Neocohens: Trump’s Rise Provokes Widespread Angst Among Jewish Republicans

By Hunter Wallace

The Jews are not backing The Donald:

“At a recent board meeting of the Republican Jewish Coalition, the big donors and high-powered operatives in the room went around the table to make sure they had someone supporting each potential Republican nominee.

Jeb Bush backers were easy to find. Supporters of Marco Rubio, too, were plentiful. Ted Cruz had friends there, as did Scott Walker, and even George Pataki and Lindsey Graham. The Republican Jewish elite have spread themselves wide across the GOP firmament.

Yet Donald Trump, who has topped 20% to lead all other Republicans in recent presidential primary polls, and who also leads the pack in both Iowa and New Hampshire, is a different story. An RJC member who was present at the board meeting said he could not recall if Trump had backers there. What is clear is that, despite his surge in the polls, the anti-immigration hard-liner has strikingly little support among prominent Republican Jewish donors, activists and consultants. …

Instead, Trump is seen as a threat to the vision of a bigger, more inclusive GOP, which many leading Republican Jews have advocated. …

“There are a lot of folks who are, to be charitable, into white identity politics, and to be uncharitable are outright racists, who are supporting Trump,” said Nathan Wurtzel, a Republican political consultant and principal at The Catalyst Group, who is Jewish. “It’s very off-putting and disturbing.” …

“In order for us to become a party [of anyone] other than white men, we need to be reaching out,” Norm Coleman, a former senator from Minnesota, told the Forward. Coleman, an RJC board member who is supporting Graham’s primary bid, said, “I think Trump’s language and perspective is a long-term negative in terms of building the party.”

Note: As we saw yesterday, Sheldon Adelson is waiting for his “Trump-slayer” to emerge. In other news, Trump walked back the refugees comment after criticism and is up to 32 percent in the latest CNN poll.

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  1. Has he been a stealth white identitarian for his entire career?

    This all looks like he’s been planning it out since the 1980s.

  2. At what point is the GOP Establishment going to coalesce around another Republican candidate? Trump benefits from many opponents particularly since he doesn’t have to raise funds while the rest do and with the numerous opponents his style is going to be the only one that garners much media attention.

  3. “In order for us to become a party [of anyone] other than white men, we need to be reaching out,”

    Trump is polling better among Blacks than any other Republican candidate in memory (25% support against Hillary).

    The anti-White left, which is very real and almost exclusively Jewish (Sirota, Wise, Ignatiev, Millbank etc.), supports open borders to hurt the old-stock White Americans they hate, but in the process there is immense collateral damage for Black, American Indians and long established Hispanic and Asian families.

    Ironically, an implicitly pro-White platform is helping Trump among all minorities groups – except, of course, the Jews.

  4. “Ironically, an implicitly pro-White platform is helping Trump among all minorities groups – except, of course, the Jews.”


    And all should also understand there are no Jewish Republican voters. Jews comprise less than 2% of the US population, Jews consistently vote over 80% Democrat in Presidential elections – % have been the same since 1920s, exception was Reagan over Jimmy Carter as Carter was perceived as week on Israel, always trying for peace plans to do on to Israel and Palestinians what was supposedly done so well with Whites and Blacks in Rhodesia Zimbabwe.

    So what is 20% of 2%?

    Anser .4% rounds down to zero percent.

    Only the pandering by Republicans to the Jewish lobby in Presidential elections doesn’t win them any, any Jewish votes, none – it’s only for the $, for better treatment in the jewish dominated Lib/Neo Con media.

    And yet all the GOP Presidential candidates except Trump pander to the Jewish lobby, and very soon Trump will probably have to go that way to, media power really kicks in these Presidential campaigns, why else would Newt Gingrich win, WIN the South Carolina GOP presidential primary?

  5. At what point is the GOP Establishment going to coalesce around another Republican candidate? ”

    I would say they already have, anybody but Trump – and since the Cuckservatives and the Jews of various disguises are perfectly fine with the Clintons that would be the way to go – just make the GOP presidential campaign irrelevant.

    This is the Ken Mehlman strategy of big tent, GOP outreach.

    Ken Melhman was the first Gay Jewish Chairman of the Republican National Committee – championed outreach and pandering to any and all non White, straight male voters and special interest groups.

    The fact that absolutely zero more gays, Jews, Jewish gays or Muslim immigrants, Blacks went for the GOP wasn’t really such a big problem as Ken Mehlman hung out with all Lib Leftist Dems anyway, probably voted Lib Leftist Dem, but at least the media was being nicer to some GOP officials.

  6. .

    So… the pushers of jewish identity politics are upset that someone is engaging in White identity politics?.
    Oh..okay. Just wanna get it all straight.


  7. 1. Trump is moderating and getting way more blacks and some more Hispanics than a typical Republican does. It’s just that he’s moderating on the libertarian cult on economics, immigration and foreign trade.

    2. Trump is a moderate opponent of the Iran deal and makes it clear he “stands with Israel,” yet the RJC and Republican Jews with money still want nothing to do with him. Proving two things: One, pandering to Jews on Israel issues won’t much work, and two, American Jews of both wings and both parties aren’t that much concerned about Israel, they’re more concerned about domestic policy.

  8. Ken Mehlman, himself gay and an advocate of gay marriage, was the architect of the 2004 re-elect Bush strategy of getting all the “definition of marriage” ballot measures on states’ ballots to drive up conservative Christian turnout. I remember that wave because Missouri was the first to have such a measure, but it was in the summer of 2004, not the fall. That said, I now think that it was a dry run for that strategy.

    And what did all those ballot measures mean in the long run? Nothing, because, Anthony Kennedy.

  9. .
    Tonight on W.T.F. News ! :
    Advocates for Jewish identity politics condemn advocates for White identity politics.
    Advocates for Black identity politics at NAACP have no comment.
    All this and more, Hypocrisy at Eleven!
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  10. Any corroboration on Trump walking back his unforced error on the Syrians?

    I know he was in DC yesterday for that anti Iran deal rally, (for various reasons, I would have stayed away, even though I moderately oppose it myself), and I know that while he was in town, he met with Jeff Sessions. Maybe Sessions set him straight.

  11. “Has he been a stealth white identitarian for his entire career?”

    I recently asked myself that same question, Captain John. The whole thing is strange.

    ‘Tonight on W.T.F. News ! :
    Advocates for Jewish identity politics condemn advocates for White identity politics.
    Advocates for Black identity politics at NAACP have no comment.’


    La Raza condemns racist Trump.

  13. Henry Ford’s book THE INTERNATIONAL JEW THE WORLD’S FOREMOST PROBLEM explains why Jews lean politically how they do which 90 yrs later is basically the same. You can actually trace much of the problem to President John Adams 1798. Adams was forced to respond to Communist French and Jewish infiltrators in the United States and he hit them hard.

    Adams’ Alien and Sedition Act and his extension of the Naturalization period from 5 to 14 years caused Jefferson and Madison to pen the Kentucky and Virginia resolutions claiming that the press is absolutely free and should never be challenged.

    When Jefferson won the 1800 Election, he scuttled all of Adams’ restrictions on the press and his immigration laws and opened the floodgates to Europe’s human waste. The Democrats then as now needed Immigrants to win in the Northeast, which was strictly Federalist.

    Jefferson rewarded the Jews well, the first allegedly Jewish Governor David Emanuel took office in Georgia to finish the term of Democrat James Jackson, who left for the US Senate. In 1802 Simon Magruder Levy graduated West Point, second overall graduate and first Jew. After the War of 1812, Jewish loyalty was all but unshakable in the Democratic Party although some Jews did support the Republicans briefly following the War, they soon returned.

    Thomas Jefferson unwisely trusted the Jews and destroyed Dixie in the process. As all the Immigration went to the North, it slowly made the Northern States electorally top-heavy leading to the mess in 1860. Had there been no Immigration, as Southern Families typically are two to three times the size of an average Yankee one, the population growth would have been almost exclusively Southern.

    What do we know about the Jews? The Democrats supported open borders from Jefferson’s day and objected to any attempt to close them. Our borders were wide open from 1801-1917 and not restricted until 1924. When the Republicans allied with Southern Democrats closed them in 1924, it took 41 years for the Jews and their leftist friends to open them again.

    Get the picture?

  14. My feeling is that Trump walked back the refugee comment because the first comment was his uninformed knee-jerk reaction and his later comments were after Ann Coulter set him straight. I swear to God, I think Ann Coulter is the brains behind his campaign.

    Forget Carly and Hillary. If you want a truly strong and independent woman running the White House, VOTE TRUMP!

  15. Well, naturally, Jews hate Trump. It doesn’t matter if Trump says he’s 1000% for Israel, It doesn’t matter that he gave away two of his children to their cult. What matters is that Trump does not follow their agenda to commit genocide against White Christians of European descent. It’s all very simple.

  16. “Has he been a stealth white identitarian for his entire career?”

    It’s not unusual for someone to not be a White identitarian until they get older. Myself as an example. I did not become Jew wise until after 9-11. I was told it was an inside job by someone and I set out to prove them wrong. I couldn’t. This lead me to the rest. Trump could have had exactly the same thing happen to him. After all he was in NY and plenty of people could have told him things that didn’t jive with the official story.

    I repeat myself. Trumps called for decent trade deals and fairness for the working guy for decades. If we just get that from our government it would be a miracle. Anything else is just pure gravy. All this complaining about Trump is just looking a gift horse in the mouth. We can expect NOTHING at all from all the rest. So if Trump doesn’t deliver on the major parts of his campaign promise we’ve lost nothing. If he doesn’t deliver the “it’s needs to all fall apart” doomsters will get exactly what they want. There will be zero belief in the US government. I say with Trump we win any way it goes.

  17. amazing. Most of the HardRight commentors at Western Rifle Shooters see right through Trump: he’s a carny barker exploiting a hot-button issue to grab the WH…after which he behaves as per usual. But the supposed race-realists and WN’s at OccDissent/OccObserver are all bug-eyes and palpitatin’ hearts. Again, amazing. I’ll grant its fun to watch Trump deconstructing the Republiscam Party. But that’s as far as it’ll go. This Jew-connected Pluto doesn’t give a shit about White working class/middle class Americans

  18. Whether Trump is real or a phony is beside the point. Thing is, he is opening up a wedge in the Republican Establishment. And we are seeing the concept of white identitarianism breaking into the mainstream consciousness.

    Question is: how can we exploit this?

  19. The collapse is our goal. Which Candidate can bring the system to it’s knees? If that is Trump, vote for Trump if that is Hillary, then we will neither support her nor oppose her. Our goal is forcing our values and our voices to the front and bringing down the system.

  20. Trumps biggest enemy are the NEO-COHEN’s, the Cabal consisteing of Bill Kristol (remember his late Dad the father of NEO-CON’s IRVING KRISTOL), Charles Krauthammer, Fred and Donald Kagen, Max Boot, Scooter Libby, Henry Kissinger, Richard Pearle, Paul Wolfowitz, Michael Ledeen, David Frum, David Wurmser, Stephen Bryen, Dov Zakheim, Joshua Bolten, Elliot Abrams, John and Norman Podhoretz, Daniel Pipes, Elliot Cohen, James Schlesinger, Marc Grossman, Alan Dershowtiz, Douglas Feith, Sheldon Adelson, Jonah Goldberg, Clifford May and many more…

    • Look at their record with Bush Jr and Obama, look at the mess the world is in right now, look at the sorry state of America. When you pull a string too hard eventually it reaches a breaking point. People got a taste of right wing Zionism with Bush Jr. and then an extra helping of Zionism, left wing version, under Obama. Many of the African Americans who supported Obama never got a thing, in fact they are now worse off than they ever were before.

  21. Why is it that people against white identity politics are never opposed to all identity politics?

    “Identity for me but not for thee”

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