Cuckservative George Will’s “30 Pieces of Silver”

“And said unto them, What will ye give me, and I will deliver him unto you? And they covenanted with him for thirty pieces of silver.”
Matthew 25:16

I give special thanks to one of our readers who found the assessment of George Will’s fabulously expensive Chevy Chase MD home:

Chevy Chase, MD
Total land value: $916,250
Total value for property: $2,044,092
Total assessed value for property: $2,044,092

Hunter Wallace has exposed the many sordid Cuckservatives smearing Donald Trump and Trump’s supporters as evil racists – HATERS for opposing open borders 3rd world immigration, opposing multiculturalism, opposing free trade, oppose political correctness, opposing BlackLivesMatter, opposing billionaires and their political puppets.

One would be hard pressed to find a worse Cuckservatives than ABC/Time Magazine house “conservative” George Will. He’s been at it a long, long time. George Will is all against Donald Trump, same as he was against Pat Buchanan or any real Conservative, nationalist who opposed the Neo Conservative 3 main programs:

1) Invade the world for Israel – endless US wars in the Middle East, or against European nationalists that serve no American national interests.

2) Invite the world – open borders 3rd world immigration in to the USA, Europe/UK, the White West – Israel is reserved as a Jewish Ethno state with strong border walls.

3) In hoc to the world, the Fed to pay for #1 and #2

Any Conservative, nationalist, populist who opposes these Neo Con programs is smeared as a terrible NAZI who wants to kill 6 MILLION JEWS and equal numbers of Blacks, Mexicans, Gays, minorities etc, plus George Will argues that Trump and our people are not well mannered and highly educated Conservatives like National Review’s William F Buckley.

Instauration Magazine awarded George Will the dubious dishonor of 1990 White traitor of the year (Link) and had this to say about this Cuckservative Judas.

“To put it plainly, George Will is the sort of pundit who holds up his writing finger to discover which way the racist winds are blowing, then writes not what he believes but what his paymas­ters want to hear. In these days he who feeds the prejudices of the prejudiced gets fat – quite fat – indeed more than a million dollars a year fat. In addition to his columns and his talking-head role on This Week With David Brinkley, he collects $12,000 to $15,000 per speech.”

Now, what do we do with George Will and other Judas’ betraying our people for $?

Just put the word out, do not do anything violent or illegal. Do not make any threats, but let others, especially local folks in and around Chevy Chase MD know what George Will is doing. Send this information to Trump groups – contact local police, veterans groups with maimed Vets from these pointless Neo Con wars. Also, consider letting the worst Leftists, BlackLivesMatter folks in Baltimore MD know about the wealth and privilege of Chevy Chase Conservative George Will – maybe they can get HUD, the Justice Department to seize George Will’s property and give it to “The PEOPLE”.

We need to start using the very effective tactics of Leftists – there is no way our worst traitor Cuckservative enemies like George Will should be living easy, carefree lives off of their…..

“30 pieces of silver”


  1. The Irony is that it required a billionaire to run to get the esablishment quake to the foundation.

    Trump is the 1% and he’s actually got broadbased popular support. comeplete shock????

    • If this Trump thing has proven anything, it is the effect that big money and the donor class has on our political system. Trump is free to say anything he wants because he cuts the donor class out of the equation.

  2. I’d rather see Trump say a few words about that little creep than sic Bantu Lives Matter on him.

  3. And to add to this, cuckservatives and open borders advocates operate under the assumption that they will be insulated from the effects of diversity and mass immigration. According to the census, Chevy Chase, Md is between 82.5%-86.7% White.

    And most of the non-Whites who live in Chevy Chase are likely in the same socioeconomic class as Will (average household income over $200K/yr with a per capita income in 2013 of $121,922)

    In addition, George Will is 75 years old. He won’t live to see the day when Whites are a minority in this country. So, all in all this sellout is a good deal for George. George Will is the embodiment of what Americanism truly is, radical individualism. There is no sense of community or brotherhood. There is no sense of shared responsibility or concern about the overall well being of the people or the future of the country. All that matters is the pursuit of personal happiness. America is not a country or a nation. America is a business and George Will is being a good businessman.

  4. “Erick Erickson fears Hitler week will backfire:” – Nice attempt on his part to say that Trump isn’t against legal immigration, but Trump has critized our legal immigration system: specifically El Chapo’s ability to gain US citizenship thanks to his anchor baby children and our chain migration law.

  5. More Cuck-crackup news:

    Weepy Speaker Boehner has reportedly called Ted Cruz a “jackass” at a Colorado fundraiser.

  6. What’s funny about Will is that he is stereotypically Anglo-Saxon.

    Mostly an act for TV.

    At his point in life he could say say:

    Fuck it I too hate coons and spics…

    You know he does.

  7. Treason and money usually go hand in hand, selling out your own for personal enrichment. There is no one more despicable than a traitor.

    Not even an open enemy Jew.

  8. went round and round for days with “open borders libertarians” on fadebook this week. explained their data had holes. explained hoppe etc didnt agree with them. they dont want the gummint running immivasion control, just the immivasion, apparently. time to call them cuckertarians?

  9. What a tired OLD queen.

    Too bad we don’t have the Czar, like in the good old days, when Jews and race traitors were ‘taken care of.’
    Oh, sorry, does that sound like the comments Jews made about how Trump needs to die?

    Merely coincidence, I assure you. Gospodi, pomiluye.

  10. @empty13

    Yes. Libertarianism isn’t a real world philosophy. They base their objection to immigration control on the non agression principle. It doesn’t matter to them that the invading hordes don’t observe the same principle. If a person claims to live by certain principles and ecmverone else isn’t, that person isn’t really living by their principles. In any case, libertarianism is just one big circle jerk. They like to debate and signal their libertarian purity to each other. They have no clue as to how their libertarianism can be implemented in the real world.

  11. Maybe the old cuck will live to see the fruits of his false opposition. Identity politics has come from the Left and old Cuck Boy has no answer except to play the game of shoving us down the hierarchy like he is a whiteness studies college professor.

    We have these people by their scrawny necks, they have accepted race as I have long said how they would accept race, via the Left. Billions of words were written by our essayists and they meant bupkus, but the left gushes out some of their usual three word rhetorical phrases and suddenly the cucks have to add the intellectual meaning behind that rhetoric.

  12. cuckservatives cringe of the word racist that would wipe their bank account of sheckels.This is why cuckservative always say”i’am not a racist.

  13. I’m going to post excerpts from the original Instauration Magazine article naming George Will White traitor of the year 1990. Instauration’s main point is that George Will betrayed our people, our civilization for personal profit, by selling out to the worst Liberal Leftist Jewish media powers that be, presenting himself as a “Conservative” false opposition to their anti Southern, anti White, Lib Leftist, marxist program, and then just added widely pro Israel military positions so frustrated Whites in the South, Red States could take out most of their frustrations on Arabs, European countries like the Russians who were neutral or took the Arab side against the Zionists.

    I think that might be an oversimplification as George Will simply has his finger to the wind, going with the flow on everything and seeing that he gets $ as the only Conservative” allowed on TV or allowed to speak sat a college campus – plus George Will was supposedly Reagan’s leading Conservative intellectual and George Will liked the American past time of baseball.

    Here are some excerpts from the 1990 Instauration Magazine traitor of the year article:

    “?Pandering Pundit
    GEORGE WILL: Majority Renegade of the Year
    In the last three decades the U.S. has been engaged in several wars, warlets, forays and other forms of military intervention ­ and George Will has been beating the drums for most of them. Now that a desert conflict looms against Iraq, bellicose George is frantically scratching out reams of bristling hate propaganda with the help of his obscenely expensive Waterman Le Man l8-karat gold-tipped fountain pen. “Smash Saddam” runs through every Will paragraph like a bloody thread.

    Considering Will’s penchant for battlefield heroics, it is puz­zling that in none of America’s recent bouts of warmongering has he been found in the front or even the rear lines. In Vietnam, which might be described as his favorite war, though of draft age, he spent most of his time teaching in various colleges,

    During other clashes of American arms, Will was living it up in a home in Chevy Chase, for which he paid $990,000 cash and where he hosted a series of “power dinners,” a few of which were attended by the Reagans (he took a particular fancy to Nan­cy). Nixon never enjoyed Will’s cuisine; the Republican colum­nist deserted his Republican standard bearer as Watergate cli­ maxed. It is doubtful if Bush ever accepted any invitations, since Will once called him a “lap dog.”

    It is not known if Mrs. Will, a $77,500-a-year assistant secre­tary of education, attended these functions. The couple split up a few years ago. At one time neighbors, according to the Washing­tonian magazine Oune 1987, p. 26), observed that George’s office furniture was stacked up on the lawn with the note, “Take it somewhere else, buster…”

    Nowadays George spends a great deal of his time paling around with Washington and New York plutocratic mediacrats, especially multi millionairess Lally Weymouth, the daughter of Katharine Graham (nee Meyer), the boss lady of the Washington Post and Newsweek. Pretty fast company for someone raised in a bleak midwestern college town! Will’s father, a socialist, was a philosophy professor at the University of Illinois.
    Although down in the books of the intellgentsia as a conser­vative, George gets along remarkably well with the leading mov­ers and mavens of the liberal-minority coalition, whom he re· wards ever so often with titillating columns that descend to the lowest depths of columnist calumny. In one such he waxed indig­nant about Nazis throwing Jewish babies down wells in WWII. In his Newsweek column (Oct. 8, 1990), he called David Duke lIa grade B 1950s crooner: Fabian does fascism..•.The bad seed of American politics.” Despite such guttersniping, which even Wil­ liam Safire might hesitate to write, Will is considered a deep­ thinker by the media. It helps to socialize with Lally.
    George writes for Jews, gads about with Jews, takes money from Jews (Newsweek is hardly an Aryan enterprise), so George is
    consequently very protective of Jews. Indeed, he is a master of the art of stroking the “Our Crowd” crowd by deifying Israel and diabolizing its enemies. He knows that the first thing a modern conservative must do in order to escape any possible charge of fascism or anti-Semitism is to slander activists of his own race. So he makes a point of calling Duke an anti-Semite, while he him­ self sounds off viciously against Arabs, a form of racism which to him and his circle is considered commendable. A leading mem­ber of the school that deems it racist to go after jews, he appar­ently thinks it high-minded to go after Germans and Arabs.
    George learned to love Jews in his graduate years – he went to Oxford and has a Ph.D. from Princeton – when he became an acolyte of a weird jewish mystagogue from Europe named Leo Strauss. A guru who burrowed into American academia in the guise of a political scientist, Strauss absorbed and regurgitated the arcane outpourings of medieval jewish “philosophers,” stirred in a few ideas of the ancient Greeks and came up with an egghead­ ed ideological brew that Will swallowed in great gulps. George became intensely enamored with that part of Straussian lore that assumes all the great thinkers of the past wrote esoterically, that is, they concealed their real thoughts, which could only be un­derstood by reading between the lines.
    Strauss probably inspired some of Will’s own esoterica – the wafer-thin conservative lamina that masks his half-honest, half­ dishonest liberalism, his quirky way of praising double loyalists, such as describing the war-crazy New Republic as “the nation’s most interesting and important journal,” such as joining 54 Jew­ ish leaders in an anti-Catholic spiel against Cardinal O’Connor for saying a good word for the Palestinians. Will exulted over the atrocious film Shoah as lithe noblest use to which cinema…has been put.” He was first against, then for capital punishment. He was and is for more taxes and bigger government, denounces abortion, affirmative action and forced busing, and strives mighti­y for civil rights and equalitarianism. He is horrified by Robert Graham’s Repository for Germinal Choice and by any genetic tampering of the human condition, although his eldest son has Down’s Syndrome, a birth defect that may someday be corrected by genetic engineering. Above all, Will is constantly on the look­ out for atrocities and holocausts, which are reported in his col­umns in lurid detail. The only holocaust he has no interest in is Is­rael’s slow-burning hecatomb of Palestinians. On his off hours, as his 1990 bestseller, Men At Work, attests, he is a baseball nut.
    To put it plainly, George Will is the sort of pundit who holds up his writing finger to discover which way the racist winds are blowing, then writes not what he believes but what his paymas­ters want to hear. In these days he who feeds the prejudices of the prejudiced gets fat – quite fat – indeed more than a million dollars a year fat. In addition to his columns and his talking-head role on This Week With David Brinkley, he collects $12,000 to $15,000 per speech.
    For playing this sordid, ideological shell game and in recognition of his great “accomplishments” in behalf of the Semitic real­ politik, George Will has been chosen as Instauration’s Majority Renegade of the Year.

  14. George Will may sound considerably less smug when he is facing the death penalty before a people’s court. He is probably the worst single traitor alive today in the U.S. He and his ilk have the blood of thousands of American soldiers on their filthy hands.

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