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  1. It really doesn’t matter at this point. Trump cucked up today and signed his pledge of allegiance to the Republican party.

  2. It is meaningless.

    If he hadn’t signed it, they would have kept him off the ballot in South Carolina and other states, and the plan was to use it as an excuse to keep him out of the debates. The loyalty pledge could even backfire on the RNC by forcing the other candidates to endorse Trump should he win the nomination.

  3. I agree with HW. Trump expects to win the nomination. He’s confident. If the Reps pull any funny business to deny him his victory, won fairly through the primaries and caucuses, he can point to them for having violated the spirit (at least) of the agreement. (But if this were to come too late to run as an independent…)

    Trump isn’t a “white” candidate. What I think we can expect from him is no more anti-white stuff such as we get from the Dems and Reps. Things are so bad here that the lack of anti-white is seen as pro-white.

  4. In related news, Ben Carson has come out for extreme border security (to keep out Muslim maniacs) but… Amnesty and citizenship for illegals already here. I wonder how that will play with his fans.

    I never understood why a man who has run nothing, and whose main claim to support is that he mouthed off to Obama at a prayer breakfast, is a front-runner for the nomination. Well, I do understand and I shake my head.

  5. “The loyalty pledge could even backfire on the RNC by forcing the other candidates to endorse Trump should he win the nomination.”

    Agreed. This is the beauty of it.

  6. Hunter,

    It’s definitely meaningless, but just not necessarily in the ways you’ve described. Trump’s biggest asset wasn’t really his illegal alien stance. It was his bulldog approach when espousing his anti-establishment rhetoric. He didn’t surge in the polls because he talked about building a wall. He surged when Republican Inc. initially tried to push him into a corner and he refused to back down. He surged when he attacked FOX pundits. He surged because he was seen as a guy who wasn’t being controlled by either party. He surged because a lot of people are sick and tired of Democrat AND Republican party shackles.

    Trump, as President, isn’t going to change a damn thing. I’ve been alive on this planet and watched this soap opera called American politics long enough to know that nothing benefitting Whites is ever enacted by either Party. Trump was either going to completely change the dynamics of the Republican party by imploding them or making them adjust around his stubbornness, or he was going to eventually toe the party line. Trump capitulated and allowed Republican Inc. to hedge their bet on Trump and the eventual candidate.

    Think about the premise of even signing a “loyalty pledge.” What purpose does it serve? If it’s meaningless and Trump is already assured of getting the nomination, then why was there so much emphasis to get him up on a public stage to recite his new pledge of allegiance to Republican Inc.? This is their solution to keep the Party Brand as something beyond reproach. Several weeks ago they were talking about finding a way to get Trump to tone down his rhetoric on Mexico and illegals so that he wouldn’t damage the party brand. They didn’t care that he was doing the opposite of damaging the party brand when he surged in the polls. All they cared about was making sure that the propaganda that the sheeple were exposed to never gave them much ambition or room to wander off the GOP reservation. The sheeple don’t move the Party. The Party moves the sheeple.

    The loyalty pledge could even backfire on the RNC by forcing the other candidates to endorse Trump should he win the nomination.

    This doesn’t make any sense to me. If Trump did win the nomination, are you suggesting that Bush or Perry or Carson or whoever might run as an independent? Endorsing or not endorsing the eventual nominee is something entirely different than pledging to not run as an independent or accept the nomination of another party.

    This was his pledge:

    “I will be totally pledging my allegiance to the Republican Party and the conservative principles for which it stands,”

    Seriously!? What fucking conservative principles of the Republican Party is he talking about? Republicans have been raping America(especially White America) just as long and almost as methodically and effectively as the Democrats. I could have sworn that America elected a lot of Republicans to Congress recently. What have we received in return? Last I checked the conversion rate for campaign promises to USD was pretty bad. Monopoly money probably has more value than Republican campaign promises.

    This is all sideshow, bullshit theater to keep people playing the game for another election cycle. Watch how fast Carson comes out of nowhere to challenge Trump. This shit is so predictable a deaf, dumb and blind paraplegic could easily maneuver through this maze.

    • Even if Trump wins, I don’t think he would be able to change anything because of Congress and the federal courts.

      I don’t see the loyalty pledge as a big deal. If the GOP tries to take him down, he’s not obligated to stand by it. He could always say “I was treated unfairly” and the deal is bunk. OTOH, if Trump wins the nomination, the GOP has to stand by him and embrace his positions.

  7. You make valuable points.

    Trump needs to get into the primaries and debates. The Republican Party offers him a vehicle. No headaches over getting on ballots next year.

    If things go badly what’s to keep him from pointing out that the party violated “conservative principles” and so his pledge no longer applies? What could they do, jail him?

  8. Celestial Time
    ‘Trump’s biggest asset wasn’t really his illegal alien stance.’

    For me and millions of others it definitely was. Without that and his promise to build a wall, saying, “They have to go” all the other stuff is meaningless.

    Celestial Time
    ‘Trump, as President, isn’t going to change a damn thing.’

    He’s already caused a major change on the national discourse on several issues. He started a fire that will not easily be contained.

  9. Trump was indicating with the pledge that he actually wants to win. Thanks to the electoral college, there’s almost no path to the Presidency but for being one of the two major party nominees. I could see arguments for and against signing it, and for and against not signing it, but what tips the balance to he should have signed it was the message it sends about his intentions.

    I also don’t think he’ll walk it back later on, because his own business experience has several examples of him benefiting from people he negotiated with keeping their word in spite of better deals they could have gotten if they had not. For instance, it took that kind of word-as-good-as-gold kind of trust in order for Trump to acquire the air rights to build the Trump Tower, the 1983 version.

  10. OT slightly.

    A Sailer post today got a thought that had been brewing in my mind off the tip of my tongue.

    For as long as I can remember, red team loyalists have gone on and on about the need to “moderate” on “conservative purity” in order to attract new people to the red team. Well, guess who is doing just that? Trump. And guess who is mad about it? These same people.

    How to solve this riddle, this paradox?

    It’s not that hard. Those that kept preaching the need for less purity and moderation to attract new people got it wrong when it comes to which issues needed moderation and the kind of new people that would be attracted to the red team in earnest. They thought that what needed “moderation” were the social and racial issues, (though in hindsight, Republican attachment to social and racial issues turned out to be nothing more than disingenuous vote grifting), so that the new people attracted to the party are younger, more coastal, more black and more Hispanic.

    Trump is proving that (and a lot of other red team stupid conventional wisdom) to be totally wrong. What needed to be moderated was economic conservative-libertarianism, and the new people attracted to the party are working-middle class whites. Except the red team doesn’t think of economic conservative-libertarianism as the thing which needed to be pruned, and it doesn’t like the working-middle class whites that Trump is attracting.

  11. I was impressed by Trump speech today.1.He’s no takin any money from organizations. He said it’s not about me. American first on economy. Land border, air and sea. Deportation .Smash political correct reverse Obama care and feds courts activist of same sex marriage. Added bonus Trump Jail Al Sharpton for taxevation. Deem hood rats terrorist. I smell blood.

  12. agree with others that trump isn’t at all pro- White, the constant, I love HisPANICs, legal immigration, etc. what if I said I love White people.

  13. 1776is1984
    ‘agree with others that trump isn’t at all pro- White, the constant, I love HisPANICs, legal immigration, etc. what if I said I love White people.’

    Read between the lines and consider what effects his policies would have on Whites. I mean, he’s already being painted as Hitler reincarnated as it is.
    I’m surprised he hasn’t assumed room temperature given the enemies he’s made. I’m serious.

    Let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth.

  14. Trump is offering a life preserver to the system. Thank God they’re all too stupid to take it. I have two words for these fools. Get out. Do it now. If you miss the last helicopter out of Saigon you are toast.

  15. Celestial Time said,”…Trump, as President, isn’t going to change a damn thing…”

    If he’s bold the President has enormous power. I say this often because I don’t want you to forget. The Jews have made a horrible error. On 9-11 building #7, not hit by a plane, fell the same speed as rock dropped in clear mid air for roughly 108 feet. The buildings roof staying approximately horizontal on the way down. For a few fires to do this is completely impossible. Even molten steel has some resistance to falling. All their claims about the destruction in building #7 from the North tower falling on it are shown to be complete fabrications by video evidence. Here’s a video released by NIST due to the freedom of information act showing reporters walking into the back of building #7 through to the front and up in the building AFTER the North tower fell. Supposedly the North tower started all the fires and destruction that made building #7 fall. Yet we see none of that.


    (The video starts in the back, South, side of building #7. You can see them go under the portico in the back. Notice they go to the front, North side, and go in the building. At 0:58 you see the #7 on the building door.)

    There are also videos showing building #7 an hour or so before it collapses. There is no all consuming fire.


    (Watch the reporter pan up at 2:54. You can clearly see the whole building is not on fire. This side shown is the North side of building #7. Later you can see the fires mostly around three or four floors only and in isolated spots.)

    Why do I say this? Our main enemy is the Jews. No doubt the leftist and the Yankees (some) push dysfunction but the Jews are the locus of destruction. They have the money to push the agenda. Without their cash the leftist proposition falls apart. Who would pay for Transsexual liberation but the Jews? They have made a major fuck up with 9-11 and a President could easily prove this so. If the President did so and rounded up all these people many, many of the vile things they are doing could be brought to the surface. Their control of the news media could be destroyed in one swoop. After all they hid building #7. The only person saying anything about this was Geraldo Rivera. So give Geraldo a little credit. He only did it once though. I’ll bet someone told him no more.

    Part of the key is for Trump to keep quite and keep his powder dry until he gets in office. The people who are really fucking up our country and committing large scale criminal acts are small in number. The rest of them are just following orders. I’ll bet the large majority of the guys in the CIA, DIA, FBI, NSA and Military want no part of the Jew World Order but they have no one to follow in Washington. All the politicians are compromised. This compromising of the politicians also works to our advantage. We can use what ever the Jews have on them to force them to deal with the Jews or even better get rid of them. The whole Jew run Washington structure is just held together by money, secrecy and thin strings. There’s no loyalty there to the Jews. Everyone knows they are huge assholes and any chance they get they will savage them.

    All is not lost. Remember the Jews have been kicked out of every damn country they have gone to in any substantial numbers. Reform candidates have a long and substantial history in the US. There have been many periods where the whole structure of US politics have been overturned. Tammany hall was defeated. The Whigs are gone. Germany was controlled far more than the US is today and a couple hundred guys in a beer hall overthrew them. Have heart and don’t give up.

  16. countenance said,”…What needed to be moderated was economic conservative-libertarianism, and the new people attracted to the party are working-middle class whites. Except the red team doesn’t think of economic conservative-libertarianism as the thing which needed to be pruned, and it doesn’t like the working-middle class whites that Trump is attracting…”

    This is very astute. I think you’ve nailed it. Ann Coulter, Steve Sailer and many other commenters have talked frequently about how with a large turn out of White voters for Republicans they could really rack up the votes and win. The RINOS just don’t offer anything to vote for. What’s the actual turn out percentage of voters, 50%? Think if the Whites turned out in mass. If Trump just worked on getting rid of the illegal aliens and loser trade deals the whole county would be in vastly better shape. The idea that Whites actually have an interest separate from the Jew media that he’s bringing up is just an extra benefit. Free gravy. After all none of the other RINOS or Demos will do a damn thing about any issue that helps Whites. A little bit of something is worth a whole lot more than a 100% of nothing.

  17. The collapse of the empire is nigh y’all. I have come to the point where when I see an American Flag, I want my Ronsonol and my Zippo because I could care less about it or the evil empire it represents. I would almost support Hillary like some of the South Carolina Fireeaters in 1860 secretly supported Lincoln so they could have the excuse to secede. We need our freedom. PERIOD. The question is would a Trump Presidency be a step forward or backwards? Your opinion?

  18. The question is would a Trump Presidency be a step forward or backwards? Your opinion?

    The illusion of forward movement in a vacuum moving backwards. Two small steps forward, three giant steps back.

    Think of it all like the casinos in Vegas. The casinos do everything in their power to make you feel like you have a chance to win it all. You winning a little bit here and there is designed to give you some kind of hope that all your energy and money spent playing their games will have a big pay off. They really don’t care if you win a little or even a lot from time to time, because they know the longer you play, the more you inevitably lose.

    They’ll give you free drinks, because drunk people become less inhibited and make really bad decisions.

    They’ll make sure their casinos are large and hard to get out of, because the longer you have to walk to get out, the more chance there is for you to drop a little more cash.

    They’ll remove any kind of time imperatives, because when you have a fixed position in time, you begin to prioritize and compartmentalize, and you place value on things other than their games that are meant to keep you playing as long as possible.

    Start showing signs that you’re beating them at their games or willing to spend/lose a lot of money, they’ll comp you rooms and make you feel important, because if you’re going to be staying there and treated like a rock star, they know you’ll gamble more and take even bigger risks.

    Who wins? The casinos and anyone the casinos have vetted and allowed to profit; but always the casinos.

    If anyone pro-White tries to deny that you really can’t win in this fixed system, then have them name the true winners over the last 50 years. You have openly and proud pro-blacks, pro-Jews, pro-Mexicans, pro-Muslims, Marxists, feminists, homosexuals, and various other vocal ideologues who’ve been given government positions and been allowed to be elected to office in spite of their “Pride.” How many vocal pro-Whites can say the same?

  19. Good analogy Celestial Time. Politicians won’t change this rotten system. They are products of it. Nothing will change until the system itself is changed. That can only be done by forces outside of it.

  20. HW Trump would be Commander in Chief. The Executive Branch has run the country since Lincoln. When we wouldn’t accept integration Eisenhower sent Federal Troops and we caved. If Trump wins he will get done whatever he sets out to do and will have no financial strings, the only thing that can derail the President. Obama and Bush etc since the 1960’s have all taken money from outside their own finances to fund and support their campaigns.

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