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  1. A white man with hands up was gunned down in Tejas by an officer. White dont riots. The town isnt going to be fergusoned.

  2. he wasn’t insanely angry, he was quite calm, considering. i find it odd that you think the video ‘hilarious’. i agree w/sam. we need more of this attitude to maintain the safety of our towns.

  3. Except for cocking the 12 gauge shot gun at the end, I thought his advice was pretty good.

    Hell yes, get a wrist rocket sling shot and lob some rocks at Black Panther, BlackLivesMatter vehicles.

    White Americans tend to do two things when confronted with obnoxious Black and leftist mobs, protesters:

    A) nothing
    B) gun fantasies

    I highly recommend eggs, rotten vegetables as appropriate weapons with these types.

  4. How’s he angry or racist? Racist for wanting to protect your own people and those who sign up to protect your people?? I agree with him 100%, unfortunately, these marching thugs also have protected rights. Not legal to fuck up their cars or shoot them…. If only….

  5. Well, I didn’t think it was ”hilarious”. This gentleman is spot on. Under the present circumstances, ”Sundown towns” might be a very prudent move- at least as far as strangers or known troublemakers are concerned. We are sick & damn tired of cop killings at my house.

    BTW, realizing that the term, ”slingshot” has either been indoctrinated into us or maybe regional, my cousins & I (& the neighbor kids) grew up calling them ”n*gger shooters”. That wasn’t rayciss or had any implications or anything. It was just what they were called.

  6. This guy is awesome. I think he should be Donald Trump’s Vice Presidential Candidate or at least Attorney General. I love it.

  7. This man gave me a lot of ideas in just this short video. A sucker trap. What we need to do is get these ANTIFA’a ARA Black Lives Matter people in one area and swarm them on all sides. White Racialists tend to go into venues where THEY get swarmed. Instead lets make them bring the ball to OUR COURT.

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