Cuckservatives: GOP Now Officially The Party of “White Paranoia”

By Hunter Wallace

There are a few good points mixed in with a lot of garbage in this Matt Taibbi article:

“The decision by huge masses of Republican voters to defy D.C.-thinkfluencer types like George Will and throw in with a carnival act like Trump is no small thing. For the first time in a generation, Republican voters are taking their destiny into their own hands.

In the elaborate con that is American electoral politics, the Republican voter has long been the easiest mark in the game, the biggest dope in the room. Everyone inside the Beltway knows this. The Republican voters themselves are the only ones who never saw it.

Elections are about a lot of things, but at the highest level, they’re about money. The people who sponsor election campaigns, who pay the hundreds of millions of dollars to fund the candidates’ charter jets and TV ads and 25-piece marching bands, those people have concrete needs.

They want tax breaks, federal contracts, regulatory relief, cheap financing, free security for shipping lanes, antitrust waivers and dozens of other things. …

At least on the Democratic side there was that 5-10 percent of industry policy demands that voters occasionally rejected, putting a tiny dent in what otherwise has been a pretty smoothly running oligarchy.

Now that’s over. Trump has pulled all of those previously irrelevant voters completely out of pocket. In a development that has to horrify the donors who run the GOP, the candidate Trump espouses some truly populist policy beliefs, including stern warnings about the dire consequences companies will face under a Trump presidency if they ship American jobs to Mexico and China.

All that energy the party devoted for decades telling middle American voters that protectionism was invented by Satan and Karl Marx during a poker game in Brussels in the mid-1840s, that just disappeared in a puff of smoke. …

Trump supporters have gone next-level, obsessed with gooney-bird fantasies about “white genocide,” a global plan to exterminate white people by sending waves of third-world immigrants across American and European borders to settle and intermarry.

The white-power nerds pushing this stuff don’t like the term RINO (Republican In Name Only) and prefer “cuckservative,” a term that’s a mix of “cuckold” and “conservative.” Cuck is also a porn term that refers to a white guy who gets off on watching his wife take it from (usually) a black man. A cuck is therefore a kind of desexualized race traitor.”

To summarize, Trump is a real threat to the status quo on the corporate-dominated American Right, and that is terrifying to the Left because he is, like, real and stuff. He might actually give Republican voters what they want on the social issues.

We’re seeing it every day in the panic among the cucks at National Review, The Federalist, Redstate, The Week, The Blaze, Commentary, in the George Will, Charles Krauthammer, and Michael Gerson columns. They have spotted a fox in the hen house.

Ordinary conservative voters have left the GOP corral and the cucks are in a panic to round them up before they wander off the farm.

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  1. “What he is: a tool for liquidating the useless, treacherous Republiscam Party.”

    Possibly, Haxo, he’s not even that, by which I mean he might lead, through some course of events I can’t imagine, to something even worse. Personally, I’m with you, in that I take neither his candidacy nor the presidential election as a whole seriously–not seriously enough to consider voting in it. Some of what Trump’s provoking is fun to watch–or at least, I allow myself to be taken in enough, by the spectacle, to tell myself that.

  2. @RichardBird

    “How you interpret it says a lot about you.”


    Among other things it says I can spot an effective counter-meme.

    But as I can also spot an effective counter-counter-meme I can live with it.

  3. Look at the major American cities that are majority black/hispanic to see where the “browning of America” will lead us, if we allow it to continue, that is.

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