Cuckservatives: We’ve Lost Jonah Goldberg

By Hunter Wallace

Yes, I know Jonah Goldberg is a Jewish neocon and therefore not a cuckservative, but this is so hilarious that I have to share it:

“Dear Reader (if there are any of you left), Well, if this is the conservative movement now, I guess you’re going to have to count me out. …

But I’m not leaving without a fight. If my side loses that fight, all I ask is you stop calling the Trumpian cargo cult “conservative” and maybe stop the movement long enough for me to get off.”

Note: More cuckservative tears will be shared in this space in your daily roundup.

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  1. I’m not so cold hearted as to take the conservative moniker away from him, there is not that much about the current state of America that I’m interested in conserving.

    Who was it that said that they were the “most conservative, liberal republican” though? Because I think that was the point at which I realized that the labels were BS.

  2. More bad news for cuckservatives.

    September 04, 2015, 06:45 am
    Trump’s favorability soars with Republicans

    A new poll find Donald Trump’s favorability rating soaring among Republicans, while former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s image slides.

    Trump’s net favorability jumped 16 percentage points in the last two weeks, according to a Gallup survey released Friday. Trump went from a 16 percent net positive rating in mid-August to 32 in the latest tally.

    “This marks a significant shift; Trump’s image previous to the last two weeks had been relatively stable despite the extraordinary media attention his candidacy has engendered,” said Gallup in a release announcing the results.

  3. Jonah is right and you know it!!!! Here is your winning formula:

    “Tax cuts! More jawbs! Strong defense! Amnesty for Hispanics (natural conservatives)! God bless Americay!”

    You’ll be sorry, begorrah!

  4. Losing this clown is like tossing a sofa out the rear of a C130: The lost ballast only helps and…..why the heck was that even here to begin with???

    Oh well…

  5. I have no positive emotions towards the term “conservative”, it has been destroyed by its association with Jewish nation-wreckers.

    The entire movement was always on its back heels vis-a-vis the Communist anti-white left especially once the Jews became prominent. Hard to defend anything when the enemy is in your base, in fact right in the “war room”. (See also ((((Steve Wynn)))) of the Trump campaign.)

    What we are seeing in Europe is why only fascism is viable in the long term. We just need a better top man than Hitler.

  6. “Conservative” is going the way of “liberal”– labels to be shunned. Democrats embraced “progressive” instead. What will cuckservatives start calling themselves? The “cuckservative” meme will force them to find something else.

    Buh bye, Goldberg. Now I’m awaiting the departure of the appalling warmonger-cuckservative Krauthammer. (And take Kristol with you while you’re at it.)

  7. I am not Anti-Trump nor Pro-Trump as I know the Jews made the guy. The only hope I have for Trump is that he destroys the Republican Party and we can get the collapse of the United States underway. I would almost vote Hillary if I knew the end result would be total societal collapse.

    As for Jonah Goldberg, the Jew is NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES to be trusted. Great Britain sold itself to Jewish Finance in 1694 with the founding of Bank of England because the Jews promised Britain a world empire. For this reason, British and by extension the United States always saw the Jews in a neutral light. Georgia had a Jewish Governor in 1801 and of course first two Jewish Senators came from Florida and Louisiana, the cousins Judah P Benjamin and David Levy Yulee. West Point’s first graduating class of 1802 was two men, one was a Jew. Get it? Jefferson Davis trusted Judah Benjamin and according to books at the time Varina hated him. Of course the disappearance of the Confederate Treasury coincides with Benjamin fleeing for England.

    Unfortunately our ancestors didn’t learn the truth about the Jews and when Henry Ford published THE INTERNATIONAL JEW people dismissed him as crackpot. Nowe we reap the whirlwind

  8. Gottfried (yeah, I know) wrote an interesting piece at vdare (seemed tentative, like a work in progress) suggesting parallels between the European New Right and the Trump phenomenon. I am interested in the FN and do plan to read Alain de Benoist one of these days.

    Is it just me or does “democracy” more and more suggest that it’s “the worst people choose the most tyrannical leaders?” it’s not exactly progress to go from George Washington to Obama.

    John Adams said that it would only work with an intelligent and moral population. Does this describe the United States?

  9. We should coin a new descriptive word for Goldberg, Kristol, Krauthammer, Stephens, Podhoretz, Brooks, Rubin, Stein, Geller, Medved, Jacoby, Mehlman and many, many others.

    I like jewservative but don’t think it would catch on.

  10. But, HW, I saw the purple thumbs! They turned Iraq into Iowa! “We will be welcomed as liberators.” Lol

  11. Afterthought,

    Hitler was really The Man.
    I recommend Mein Kampf – the Stalag Edition.
    Full of precious insights, it’s still as relevant as ever.
    It’s 101% accurate on kikes.

    That being said… Heil Hitler!

  12. Just what I was looking for, Sam, as I prepared to post apologizing for calling Goldberg, Brooks, Krauthammer and Kristol “cuckservatives.”

  13. Stop calling Trump conservative?

    I wish we would. Trump should wish we would. It’s better for Trump that he not be thought of as such.

    After all, what is conservatism today but an incestuous circle jerk of people who write for irrelevant slicks, beltway think tanks of dubious funding sources and motivations, and clickbait websites, with their Medieval scholasticism? It’s gotten so bad that even Rush Limbaugh is getting tired of conservatism today being all talk and no action.

  14. Most people understand who “neocons” typically are, no? And they are looked at with suspicion on both left and right. Maybe that’s as good a label as any. And it has “con” in it.

  15. Full mobilization of the Orwellian Stasi Surveillance State to find dirt on Trump coming soon, supported by both disgusting parties!

  16. Reid Ribble, Wi. GOP congressman throws Trump under the bus and drives over him.

    GOP rep.: Trump acts like a child, damages Republican brand

    Rep. Reid Ribble (R-Wis.) is taking aim at fellow Republican Donald Trump, saying the party’s presidential front-runner for doing “serious damage to the GOP brand.”

    “You can’t be calling women bimbos, we can’t just be kicking sand in the sandbox saying, ‘You’re dumb’ and ‘You’re a loser,’ ” Ribble told USA Today on Friday. “We actually need a grown-up, not a three-year-old in the White House.”

    The lawmaker said Trump has gotten under his skin, calling his immigration plan “10 or 15 pages of blather.”

    “These are very serious times, and they require serious people at the helm,” Ribble said. “And they require people who haven’t declared bankruptcy four times but want you to believe they’re great business people.”

    “It’s not politics what he’s doing, it’s a carnival,” he added. “It would be one thing if he was a serious policy person, but he’s not.” (snip)

  17. Sam,

    what about “kikes”?
    It’s pretty accurate, IMO.

    There are no* good jews anyway, so separating them in various categories is superfluous.

    Monkey see, monkey do — jew see, jew do (judo?)
    I don’t hate monkeys, but I don’t want to live with them.
    I DO hate jews, and I want ’em out of my country.

    *Yeah, I know: Richard Spencer would probably disagree: “What about Paul Gottfried??”
    Sorry Rich, we won’t make any exception – it’s for safety reasons…
    I’m sure you understand.

  18. I was listening to talk radio one day last year to the network which has Medved and Hewitt (I didn’t go back) and I heard a caller, an elderly man obviously very distraught and nearly in tears, asking what can be done to “save our country.” The host in a highly theatrical voice and bombastic tone told him to “Vote Republican!” and it would make everything okay again.

    A great victory was won.

    How did that turn out?

  19. William H McCarty

    That would be Salem Communications, which, according The Treehouse, is pretty tight with Jeb!. The Treehouse promulgated the advice that Trump shouldn’t bother going on Hewett’s show, because Hewett would be setting a trap.

  20. The Proposition Nation vs the Historic Nation.

    This might be the battle raging in the GOP.

    (And, thanks, countenance. Salem stays on my “fuggedaboudit” list.)

  21. William H McCartney: what do you think about blood or genetic nation? America has a 200+ year history; > 150 years from the Civil War. Proposition nation vs blood nation?

  22. William H. McCartney
    Hugh Hewitt and Medved are both Neocon stooges who are in favor of illegal alien amnesty. Proposition nation my ass. On my mother’s side of the family I go back to the Revolutionary War, with ancestors who fought in Virginia and South Carolina Regiments. On my father’ great great grandfather and grandmother were Irish Catholic immigrants who who left Ireland separately in the early 1830s and moved to Mobile, Alabama, where they met and married in 1840.Their first born American son was born on Mobile in 1841. He joined the 3rd Alabama Infantry Regiment in 1861 at the age of 19 and fought with the Army of Northern Virginia from the Peninsula Campaign through Antietam and Chancellorsville where he was wounded. He married after the war..his 4 grandsons (my dad and his 3 brothers) served in WW2 (my uncle in the 506th of the 101st Abn). We were raised in the Catholic religion but never thought of ourselves as anything but Southerners..unfortunately..all of the Christian religions seem hell bent on suicide

  23. Good. This bastard made a living on being one the most obnoxious assholes in existence. I remember him taking credit for the term “surrender monkeys” back when it was in vogue, but ever since that little Iraq war turned out to be a total disaster, and the French turned out to be right, he suddenly didn’t have jack shit to say anymore. Maybe the piece of shit will take it to the next level and off himself next.

  24. Goldberg is right, Trump isn’t a conservative, but he is a (very very soft) nationalist, and that’s what matters. You need to have an actual nation in the first place before you decide what political direction you want to take.

    If Trump can make conservatism Inc. into a Goldberg-frei zone, that would be his greatest achievement yet.

  25. Goldberg is right – Trump would be a terrible candidate. But all through his article I was waiting for him to identify the main reason for Trump’s popularity – his anti-immigration stance. Alas it never came….

  26. This should make the cuckservatives and neocohens ecstatic. If Trump sucks up enough to the Yidlings he might get the support of Goldberg, Krauthammer, Rubin, Stephens, Erickson and Will.

    Glenn Beck will probably wear a Yarmulke and prayer shawl to show solidarity with Israelis.

    Glenn Beck to join Trump, Cruz at anti-Iran deal rally

    ‘Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck is joining 2016 presidential contenders Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) at a Stop the Iran Deal Rally at the Capitol on Sept. 9.’

    ‘The rally, organized by the Tea Party Patriots, Center for Security Policy, and Zionist Organization of America, takes place a day after lawmakers return from their recess and ahead of a vote on the nuclear deal.’

    “Glenn Beck’s decision to speak on September 9th at the Stop the Iran Deal Rally underlines the momentum behind the movement to stop President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran,” said Tea Party Patriots CEO and co-founder Jenny Beth Martin in a statement.”

    ‘It’s not clear if Beck and Trump will appear at the same time during the rally. Beck has disparaged Trump in recent weeks, calling him a false conservative and “arrogant.” Nevertheless, Trump has been a leading candidate in Republican presidential polls.
    The appearance of both Trump and Beck comes as deal opponents pressure Democratic lawmakers on the fence to vote against the deal.’

    ‘Rabbis from around the country are planning to hand-deliver a letter to those lawmakers, and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) also plans to organize meetings between activists and lawmakers the same week that they return.’

  27. All of the neocons, cucks, and leftists rogether can’t stop Trump or the will of the people. It’s why I hate defeatist losers. We are being vindicated!

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