It Ain’t All a Conspiracy

Permanent Bush Family Campaigns

Well, the US Presidential campaign race is officially off and running – it’s a year and a half before the actually election. The RINO (Russian in Name Only) Communist revolutionary Leon Trotsky/Lev Bronstein advocated a policy of “permanent revolution” – lot’s of theoretical hair splitting about marxist revolutions happening all over the world at the same time even in pre industrial, agricultural rural societies where traditional marxist theory states they are not ready for industrial workers revolutions in places where there are few industrial workers. The reality in America year 2015 is we have “permanent Presidential campaigns”. THEY NEVER #*$(*# @ end!

This year/election “cycle” we’ve seen the emergence of Donald Trump who has rocked the system, using his own $ to “dis” the $ billionaire donors, the lying MSM media, cuckservatives, even BlackLivesMatter mobs and the Mexican drug cartels! Donald Trump is advocating popular, nationalist policies on immigration, crime, trade – and that is very different, very refreshing.

What isn’t different or refreshing is all the other candidates in the race. Most are trying to smear Donald Trump as ANOTHER HITLER (1990 Instauration Magazine traitor of the year George Will) Cuckservative Neo Con prostitute George Will., or else they are falling in to a “me too” mode saying that they also support Trump’s policies of securing the border, putting American workers first, curtailing the power of $ billionaire donors. Some of these “me too” candidates like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker sound sincere, as Walker has been meeting with and listing to Alabama Southern patriot Sen. Jeff Sessions. But what about the rest?

Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, Hillary Clinton?

Why are these people here? How did they get here? Who’s to blame for this #*$&(@?

Frustrated American patriots often jump over the cliff in to wild conspiracy theories, noting the disproportionate Jewish ethnic background of many of the $ billionaire donors. With fringe Christian Zionist candidates like Mike the Huckster Huckabee and flaming queer lisping Lindsey Graham – this is certainly a major factor. They want endless new US wars in the Middle East for Israel, somehow this will bring back JEEEEEESUS – the Huckster is even mouthing off about giving the entire occupied West Bank of the Jordan River to Israel, apparently ethnic cleansing to follow. But these are fringe, single issue candidates – what about the leading candidates who are from political families that have been with us, well – forever? Is there some Gentile WASP conspiracy of Trilateralists pulling all the strings to give us Bushes against Clintons, with Ron and Rand Paul sort of around talking about hard money and Constitutions nobody reads?

It’s a Family Affair

Ron Paul and now Rand Paul have been running for President virtually every single year since 1988 when Ron ran as the Libertarian candidate and won 0%. Now Rand Paul has taken over the family crusade in Presidential campaigns. Neither Ron Paul or now Rand Paul has ever had much of chance of winning even a single state Presidential primary, not even after Rand Paul donned a yarmulke and pledged his undying support for Israel at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and embraced MLK Jr. Rosa Parks and the Rev. Al Sharpton and the Blood gang’s side in the riots in Ferguson MO! What a bunch of pathetic traitors and such….


And the Clintons –

Well they’ve been in the presidential campaign game for a long time ~ 1991 and doing rather well in life. Hillary commands $250,000 per campus speech and the Clinton Foundation is raking in beau coup $s. As Joe Walsh once sang “Life’s Been Good to Me”. Hillary doesn’t care about Bill’s infidelities, she and he like being in the Presidential campaign limelight, $ flood gate – if they win, so much the better!

As for the Bush family….

The Bush family has been actively running a Bush clan member for President almost every single year since….


George Herbert Walker Bush
George Dubya Bush
Jeb Bush

Before that there was even Connecticut US Senator Prescott Bush – cruising the corridor of Washington Presidential power!

The Bush family is constantly re-inventing themselves to go with the flow, to stay in the Presidential power game. When Prescott Bush and George HW Bush were perceived as being effete Connecticut WASP rich liberals, the Bushes re-invented themselves as tough Texans and George Bush Sr.’s supporters claimed he was as conservative as Ronald Reagan. George Dubya Bush had lots of bad PR for being a spoiled, drunk Yale cheer leader frat boy, who evaded the Viet Nam war by joining the Texas Air force National guard, next it was a much publicized conversion to born again Judeo Christianity! Now the Bush family is attempting to re-invent themselves as Hispanics, with Jeb showing off his illegal alien Mexican wife who can’t speak English!


My main point is that the cursed permanent revolution, never ending US presidential campaigns have been taken over by political family clans and their supporters. Being in the Presidential race even always losing these races is good for them and their supporters, enablers, handlers. Until we find ways to make things personal and personally punish traitorous Presidential candidates and their supporters/enablers, they will keep doing what they have been doing and will alway do.

Life is good for them….

Until things fall down in to Bobby Kennedy style endings. I note that the Kennedy family seems to have fallen off the radar in American politics thanks to the likes of Sirhan Sirhan and trees on Colorado ski slopes.


  1. Am I wrong or Ron never sucked dem jooz’ kosher dry?
    It’s Rand the big traitor on that front, right?

  2. Alberto,

    Ron Paul didn’t exactly *#($(# lick the boots of AIPIAC, the J media etc, but what he did do was a serious St. Peter – Denied he ever said, wrote or even thought anything politically incorrect about Israel, Black crime etc.

    What happened was that Ron Paul had a pretty honest, very good newsletter in the early 1990s edited and written mostly by a Paleo Con Jewish writer/intellectual Murray Rothbard. The Ron Paul newsletter included honest commentary about Black crime, the Rodney King Black race riots, Martin Luther King Jr.s corruptions, plagiarism and just simple patriotism that the US government should protect US national interests and not always let Israel and AIPAC dictate US policy.

    That’s nothing very controversial to most of us here.

    But, the word went out to “Bork Ron Paul” and destroy him and his movement for being racist, anti Semite etc.

    The smear campaign was first initiated by a particularly loathsome Lib Leftist Zionist Jew Marty Peretz, the editor of the New Republic.

    So instead of answer this charge “You’re RACIST, ANTI SEMITE” by a Lib Leftist Democrat homosexual Zionist Jew – telling Marty Peretz to “piss off” go F**** some AIDS infected homo prostitute and what the #($*@( do I as a Libertarian Conservative Republican care about what some Lib Leftist Democrat editor of the New Republic. Instead of just standing up for basic principles, Ron Paul completely backs down and cries that he never wrote or even read these terrible RACIST, anti Martin Luther King Jr, anti Israel articles in his own newsletter, plus he Ron Paul worships Martin Luther King Jr as a saint, because he insists Martin Luther King Jr was a Libertarian and….

    St Peter – denied he even knew Jesus.


    ROn Paul did all this denying pandering on CNN in front of Wolf Blitzer the former lobbyist for AIPAC.

    OK, so that’s what we’re dealing with here. White leaders supposedly leading our people, backing down, kissing arse, trying desperately to stay on TV

  3. I happen to think that it’s hard for us to think about such things because, even with us speaking world history’s most verbose language, our vocabulary is limited.

    I think we need a word to describe things that are halfway between a pure conspiracy and pure incompetence, because a lot of things are like that, exhibiting elements of both conspiracy and incompetence.

    I also think we need a word to describe things that are halfway between a pure conspiracy and pure moral debauchery (think: The seven deadly sins), because a lot of things exhibit mixed elements of both.

    JR: Two notes on your missive. First, did you notice that Trump isn’t necessarily going to ditch the Iran deal? His opinion happens to be mine, that there are some parts that need to be renegotiated and some parts that are already serviceable if they are enforced. I also noticed today that Kentucky is this close to letting Rand Paul run for both Senate and President at the same time, though that seems to be anticlimactic right now, with his being at or under 5% in most polls.

  4. Ron Paul was (still is, because he’s still living) an old fashioned paleo-right-libertarian. He would have never openly embraced “racism” and “anti-Semitism,” but paleo-right-libertarianism never meshed with the gears of the SJW engine either. It’s why he did the Peter Denying Christ thing when the fit hit the shan about the newsletters in 2008 and then again in 2012. Another chronic problem that he had all along is that because paleo-right-libertarianism was never nationalist grounded, he could never truly get the immigration issue. At best, he could mouth platitudes, and what he usually did was oppose any real immigration enforcement because it violated the tenets of the paleo-right-libertarian cult. At worst, as Jack Ryan can demonstrate with the video, he told white people in California to fudge off, in all essence.

    Rand Paul takes all that was problematic about his father’s legacy and tries to triangulate it around neo-conservatism, and all that winds up doing is leaving him with a confused incoherent tossed salad of platforms and apparent positions, they constantly change depending who is nearest to him at the moment. Not to say that there are some serviceable parts of it, but it’s also the reason why he’s under 5% right now and probably for good.

  5. Countenance

    I noticed that Rand Paul and his never say die Libertarian Loon handlers have worked to fix the Kentucky Presidential primary – getting it changed from a primary to a caucus as Kentucky state law prevents a candidate from running for President and US senate in the same election.

    My sources that I trust say it was a flat out bribe, with the Rand Paul camp giving $400,00 to state GOP to pay for the switch.

    Pretty much everyone I respect writes/things that Rand Paul has zero chance of winning the GOP nomination or much of anything. But, maybe he will be offered the Jack Kemp losing Libertarian Vice President nomination and Liberal Leftists want Republicans to lose to Leftist anti White Dem presidents. Everyone in the know understand that American voters despise Libertarian, pandering loons, losers like Jack Kemp and Rand Paul.

    The point of this article/blog is that losing Presidential candidates like Ron Paul and Rand Paul or just others in the Presidential never ending races do not lose themselves. They and their supporters profit greatly , get to live rich, easy lives. Being a US Senator is a rich, easy life, with dozens of admiring assistants, slaves, prostitutes like the former Southern Avenger Jack Hunter.

    Rand Paul and Libertarian loon, true believers want Rand Paul to keep his US Senate seat and always to be in the Presidential campaign, getting to speak to the American people, spread the supposedly true gosperl of free market economics etc.

    Our goal must be to destroy the personal lives of these traitors and their enablers, handlers. Espousing open borders immigration libertarian lunacy, taking the Black criminal mob’s side in Ferguson, worshipping MLK Jr and Nelson Mandela – this must become extreme bad for one’s personal life.

    NO pain, no gain.

    We must find ways to bring severe, personal pain to traitors like the Ron and Rand Paul cult, the Bush family, the Huckster etc.

  6. @Jack Ryan
    Thank you: I knew only superficially about the newsletters affair.

    By the way: it’s impressive how many former libertarians are turning into nationalists/identitarians, these days.
    In my personal case, Hoppe was the last strand before letting libertarianism go.
    HHH admits some blut und boden, however trying to reconcile identity with NAP is pointlessly complex, IMHO.
    I’m not saying that theoretical foundations aren’t important.
    However, in my country my people is still the majority; and the assertion that we mustn’t allow our overthrowning shouldn’t require a theorem prover to be deemed reasonable.

  7. ” They and their supporters profit greatly , get to live rich, easy lives.”

    Like you said, look at the Clintons. They were flat broke when Bill left office and now Hillary has 4 mansions worth 34 million dollars. It rains money in Washington DC, no wonder these people are corrupt.

  8. Jack Ryan

    Daily Caller had the money thing, but said that Rand Paul’s fund paid the state GOP around $250,000. The irony is that caucuses are cheaper to hold than primaries.

    I don’t think Trump would pick Rand Paul as his running mate.


    I have noticed that myself. My theory is that libertarians who transition to nats/idents never really were dyed in the wool libertarians, they merely latched onto L because they thought they could get some at least soft nationalism out of them. But as libertarianism becomes more and more of a cult by the year, the hangers on realize they have to find a new home. If there was a vibrant nationalist space, the libertarians who transitioned to nationalists would have never bothered with L-ism to begin with.

  9. @countenance:

    You 101% nailed my situation.
    Yeah, while I’ve always been in favour of capitalism, what really thrilled me about libertarianism was that it provided a loophole through which one could actually keep The Others at arm’s length.
    You know: the free-to-discriminate-on-my-property stuff.

    Debating a libertarian completely sold on NAP is a nightmare!
    A: “But we need borders!”
    B: “Only on our properties.”
    A: “Do you realize that if I let settle a bunch of jungle monkeys, straight out of Africa, on my property, you, as my neighbor, are going to suffer a lot.”
    B: “No, I wouldn’t: I’m not a racist. Even if they bothered me, I could always keep ’em out of my property. It’s NAP, you know…”
    A: “You don’t think that little magic NAP spell is going to stop Kunta Kinte from taking your home, your wife, and that chicken, do you!?”
    B: “Are you sure you aren’t a White Supremacist?”

    I had this very conversation *today*!

    Pretty much everybody on is a former libertarian.

  10. And waiting in the wings is ¡Jeb’s! son George P. Bush. He looked around for a state position, settled on Land Commissioner in Texas (a powerful office),, ran and won. A sure thing to run for governor and then…

    He’s the one who shouted “Viva Bush!” at Pappy Bush’s convention in 1988 (or ’92?).
    GPB reportedly gave a speech in Mexico in which he insulted the US Border Patrol.

  11. OK, let me vent, because these days I’m going to explode:


    Much better! 😀

  12. “Personally punish” the traitors. I like that part!

    I guess we should give Chelsea Clinton a hand for being such a washout as a future President. Last time I saw her she was being held up as an example of “White Privilege.”

  13. Jack, thanks for pointing this out. Attributing all our problems to some secretive, all-powerful conspiracy leads to defeatism and inactivity.

    BTW, I just saw the awful Jeb Bush on TV at the gym with a bunch of Mexicans saying Trump’s proposal to deport illegal aliens is “unrealistic.” I am so glad that Mexican-wannabe has tanked in the polls. His family has hurt us all so much.

  14. ¡Jeb! was in Brownsville, Texas speaking in Spanish and promising not just residency (that is, legal status= amnesty) but citizenship. Apparently some have been annoyed at him for mentioning “anchor babies” at some point, so he said he was referring to “Asians.” I guess criticizing Hispanic anchor babies is racist but criticizing Asian ones is not.

  15. Alberto

    You, like many others like you, found out that trying to fit racial or ethnic nationalism around the “free to discriminate on my own property” sort of libertarianism never pans out. I think the reason can be explained by a derivative of O’Sullivan’s Law: That which is not explicitly racial or ethno nationalist eventually winds up becoming anti-racist and anti-nationalist. Modern day libertarians, ceding to the modern day cultural zeitgeist, try to tout the anti-racist/anti-nationalist ramifications of libertarianism, or at least the parts that are no threat to the anti-white system.

  16. “What if all that was ever really wrong with America was just a couple of crooked families?”

    Jesus! We’d be here a solid month on that one. Not mentioned? Prescott Bush and the Bush Mafia. Ask any whiny Democratic Undergrounder about him and why Roosevelt went nudge-nudge with the man.

    Oh, least we forget yet another? The fabled Kennedy clan! Mario Puzo couldn’t pen a better novel like history sure did.

  17. Sigh. Is this the tenor of the intellectual rigor of OD?
    There’s a lot more ‘f’ words on OD lately… not that it doesn’t appear on other sites I visit. But the caliber of commenter has been a little ‘off’ of late…
    Oh, and it was St. PETER who denied Christ…. not that St. Paul wasn’t a persecutor, before his conversion. Just sayin’…
    But just the simple matter of facts and frenquency of expletives, made this comments section less than appealing to read. The Column was ok…

  18. Attempted White Genocide goes on in virtually ALL White countries and ONLY White countries. The anti-White elites, with their network of traitors, open enemies and useful idiots, make it happen all over the Western World.

    If this is a conspiracy it has to be the worst kept secret of all time.

  19. Yes, a typo – St. Peter not St. Paul.

    I fixed the typo – thanks.

    Paul is in my opinion much worse, the first Jewish Neo Conservative, former Jewish Pharasee who supposedly “Sees the light on the road to Damascus (Syria)” and becomes a born against White Conservative Christian, but the former Jewish Phariseee Saul of Tarsus, now the Christian St. Paul manages to force in the whole Jew centric Old Testament with the Jews as the Chosen people of God, the Parting of the Red Sea nonsense and then Judeo Christian St. Paul/Rabbi Saul of Tarsus starts mouthing BS/lies that “There are no Jews or Greeks, Men and Women, free of slavers – just those who accept Jesus”. Well the few remaining Christians in and around Damascus Syria these days know very clearly that there are different racial/ethnic groups and lots of good looking Nordic Greeks – be they Christian or Hellenic pagans, well they are about to be wiped out, genocided – even the class Greek temples and 5the century Christian monasteries are being destroyed – thanks St. Paul/Rabbi Saul.

  20. Denise

    “Re: the pictures – who’s the Jew, in the first pic?”

    I respond: It’s not a Jew, it’s the patriarch of the Bush family Connecticut senator Prescott Bush.

    He’s a lot like the patriarch of the Kennedy family Joe Kennedy – not ver concerned with ideology, more with networking, getting connections, promoting his sons and grandsons.

    Again, these Bush family, Kennedy family – not some secret anti White, anti Southern “Conspiracy” just family clans going with the flow, getting political positions, keeping them and being an eternal part of this hideous permanent Presidential Election system we have. It’s most fixed, but not in some sinister conspiracy way.

    If the Bush’s feel they need to repackage themselves as “hispanics” to stay in the game, they will do and are doing it. If someday the Bushes feel they must repackage themselves as Muslims or Jews, more likely Christian Zionists they will do so and they are doing so

    That’s the fixed game we are in.

    It’s best to simply get away from this fixed game and do other productive things.

    Do state and local politics when national Presidential family clans are all hated and have to show up with huge security armies to protect themselves from being pelted with eggs and rotten produce.

  21. Fr. John+

    Again, sorry for my typo in one of the comments section.

    I think that you will find very few theological or historical mistakes and few typos (maybe a couple in mine) in OD articles as we are doing a much better job of proofing the drafts and not publishing articles with errors or include words and ideas that are inappropriate.

    My reference to St. Peter (thanks for catching my typo) in the comments section is, I believe, very appropriate for Ron Paul and for most all White people who are smeared with the supposedly terrible sin of Racism, of not worshipping Martin Luther King Jr. or Nelson Mandela. What do they do?

    They do a St. Peter – deny they have did, wrote, said or even thought something so terrible as saying pre 1965 US South wasn’t on balance a bad place.

    Sorry again for the typo in the comments section.

  22. The Bush family is as Yankee WASP as can be, or they were historically. Jack Ryan is right, they’ll bounce around from thing to thing trying to cuckold themselves into Texas, Florida, the South in general, and now, Mexico, all for power.

  23. ‘Prescott was a Zhid. Look at his face. That’s a Jew.’

    I respond…

    No. You obviously have never spent a lot of time around networking, pandering, bow tied dressed Connecticut WASPs like Prescott Bush.

    All of our toughest fighters…

    Charles Martel
    Vlad the Impaler
    Peter the Great
    Franciso Franco
    Gen Pinochet
    Now Vladimir Putin

    None, I repeat NONE ever dressed in bow ties and kissed *#(*$#@ networked, pandered, went to Yale, had all of their children and grand children go to Yale.


    The bow tie is a huge red flag.

  24. “Connecticut WASP rich liberals” / “networking, pandering, bow tied dressed Connecticut WASPs like Prescott Bush.”

    While of significantly New England ancestry, Prescott Bush was born in Ohio, and also had a grandmother who was born in Georgia.

    “None, I repeat NONE ever dressed in bow ties [. . .] The bow tie is a huge red flag.”

    This is idiotic, Jack.

    Nor was the old New England upper class leftist:

  25. N/A writes;

    ““None, I repeat NONE ever dressed in bow ties [. . .]”

    I respond.

    Ow yeah. Just check out the photography I featured of Bush patriarch pussy WASP Connecticut Lib Sen. Prescott Bush dressed in yes, a …

    Bow tie.

    I mean, let’s get real. How can anybody of any race, ethnic group ever fear or respect some pussy rich White guy named “Prescott” dressed in a bow tie?!

  26. James Bond and Vladimir Putin look good, solid and strong in a tux and bow tie….

    Pussy, pandering, networking elite WASPs from Connecticut named “Prescott” no….

    Not even close.

    Someone on our side should have nipped this one in the bud ~ 1947

  27. Marc,

    “Going back a little further, New England was the home of Abolitionism [. . .] IOW they’ve always been leftists.”

    No, New England was not the original “home” or abolitionism, and as far as I know, abolitionists were always a relatively small minority there, and everywhere else in the North (at least prior to the Civil War).

    Yet, most Boston Unitarian ministers supported the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, which set up federal commissioners to catch and return escaped slaves. And many of the Boston Brahmins at the core of Unitarian membership were, in fact, industrialists who profited enormously from slavery: New England textile mills used slave-grown cotton from Southern plantations. As abolition gained ground among Unitarians, many industrialists left the denomination. Many Southern Unitarians—who owned slaves—also withdrew. [. . .]

    The Unitarians were responsible for the establishment of a number of cultural institutions, but they often kept them private. The Boston Athenaeum, for instance, an independent library and museum, was controlled by proprietors who opposed its public use. They did not want to throw open its doors to the “many-headed” rabble. And, historian Anne Rose argues, the upper classes practiced defensive self-containment in these institutions, excluding those who stepped beyond permissible boundaries as well. After Lydia Maria Child published An Appeal in Favor of that Class of Americans Called Africans, the Athenaeum revoked her reading privileges. Bronson Alcott later lost his reading privileges, too. Rose says the culture became increasingly insular as the number of immigrants increased.

    And earlier:

    The good people of Boston were now thoroughly aroused. They had from the first frowned on the Abolition movement. Garrison was complaining that in all the city his society could not “hire a hall or a meeting-house.” The Abolition idea had been for a time thought chimerical and therefore negligible. Later, civic, business, social, and religious organizations had all of them in their several spheres been earnest and active in their opposition; now it seemed to be time for concerted action.

    In Garrison’s “Garrison” (vol. I, p. 495), we read that “the social, political, religious and intellectual elite of Boston filled Faneuil Hall on the afternoon of Friday, August 3, 1835, to frame an indictment against their fellow-citizens.” [. . .]

    In speaking to these resolutions, Harrison Gray Otis, a great conservative leader, denounced the Abolition agitators, accusing them of “wishing to ‘scatter among our Southern brethren firebrands, arrows, and death,’ and of attempting to force Abolition by appeals to the terror of the masters and the passions of the slaves,” and decrying their “measures, the natural and direct tendency of which is to excite the slaves of the South to revolt,” etc.

    Another of the speakers, ex-Senator Peleg Sprague, said (p. 496, Garrison’s “Garrison”) that “if their sentiments prevailed it would be all over with the Union, which would give place to two hostile confederacies, with forts and standing armies.” [. . .]

    That Boston meeting pronounced the deliberate judgment of the most intelligent men of Boston on the situation, as they knew it to be that day; it was in their midst that The Liberator was being published; there the new sect had its head-quarters, and there it was doing its work. [. . .]

    That great Faneuil Hall meeting of August 31, 1835, was followed some weeks later by a lamentable anti-Garrison mob, which did not stand alone. In the years 1835, 1836, and 1837 a great wave of anti-Abolition excitement swept over the North. In New York, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Alton (Illinois), and many other places, there were anti-Abolition riots, sometimes resulting in arson and bloodshed.

    [Hilary Abner Herbert. The abolition crusade and its consequences: four periods of American history.]

    The anti-Garrison speakers mentioned were of New England stock. William Lloyd Garrison himself — who Herbert points to as the founder of “New Abolitionism” — however, was the child of immigrants from New Brunswick. Only one of Garrison’s grandparents was of New England ancestry, the others having been born in England and Ireland. Garrison’s immediate predecessor and inspiration was Benjamin Lundy, a Quaker who was born in New Jersey and who operated an abolitionist newspaper out of Baltimore, Maryland. Garrison was a Baptist. The pattern of transmission I’m seeing is Quaker -> Baptist -> Unitarian, not Unitarian -> everyone else.

  28. Jack,

    I am not a fan of the Bushes, but you are attacking mid-20th-century upper middle class New Englanders in general on bizarre grounds, while suggesting our ingroup should include Romanians, Russians, and Spaniards.

    Old stock, mid-20th-century upper middle class New Englanders (the vast majority of whom had less Southern ancestry than Prescott Bush) were a relatively conservative group. A coalition that idolizes foreign leaders while attacking core Americans on sartorial grounds is not a coalition I would want to be part of, nor is it likely to be an effective one at advancing the interests of core Americans.

  29. @ n/a

    You made my point for me. From the beginning, his conflict between abolitionists and people was largely confined to New England. The people lost.

  30. N/A writes:

    “I am not a fan of the Bushes, but you are attacking mid-20th-century upper middle class New Englanders in general on bizarre grounds”…

    I respond:

    “bizarre grounds”?

    These filthy rich, work avoiding, pandering, pussy *#(%$#@ singed off on replacing our 90% White European US population ~ 1960 with the hordes of the 3rd world Hell. George Herbert Walker Bush and Barbara Bush actually welcomed Nelson and Winnie Mandela to the White House! Their $*#(%# spoiled brat son George Dubya Bush was pampered through Yale university where he was a frat boy, male cheer leader – somehow this dumb arse twin of Jethro Bodiene of the Beverly Hillbillies was made GOVERNOR OF TEXAS and then PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES whereupon he proceeded to bankrupt our country doing the rock bottom worst wars of the worst Jewish Neo Conservatives resulting in the current hell where Christians are now being genocided in the Middle East, Syria the original place of the Christian faith – this idiot Bush family wines and dines with the worst Mexican oligarchs , the Emir of Kuwait, conspiring to merge Mexico and maybe even Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvatore with White North America – this cursed, pussy, elite Connecticut WASP bow tie wearing Bush family is as bad as anything any Rothschild, Warburg, Hollywood Jew family could do to us, but somehow it’s supposedly not so bad because the Bush family sort of looks like us, plus they have somehow changed – they’re supposed to be Texans, Conservatives, or now …… Hispanics.

    No, should have nipped this in the bud ~1947. The bow ties on Prescott Bush were the red flag that somehow was missed.

  31. Jack,

    “These filthy rich, work avoiding, pandering, pussy”

    I get the impression the vast majority of what you know about this group you learned from Hollywood movies and Jewish-influenced media in general. Obviously Jews must have been completely objective in casting their competitors as lazy, underhanded villains with unearned privilege, and the country is so much better ruled today now by Jews, white ethnics, and identityless core Americans. It’s unconscionable that America was ever under the sway of actual Americans who had a sense of identity and multigenerational responsibility.

    Incidentally, the Bushes were never anything like “filthy rich” before recent decades. They were upper middle class.

    “singed off on replacing our 90% White European US population ~ 1960”

    Yes, who can forget the 1965 Immigration Act, pushed by such “WASPs” as the Kennedys, Emanuel Celler, and the ADL, and signed by upper class New England Yankee Lyndon Johnson.

    And who can forget the Russians, Italians, and Romanians who had fought so valiantly for the 1924 Immigration Act decades earlier.

    “The bow ties on Prescott Bush were the red flag that somehow was missed.”

    Do you realize how stupid and pointless it is to say shit like this? You don’t like Prescott Bush. OK. I don’t like Prescott Bush. Do you really think that killing everyone who wore a bow tie in 1947 would have somehow changed the course of the country for the better, or that expressing this sentiment publicly will do anything to aid the cause you profess to be behind?

  32. N/A writes:

    “Yes, who can forget the 1965 Immigration Act, pushed by such “WASPs” as the Kennedys, Emanuel Celler, and the ADL, and signed by upper class New England Yankee Lyndon Johnson.”

    I respond.

    I never argue that the Bush family and those like them upper middle class WASPs from New England and other places were openly pushing to end White (British) European rule in the United States like the groups you mentioned (Kennedys Jacob Javitz, ADL, NAACP etc), what they were and still are:


    This is the most numerous of the types of White American racial traitors (Other types of Gracchites, Trucklers LBJ, Truman, Clinton, Old Believers and Proditors.

    The Pussyfooters as worst represented as the Bush political family do not take an active, leading role in attacking, destroying, replacing White British Americans or just Whites in general anywhere in the world. But, they rarely if ever do or say anything in defense of our people, because they are…. well pussies, cowards, the like soft easy life and they go with the flow – if Conservative, anti Communism is in fashion, they do that. If Religious Right born again Christianity is fashion they do that. If strict Constitutionalist judicial restraint is in fashion they say “yeah they are for that”. These pussy footers tend to agree with whomever is in the room with them at the time – one day it’s the Emir of Kuwait and the Saudi Royal family, the next hour it’s the lobbyists for AIPAC, the next day the NAACP or Nelson and Winnie Mandela. Barbara Bush enjoyed dancing cheek to cheek with supposed military war hero magic Negro Colin Powell – supposed to be a Black savior of Conservative GOP – then Gen. Powell gets caught wilding celebrating the election of Barack Obama, Powell is celebrating with Black African African students, not even Americans!

    The Pussyfooting Bush types are presented by the media as the only alternative to the worst cultural marxists, Black criminals, sexual deviants and regular White British Americans see these nicely dressed Bush family and think:

    “We they look like us, they don’t seem to be very angry or hateful to us, I guess they have to be better than the worst Left Dems ruining Baltimore, Memphis, Hollywood etc.

    Again, the problem with the Bush family and their very common type is they are Pussyfooters, pussies, they rarely if ever defend the legitimate rights of our people.

    Hell, Black criminal gangs (Bloods) are now doing Confederate Grave desecration! How much courage does it take for wealthy WASP political elites like the Bushes to say that is wrong or to oppose things like the Black criminal mob Rodney King Riots – Bush Sr. let that go off than had the Justice Department re-try the innocent White police officers in double jeopardy under ridiculous Federal Civil Rights laws! Do pussy footing WASP Bushes win any votes of hard core Black gang members? What did welcoming Nelson and Winnie Mandela (child murderer) to the White House win for the Bushes or for the GOP? NADA.

    With Pussyfooters like the Bushes, it is worthless to try to use logic, reason, arguments with them – they are not motivated by such things. They are motivated by personal status – always being considered for top top jobs CIA directors, Vice Presidents, Presidential candidates. Even when they lose, they win and we lose.

    So please stop enabling these terrible pussy footers, they might look like us, the are not us.

  33. NA writes:

    ” I don’t like Prescott Bush. Do you really think that killing everyone who wore a bow tie in 1947 would have somehow changed the course of the country for the better, or that expressing this sentiment publicly will do anything to aid the cause you profess to be behind?”

    I respond.

    That’s just a ridiculous false dilemma.

    Our choices with dealing with pussyfooting upper middle class WASP traitor families like the Bushes are not:

    1) Do nothing – let them be presented as our only opposition to marxist, Black, non White terror, mob rule
    2) Kill all the upper middle class WASPs who dress in bow ties.

    There are lots of other, better options.

    1) Recognize this type and simply don’t promote/enable them – they aren’t our leaders, they are not on our side – They’re #*($#*@ pussyfooters, cuckservatives.

    2) Oppose them, fight them with weapons that are way short of killing them with guns. Shout them down, Dox them, expose them, get in their face, have their friends, family and neighbors denounce them, if we need to get physical, use force, use appropriate force like the Left does – throw water balloons with vile liquids, maybe a kick in the arse, fist fight. Tell me most anyone reading OD couldn’t win a fist fight with some pussy upper middle class WASP named “Prescott” 😉

    I still can’t believe Texans ever bad the Bushes a leading Texas political family.

  34. Jack,

    “They are motivated by personal status – always being considered for top top jobs CIA directors, Vice Presidents, Presidential candidates.”

    To the extent this is true, the same and worse can be said for first/second generation members of the new upper middle class (who vastly outnumber members of the old upper middle class among current elites). And much the same could be said for corporate managers and bureaucrats at whatever level. Nor are lower middle class or working class people immune from parroting ideas they hear on TV.

    The old upper middle class at least tended to have some exposure to principles beyond “diversity” and “tolerance”, and a sense of connection to American history.

    “Oppose them, fight them with weapons that are way short of killing them with guns. Shout them down, Dox them, expose them, get in their face, have their friends, family and neighbors denounce them, if we need to get physical, use force, use appropriate force like the Left does – throw water balloons with vile liquids, maybe a kick in the arse, fist fight. Tell me most anyone reading OD couldn’t win a fist fight with some pussy upper middle class WASP named “Prescott””

    You’re attacking someone for being named after an ancestor. And, again, the level of hostility you direct here specifically toward elite “WASPs” (as you imagine them) is unjustified.

  35. “You’re attacking someone for being named after an ancestor.”

    I’ll also point out that Wilmot Robertson, who you’re apparently a fan of (as am I), was an upper middle class northeastern “WASP” whose real name consisted of three surnames (like Prescott Bush). Also see: Madison Grant, Lothrop Stoddard, Carleton Putnam, etc.

  36. “You’re attacking someone for being named after an ancestor.”

    I’ll also point out that Wilmot Robertson, who you’re apparently a fan of (as am I), was an upper middle class northeastern “WASP” whose real name consisted of three surnames (like Prescott Bush). Also see: Madison Grant, Lothrop Stoddard, Carleton Putnam, etc.”

    Yes, I am a very big fan of Wilmot Robertson. I think the Dispossessed Majority is THE Best analysis of America’s racial, cultural decline.

    Robertson defended WASP George Bush Sr. for a long time after others of us wrote him off.

    The Iraq War 1, Letting Blacks riot and loot in LA Rodney King riots, then prosecuting the White LA cops for Federal civil rights charges, or just being the father to dumb arse Jethro Bodine George Dubya Bush Sr.I mean WT$? Also I was just living in racial anarchy New York City during George Bush Sr’s term – Sharpton’s Tawana Brawley scams, the Central Park wilding gang rape of the White jogger and George Bush Sr. arch WASP – he seemed to be on another planet. That ridiculous great patriotic war against SADDAM – what the #*$&#?

    Tough Italians in New York or Philly would have none of that. Italians know how to handle the worst Black criminals, demagogues, bow tied, WASPs like the Bush family, no – hopeless. Pee Wee Herman could have done as well.

  37. N/a

    Also arch WASP George Bush Sr. Presided over the hand over of White South Africa to Black Communist rule, going so far as to host Nelson and child murderer Winnie Mandela in the White House ! Barbara Bush was a real social idiot race traitor insisting on dancing cheek to cheek with Colin Powell and smearing Pat Buchanan for supposedly saying racist things at GOP convention over Pat’s comments about the LA Rodney King rioters.

    Rich Northeast WASPs of the 70s, 80s, early 90s just sucked. Blue color North East ethnics and Southern rebel Good Ol boys were solid, what was the problem win these rich WASPs? wASP rot.

  38. I don’t care about that bowtie, and I HAVE spent time around Yalie types, who can be the Worst de la WORST of the Race Traitor Sell Out Cucks.

    I’m referring to Pater Bush’s PHYSICAL FEATURES.

    That’s a JEW.

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