¡Jeb! Fires Back: Trump Is a Germaphobe

By Hunter Wallace

This attack is even lamer than the poor little ¡Jeb! plane that flew above the stadium in Mobile:

“”Well I think had really no choice. He’s doing very poorly in the polls, he’s a very low-energy kind of guy and he had to do something, so they’re spending a lot of money on ads,” he told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos by telephone on “Good Morning America.” …

Still, Trump tried to spin the video as a sign that Bush was desperate to throw a lot of money at an effort to bring him down.

“And you know, he has a lot of money from the hedge-fund guys from the special interests, from lobbyists. He raised over $100 million, they control him totally, so he really had no choice, I think, George. He had to go out with an ad. He did a very expensive ad, and you know let’s see what happens. So far everybody that’s attacked me has gone down, but let’s see what happens here,” he added. …

Bush continued to fight back on Wednesday, launching an interactive page on his campaign website asking visitors to find out “Which candidate are you?”

“Would you rather support a candidate who: Strives to shake every hand everywhere or is a germaphobe when it comes to shaking hands?” one of the questions asks, an apparent reference to Trump’s known dislike for shaking hands.”

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  1. So far Bush’s attacks on Trump have been major yawners unlike Trumps vs Bush which go to the core of the problems we are facing such as Bush being a little puppet to Wall Street.

  2. I am afraid the Trump campaign and other related things are now coming off as just angry White men like the Texan shouting about Black Panthers. Sure these issues are legitimately making them angry, but the electorate is of course over 50% female and most will always go for some nicer soft spoken gentlemen who will try to bring everyone together. That was the big appeal,of Obama supposedly make race relations better by reaching out and listening instead of shouting angry words. Women liked Jimmy Carter – such a nice man. American Presidential democracy is the pits.

  3. “Would you rather support a candidate who: Strives to shake every hand everywhere or is a germaphobe when it comes to shaking hands?”

    Trump will never recover. His slide in the polls begins now.

  4. “El hombre no es conservador.”

    ¡Jeb! is now campaigning in Spanish. His “joyful” campaign focuses on Hispanics, I guess. I hope he keeps it up.

    Don’t you just love American politicians who think we should put everyone else’s interests ahead of our own, whether it be Mexicans or Israelis?

  5. Jack Ryan is probably right.

    My Mom agrees with Trump but is put off by his alpha-male manner. Warns this could backfire if he’s “mean” to Hillary on stage, like Rick Lazio was. Others say this attracts women. Who knows?

    What is becoming clear to me is that the electorate is moving beyond ideology and now has firmly embraced identity politics. It could even mean that every US president in the future will be female or negro, who must not be attacked during campaigns. (Maybe Hispanic, like ¡Jeb! Lol)

  6. It wouldn’t matter if Trump won or not. He would do nothing for whites on the race issue. Just enjoy the chaos while it lasts.

  7. Jack Ryan,

    IDK. Womyn speak all the time about liking the nice guy but at the end of the day they bed with the Alpha Male. Womyn are naturally attracted to power. Trump’s machismo may help him.

  8. http://www.mediaite.com/online/donald-trump-attacks-jeb-bush-for-speaking-spanish-in-america/

    “I like Jeb,” Trump said in an EXCLUSIVE Breitbart interview. “He’s a nice man. But he should really set the example by speaking English while in the United States.”

    Bush had attacked Trump in Spanish earlier in the day, saying, “El hombre no es conservador” (“The man is not conservative”). Bush made the comments in Tampa, Florida, a city where 25% of the population speaks a language other than English.

  9. Love it.

    Donald J. Trump ?@realDonaldTrump 19h19 hours ago Manhattan, NY
    Why does @oreillyfactor and @FoxNews always have Karl Rove on. He spent $430 million and lost ALL races. A dope who said Romney won election

  10. Jeb! says that Trump isn’t a real conservative in Spanish, as if there are lots and lots of people that can only speak Spanish who want to vote for conservatives.

  11. Bush’s campaign is actually getting a bit creepy.

    A lot of people don’t shake hands and they also don’t like hugs.

    Why does Bush have to touch people? What feelies get him off?

  12. Who in the Bush campaign thought it was prudent to criticize Trump for being a germophobe? It is just making him look desperate and now he will probably lose the germophobe vote.

  13. countenance
    ‘Jeb! says that Trump isn’t a real conservative in Spanish, as if there are lots and lots of people that can only speak Spanish who want to vote for conservatives.’

    Other than his wife, I can’t think of any.

  14. countenance // September 2, 2015 at 9:15 pm //
    “Jeb! says that Trump isn’t a real conservative in Spanish”

    This is all you need to tell a good joke.

  15. I think Donald Trump will do far more for this country then any president that we had for a long time. He’s far more conservative then Jeb Bush!

  16. A minor point, but I, too, absolutley HATE having to shake people’s hands. On those occasions where I had to visit churches where they would ‘pass the peace’ I eventually resorted to the V for Victory ‘peace’ sign… and even then, some yahoo would AGGRESSIVELY mandate, with outstretched palm, my grasping his sweaty, meaty hand. Other churches merely would nod, and smile in our direction, and I would immediately feel less phobic in those congregations. Orthodox are more touchy feely than most, but a nice hug, or a hand touching clothed shoulders or upper arms, is far less ‘germy’ and far less annoying if one must ‘pass the peace.’

    I can fully understand Trump’s position. Yet one more similarity to make me vote for him- and not for Hhhhheb.

  17. To me, watching Trump take on the establishment parasites in the Republican Party is sort of like watching Rick and Carl Grimes take on ‘Walkers’ in The Walking Dead.

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