Pity Big Ag

By Hunter Wallace

For two years now, we have held demonstrations all over the South, and one of the biggest cheerleaders for “comprehensive immigration reform” has been Big Ag, whether it onions in Georgia, tomatoes in Alabama, or citrus and blueberry farmers in Florida:

“Even before real-estate mogul Donald Trump called undocumented immigrants “rapists and murderers” who “have to go,” California contractor Carlos Castañeda was having difficulty hiring enough workers to pick celery and squash.

Now Castañeda and others fear Trump’s talk about erecting a “big beautiful wall” at the border and deporting millions could make it nearly impossible to find the guest workers they need — workers who would obtain legal status under most comprehensive reform bills. …”

California has the worst problem of all, but illegal aliens are also found in agriculture all over the Northwest.

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  1. We’ve got loads of young “bucks” in prison. Rent them out to the farmers like we used to do in Florida and other Southern states. Give ’em a choice: Off to the farm or back to Africa you go. Buh bye!

  2. Considering the school-to-prison pipeline (as so called), Louis may have a goldmine of an idea, after all, some firms are located within prison walls, and do offer convicts employment. My late father used to tell of his father contracting with the “chain gang” to come to their farm and do all sorts of work. And according to him, the “workers” liked doing it! Money! And Grandma fed them well, too!

    Excellent idea, Louis!

  3. There are already robot cars moving driverless on our streets. How long till we have robot pikers on the farm? 5 or 10 years at most?

    Mexicans are outdated farm machinery. No need to give them the USA.

  4. I read somewhere that a very tiny percentage of the tens of millions of illegals actually work picking fruit and vegetables, less than 5%.

    Ok, give these illegals temporary work permits. What a nice guy.

  5. It is another set of frauds, even the supposedly high tech industries seemingly fail to globalize but they have to have a 19th century immigration policy. Couldn’t they Skype or email their offices in India or China? And no Mexican wants to stoop over the rest of his life working the short hoe or picking strawberries.

  6. I read somewhere that a very tiny percentage of the tens of millions of illegals actually work picking fruit and vegetables, less than 5%.

    That’s probably about right. I think the estimates at one point were that at least 80% of all illegals working today are either in construction, landscaping, restaurant and food service, or various cleaning, distribution and manufacturing jobs.

    The biggest increase over the past 20 years has been in the construction industry. I remember when the most you might have seen when going to a job site was a crew of Mexicans pouring a foundation or doing site cleanup. California might have been different, but it would have been somewhat rare for much of the rest of the nation to see Mexicans doing anything other than that at a construction site. Then you started to see them in bricklaying and masonry. Then in roofing. Then in painting. Then drywall. Then framing. Then it went on to even include plumbers, welders and electricians.

    I know many people who lost their jobs because they refused to take sizable pay cuts when they were forced to compete with illegals who didn’t mind being akin to slave labor. It’s easy to do a job for a third the salary of another guy when you have a third-world mentality and live with 5 or 6 other adults all sharing expenses.

  7. Giant Agribiz is a corporate satan. Foising GMO frankenfoods that ARE RARELY LABELED, we have sickened countless millions of Americans with outright GMO stuff, like corn and soybeans (and then use that GMO corn in HFCS, etc.) but as well afflict many millions more by their tampering with the already-genetically engineered food still ‘safe’ -i.e., Wheat.


    We don’t NEED or WANT illegals. Make the lazy college kids work for their tuition, doing farm labor, to teach them the value of a buck. Or the convict lines, as reparations to society. Do not keep young hands idle.

    Moverover, better to grow and sell your produce as a White Man locally, and be a WN consumer, learning to eat according to the rhythms of life, instead of ‘having to have’ wooden strawberries in January’. Kingsolver’s book ‘Animal, Vegetable, Miracle’ was a good read in that department.

  8. “Crops will rot on the vine”

    The specter of a “labor shortage” threatening to leave “crops rotting in the fields” is the most disingenuous assertion ever put forward by Big Ag in their never-ending quest for open borders.

    The stunning technological advances constantly being invented for the agricultural industry,completely undermines their deceptive claims.

    If Big Ag spent less time agitating for more corporate welfare–which so-called “guest workers” are a former of–and more time making long overdue investments in agriculture’s automated and mechanized future,their operations would be in a better position to compete in our 21st Century economy.

    Indeed,the future is now:

    “Farms of the Future Will Run on Robots and Drones” by Taylor Dobbs,July 16,2013

    “Robots to revolutionize farming, ease labor woes” July 18,2013

    “Robotic Farming For The Future” by Len Calderone,December 15,2014

  9. It’s important to personalize our enemies -name names, give the faces, where they live and work, alert honest labor unions, patriots – do what we did to that horrible Onion King in Georgia, what we started to do with Tyson CEO Donnie Smith.

    We need to stop just complaining about large nebulous, all powerful things, institutions like Big Agribusiness, Big banks, big tax exempt corrupt charities.

    There are individual enemies who have gotten rich and pretty much gotten away with their treason, murder of our people/civilization. That has to change. Who are the individual Big Ag owners, CEO flooding our nation with the dregs of the 3rd world, neo slavery.

  10. I don’t know why anyone falls for this “crops will rot” argument, especially when it comes from “free market” republicans. If crops are rotting, then they’ll plant less of them next year. If this makes food more scarce, demand will go up, and the farmers can pay higher wages until unemployed Americans want to work for them.
    How can “free market forces” be so beneficial to society, but then be unable to bring about equilibrium in the ag business?

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