Cuckservatives: The War on The Brainless Right

By Hunter Wallace

Robert Tracinski has written one of the dumbest articles yet on Donald Trump’s supporters:

“But Trump’s defenders have launched a wider campaign against the conservative punditry—a war on the brains of the right.”

Where do I even begin to respond to this?

1.) There has been a Counter-Establishment to the National Review based online “conservative punditry” for twenty years now: Pat Buchanan, Sam Francis, Revilo Oliver, Jared Taylor, Peter Brimelow, Joe Sobran, Steve Sailer, and most recently, John Derbyshire, Ann Coulter, and Mark Steyn.

2.) Among all the conservative pundits, Pat Buchanan was right on all the great issues of our time: immigration, trade, political correctness, and foreign policy. Cuckservatism, Inc.’s platform was invade the world, invite the world, in hock to the world. The legacy of the brainless right is chaos in the Middle East and North Africa, over 11 million illegal aliens in the United States, a crippling national debt, total dependence on China and Japan to finance that national debt and for vital manufactured goods, a devastated middle class, and a total collapse of confidence in all mainstream national institutions.

3.) Even though Trump has said little about his foreign policy, what he has said is far better than anything coming out of Cuckservatism, Inc. which in the name of “optimism” believed in building “democracies” in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Syria, Libya, etc.

These geniuses unleashed a bigger foreign policy disaster than Vietnam. Trump opposed the disastrous Iraq War which is more than can be said of any of his cuckservative critics. What’s more, Trump has already indicated that he is indifferent to NATO expansion, subsidizing Japan and South Korea’s defense, subsidizing the defense of Germany and the European welfare states, and that his primary focus will be stopping the Mexican invasion.

4.) Lumpenproletariat types watch ESPN. They don’t read National Review or The Federalist or The American Conservative much less do they follow American politics to the extent that they would stage a #NRORevolt on Twitter.

5.) It is the Left, not the Right, which believes in big universal ideas about human nature. The self anointed “brains of the Right” are classical liberals. As classical liberals, they are neither rightwing or “conservative” in any true sense of the word.

6.) By definition, a “conservative” is a realist who dismisses the fanciful idea that human beings are basically good and primarily motivated by “ideas, reason, and evidence.” Instead, a conservative is a skeptic who rejects “ideologies” and their abstract utopias and believes that all of those things – ideas, reason, and evidence – are subordinated to baser motives like self interest, passions, lust for power, etc.

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  1. Keep it up, cuckservatives, and your only votes will come from your donors. Do you think insulting your base will make them “shape up” and do as they’re told? Xy&$ you.

  2. Dr. Revilo P. Oliver died at least a couple of decades ago, didn’t he?

    Bill Buckley’s National Review originally supported the practice of racial segregation and White supremacy in the American South. He also was in contact with GLR (George Lincoln Rockwell) I have read.

    I guess living in NYC and associating with elitists turned him.

  3. Gee, and I thought the only smarmy smartaleck who called so many “dumb and clueless” was the left’s own Bill Maher. Crappy articles like that one only reinforce a “conspiracy” concept: Cuckservatives are really whiny commie liberals in disguise.

    I rest my case.

  4. The brains of the “right”

    Insert your favorite YouTube video of laughing dogs or laughing babies here.

    Modern conservatism is nothing more than Medieval Scholasticism, all talk, just talk talk talk all the time and no doing. Rush Limbaugh of all people is defending Trump from “he’s not a true conservative” accusations by noting that, what good is “true conservatism” if all it ever is is a pure academic exercise of the incestuous circle jerk of irrelevant slicks, beltway think thanks and clickbait websites?

    Trump’s FoPo:

    Trump just happens to have my opinion on the Iran deal, more bad than good, but it’s salvageable, what’s bad can be renegotiated, and then what ever is agreed to should be enforced to the letter. Really, though, 95% of people could give a rat’s tail either way.

  5. There’s another thing.

    “Trump is not a pure conservative.”

    Coming from the same coterie that itself opposes “pure conservatism.”

    There is an answer to this paradox.

    For years, we’ve heard RINOs, Beltway consultants, and others, whine about how the party needs to moderate in order to attract minorities. Who has moderated and attract minorities (25% of blacks when they usually get 1%, and 31% of Hispanics with lots of undecideds outstanding, already beating Romney’s 27%) in earnest? Trump! Who can’t stand that? The people telling us the party needs to moderate to attract minorities.

    The answer to this riddle is that they were right in the need to moderate, but wrong on what needed to be moderated. They thought what needed to be moderated was supposed Republican “social conservatism” (which is largely a chimera anyway). What Trump has proven is that what needed to be moderated was the damned libertarian cult on economics, immigration and foreign trade. But the people preaching moderation are libertarians (more or less) on economics, immigration and foreign trade. They mistakenly thought there were throngs of people who are social issue liberals but economic libertarians, and getting those would also help get minorities. Wrong, as Romney and McCain proved.

  6. I love to see the cuckservative Beltway RIght meltdown like this. Keep them insulting the base and they can give up being a magazine altogether. I’m sure running a cruise line for the 1% is more lucrative.

  7. “Brains on the right” – now that is really funny right there. The real brains in conservatism have not been running things for a very long time.

    Great points Hunter. Your points summed it all up about these so-called “geniuses.”

  8. The “right” the “left” “liberal” “conservative” – they are all commies. As someone wrote elsewhere the Jews won WWII and this country has been commie ever since.

  9. Imagine how frustrated they’ll be when thousands of Americans are employed in constructing the border wall.

  10. We could have the blacks rounded up and dig a ditch and wall infront of the Mexican border. Double ditches, razor wire, corrugated steel/iron and concrete fences and watch towers. We could even arm a few of the overseers with shotguns.

    Would be a bloody good works project.

  11. Conservatism and liberalism are just ideological labels. Ideologies are just rationalizations for ethnic or economic interests. The pundits attacking Trump obviously have different interests than we do whatever they call themselves. Don’t get fooled by labels.

  12. If these really were the “brains on the right”, that would explain everything. In reality, it is actually Jewish perfidy, methodically playing all sides in their campaign to destroy their eternal enemy: us.

  13. William F Buckley expelled the John Birch Society almost single-handedly from the Conservative Movement and neutralized traditionalists like the Council of Conservative Citizens who threatened no one. Look EVERYONE knew MLK and the entire Civil Rights Movement was Communist funded, everyone knew about the Highlander Folk School, none of this was a secret. After the mid-1960s suddenly the Conservatives wouldn’t report this stuff. Now you have Glenn Beck claiming MLK as a Republican.

    Rot in Hell Buckley

  14. Hunter, I think some research on the Highlander Folk School is in order. How in the world did the Communist Party organize a school in East Tennessee and the State of Tennessee allow it to operate for years? Georgia, Alabama, etc all complained and yet Tennessee a sister Southern State did little to stop this mess.

    I expect someone was getting a fat juicy kickback probably from CPUSA to keep the State of Tennessee off the Highlander Folk School’s back. In GA, AL or MS, no amount of money would have kept the place open.

  15. I wish the “brains of the right” would explain to us, the rabble, just how making citizens of tens of millions of foreigners who are here illegally is true/pure “conservatism.”

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