Glenn Miller Found Guilty

By Hunter Wallace

Heidi is wondering why I haven’t had anything to say about the verdict in the Glenn Miller trial:

“A white supremacist gave a Nazi salute in an Olathe, Kansas, courtroom Monday after learning he’d been convicted of fatally shooting a teen, the teen’s grandfather and a woman visiting her mother at two Jewish facilities in Overland Park last year.

Frazier Glenn Miller, also known as Frazier Glenn Cross, said, “I think the fat lady just sang,” as the verdict was announced, KCTV is reporting. Before making his closing statements, Miller, 74, of Aurora, Mo., also wrote on an easel, “Diversity is a code word for white genocide.” …”

The answer is that I haven’t followed the trial, don’t follow VNN Forum anymore, have more interesting topics to write about, and really have nothing further to say about the subject.

As I said at the time, Glenn Miller’s rampage shooting was and remains the most moronic thing I have ever seen come out of the White Nationalist movement. I wrote a number of posts about it. What else is there to say? Should we note the irony of juxtaposing “Diversity is a code word for White genocide” with being on trial for murdering a 14-year-old White teenager and his grandfather in Kansas?

Jim Giles and I confronted Alex Linder about that precise hypothetical scenario – could you shoot a Jewish child – in a Radio Free Mississippi podcast long before it happened too. We both condemned Linder for his irresponsible rhetoric. In fact, I had been condemning Linder’s exterminationism for years both here and elsewhere.

I never had any problem condemning Glenn Miller, Alex Linder, Dylann Roof, etc. I wrote about all those crimes as they unfolded on this website. The SPLC, however, has nothing to say about Muhammad Abdulazeez, Vester Flanagan, or the cop killer in Texas. Why is that?

Note: The SPLC embraces Planned Parenthood and labels its opponents “extremists.” Just saying, if you are down with butchering millions of babies and selling their body parts for profit, you don’t have the moral authority to criticize anyone.

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  1. “The SPLC, however, has nothing to say about Muhammad Abdulazeez, Vester Flanagan, or the cop killer in Texas. Why is that?”

    They have nothing to say about the 100 million people killed by Communism either.

  2. He has always been a buffoon.

    I was surprised though when he went on the shooting spree. I thought he was a blowhard and never took him seriously. In his Declaration of War, he vowed to go out in a blaze of gunfire, and wanted to be buried giving the Nazi salute with the sword in his hand. Instead, he was caught piss drunk in a trailer and quickly cut a deal and became a state witness at the Fort Smith trial.

  3. Ah, TGM that brings some memories. I didn’t even know about this shooting and much less that Miller was the perps before reading this here. I never knew either he was this old. Or I don’t remember. I do remember the bickering between you on these forums then though. So… farewell Glenn. Alcohol might have not helped with his mental health. Or another “WN” making the whole movement looks like Gormless cretins.

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