Trump Expands Lead With “Throwback Alpha Male” Campaign Themes

By Hunter Wallace

This is bad news for ¡Jeb!, right?

“The Quinnipiac University poll, released Thursday, also shows Donald Trump smashing the GOP presidential competition garnering 28% support from registered Republican voters in the 17-member field. The real estate mogul’s closest competitor is retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who tallies 12%.

Just 7% said they would vote for former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, a record low since November 2013. …”

Maybe this is why Rich Lowry said ¡Jeb!, who he compared to a milquetoast Ned Flanders, couldn’t ignite so much as “an ember” of enthusiasm with conservative voters.

Meanwhile, Trump has picked up an endorsement from the cuckservative who was the architect of John McCain’s defeat in 2012:

“Politicians and pundits are making excuses for you. They say you’re so sick of bad government and polarized politics that you’re willing to take a chance on making Donald Trump the most powerful man on Earth. I say you’ve taken leave of your senses. I say you’re delusional. I say you’ve confused reality with reality TV. I say you’d rather sulk and bitch about America’s problems than help fix them.

Do you really think the dislocations caused by the transition from an industrial society to an information economy can be reversed with threats and tariffs? Do you really think rising urban crime rates, structural unemployment, failing schools, the proliferation of single-parent households, and the growing heroin epidemic can all be fixed by sealing our borders? Do you really think it’s even possible to round up 11 million people, the vast majority of whom are hard-working, decent folks, and force them out of the country? Do you really think that would make America better?

If you do, I say you’re looking for scapegoats, not solutions. I say you’re not patriots trying to make America great again. You’re fools prepared to hurt the country and the world far more than any political “establishment” has or would ever do.”

Yeah, we’re fools for not believing in open borders, political correctness, disastrous wars like Iraq, billionaires using politicoans as their personal puppets and an “information economy” that will employ millions at Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

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  1. I wish Trump would ship the Cuckservatives off to Mexico. lol If they want to live in a third world country so badly, why don’t they just move to one?

  2. This cuck is either an idiot or a liar. Very few illegals will have to be rounded up. Once it doesn’t pay to be in the US they will leave on their own. That is the way it has always worked before and it is the way it will work now. If they can’t get gibs; work because of strict e-verify enforcement; or send money home then they will leave.

  3. When Nazi week doesn’t work and when Brutus week doesn’t work, and they realize it, grab popcorn, sit back, and watch pandemonium ensue in Cuck City and Lib City.

  4. Note that not even his odd daughter’s decision to marry a Jew and convert to Orthodox (!?) Judaism shields him from being somehow linked to “Nazis.” So, this just proves that those hurling those epithets don’t believe their own bullshit. Just standing up for what can benefit Whites in some collateral way is enough to get you buried under an avalanche of the most hateful and deranged abuse.

  5. How very true:

    “Europe and the USA have virtually given up control of their borders. Whole regions of the USA are being over-run with the dregs of the Third World, depriving Americans of jobs, driving up welfare and housing costs while atomising society. More fundamentally they’re changing the very make-up of the American population. The economic significance being the fatal weakening of the legendary American can-do attitude. There will be no traditional come-back from adversity this time simply because the traditional people have been substantially replaced.

    The net effect is a drastic decline in the economic fortunes of Whites, arguably greater than that experienced during the Great Depression. But the malaise goes well beyond economic. Every aspect of traditional White Christian culture has been under relentless attack with White males in particular the subject of ritual humiliation in the courts, academia, media, ‘entertainment’ and employment. Hollywood and the likes of MTV disgorge an endless stream of degenerate filth, featuring every form of depravity and never miss an opportunity to extol the negro and demean Whites…

    As I said here, I spend long hours evaluating such comments because they represent the only reliable source of the ordinary person’s views. And that’s allowing for the frantic efforts of moderators to weed out unsanctified opinion.

    Those views have undergone a seismic paradigm shift over the last five years or so. The numbers who have become wise to Jewish manipulations have increased by many orders of magnitude. Hitherto an ‘anti-Semite’ comment that managed to make it onto a mainstream outlet would have been buried in an avalanche of rebuke. Now such comments are commonplace and it seems that the hasbaras have actually given up the fight on many leading forums. What a turnaround! Now couple this rapidly growing awareness with the impending catastrophe I referred to and the Jewish position becomes seriously uncomfortable.

    I’ve spent a considerable part of my retirement trying to understand why Jews have been so unpopular throughout history. My going in explanation was envy at their intelligence and hard-won success compounded by the Christ-killer myth. But research showed in fact that Jews always over-reached themselves via ethnic favouritism, becoming increasingly arrogant until ultimately, immune to any sense of responsibility and blinded to others’ perception of them they provoked an explosive backlash….”

    Yup. We’re past peak Jew. Drive the truth home, every chance you get. TRUMP IS BRINGING THE DEICIDES OUT OF THE KOSHER KLOSET, only to have them mowed down in the arena of public opion.

    Deo Volente. Gratias Agimus Tibi.

  6. Trump and Cruz are now planning a rally to demand war with Iran.

    Trump is, at best, half a loaf: immigration sanity, foreign policy insanity.

    Buchanan was sane on both issues, the establishment is insane on both issues.

    Anyhow, this controlled burn of the dangerous dry forest of White American frustrations shows how badly some Jews want war with Iran. They are willing to flush the open borders agenda of Emmanuel Cellar and Chuck Schumer down the toilet. There are more Austers, Breitbarts and Savages than I thought.

  7. not even his odd daughter’s decision to marry a Jew and convert to Orthodox (!?) Judaism shields him from being somehow linked to “Nazis.” So, this just proves that – there’s no point in playing their game at all!

  8. At this stage of the game it’s rather stupid for white men to sign up for the military. Let “minorities” go make the world safe for diversity.

  9. “[T]his controlled burn of the dangerous dry forest of White American frustrations shows how badly some Jews want war with Iran. They are willing to flush the open borders agenda of Emmanuel Cellar and Chuck Schumer down the toilet. There are more Austers, Breitbarts and Savages than I thought.”

    An extremely interesting statement, Whites Unite.

  10. “Information economy” – lol

    It is no wonder that Trump is soaring in the polls when you read these cuckservative idiots and their plan for America.

  11. From Mark Salter’s article at Real Clear Politics: “If you have narcissistic personality disorder, you may come across as conceited, boastful or pretentious. You often monopolize conversations. You may belittle or look down on people you perceive as inferior. You may feel a sense of entitlement — and when you don’t receive special treatment, you may become impatient or angry. You may insist on having “the best” of everything — for instance, the best car, athletic club or medical care.”

    Then, the writer asked, “Remind you of anyone – Trump perhaps?”

    No sir! It reminds me of the Divider-in-Chief we have as POTUS right now! There is a difference between the strong, warrior-type manly man of Donald Trump and the self-centered, racist, control-freak, power-hungry Marxist we have now.

  12. Lowry, like all of his cucked, disingenuous lot, deplore where we are but applaud every step that brought us here. Their true colors are now more transparent than ever: Ratifiers of the left.

  13. Kevin MacDonald: ‘Despite the tsunami of positive messages on immigration emanating from the mainstream media, Trump’s policies on immigration are clearly in sync with the views of most Americans. Jewish attitudes on immigration are certainly not deeply rooted in popular attitudes among White Americans.

    The anti-White revolution has been a top-down phenomenon which has occurred because fundamentally America is now an oligarchy, not a democracy.

    Trump’s populist appeal is a real threat to our new, hostile elite because it is fundamentally uncontrollable.’

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