: when stocks, bonds, and commodities are all down via recession. The wise investor, on the other hand, has cash on hand and rebalances while the more volatile assets are dropping or climbing as a percentage of his or her’s overall portfolio. The same can be said for the other three assets; depending on market conditions, the other assets can behave as one’s dry powder. The trick is selecting assets with the most volatility for each of the major market conditions: prosperity, recession, deflation, and inflation.

    >If no one is buying and everyone is selling what happens then?

    Someone will buy at lower prices, as this is the way the market works. This is also how fortunes are made. Patient reallocation when an asset is below one’s established rebalancing bands effectively takes the guesswork out of buying low and selling high. It avoids the psychology of active strategies and protects investors from themselves.

  20. This is a bad omen. Markets were not over-impressed when China hit the panic button by both cutting interest rates and allowing banks to lend more money. Wall Street’s late loss of nerve suggests there is a lot more turbulence to come, with attention firmly focused on China, where the authorities have given up intervening to prop up the stock market in favour of intervening to prop up the economy.


  21. Jim Giles // August 26, 2015 at 2:40 am //

    Follow the Warren Buffett model, which is common sense.

    “Sell everything, right? No one has Buffet’s money either, right?”

    Buy everything good, more like it. When the market is going down, Buffett will still be buying good business, same as every day.

  22. Only the get rich quick gamblers and Mom and Pop investors lose their shirts, to common sense investors like Buffett. Mom and Pops lose because they are too lazy to research what they buy and panic when the market goes down. Gamblers lose because they borrow heavily to invest.

  23. As we move into the critical month of September 2015, I think that it is safe to say that we should all be ready to expect the unexpected.

    Our world is becoming increasingly unstable, and I am extremely concerned about the period of time that we are heading into.

    The nice, comfortable period of relative stability that we have been experiencing for the past few years has come to an end.

    I hope that you have enjoyed the good times while you still had them.

    Now we are moving into a time of tremendous chaos and rapidly shifting conditions, and it is imperative that we all work very hard to get prepared for it while we still can.


  24. Day 7 of The Great Market Crash of 2015. What will today’s market bring?

    Futures contracts indicated that the American stock market could open initially higher on Wednesday, although after Tuesday’s ups and downs ended with losses on Wall Street, it was anyone’s guess what the coming day might bring.


    But the situation is creating concerns around the world for companies and countries that have come to depend on the Chinese economy. The worry is that China’s growth, which official figures put at 7 percent, is actually much lower.

    You mean that cheap plastic shit made in China now controls our prosperity and wealth? Say it ain’t so. Who has benefited from the transfer of jobs to China, us or them?

    Not to worry though, you can find financial advise to weather this ‘correction’ and live to invest another day. Or maybe not. The day is young. So much fun watching the markets when there is a real potential for utter collapse, calamity and Depression. About 15 minutes and the fun begins . . .

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