Neocohens: The Conservative Civil War

By Hunter Wallace

Here’s the latest from the NeoCohens:

Noah Rothman:

“The acceleration of the Republican presidential primary race and Donald Trump’s entry into that contest has exposed rifts within the conservative movement that have since deepened. Wounds within the movement that have their origins in the earliest years of the tea party ascendancy — wounds that lingered and festered — have grown putrescent. They can no longer be ignored. Conservatism is in the midst of a civil war and, like all wars — even the figurative variety — the differences over which they are fought will not be resolved until one side emerges unambiguously victorious. Only when there a clear victor and an admitted loser emerges can there be reconciliation. It is wise, however, to expect reunion, not bifurcation, will be the result of this contest of ideas. After all, the Grand Old Party has survived greater schisms than that which is currently roiling its ranks. It is wise to prepare for the moment when conservatives meet at their Appomattox Court House and forge a new path forward. …”

Peter Wehner

“This kind of mystical appeal isn’t unheard of in American politics, but it isn’t normative. That’s all to the good, since there’s every reason to be wary of cults of personality and the rise of demagogues in our politics. And a demagogue is, in some respects, what Mr. Trump is.

While the criteria for identifying a genuine demagogue vary, what I have in mind is a political leader who appeals to emotions rather than reason and to people’s fears and prejudices. There is often the targeting of the “out-group.” Relying on personal charisma, a demagogue typically exploits situations to intensify popular support, thrives by creating divisions and seeks to manipulate the masses. Contradictions and false statements are overlooked and excused. For the demagogue, the problems we face are simple to solve, if the right leader is given the reins of power. All this creates a powerful bond with his followers, who prize “authenticity” over careful arguments and view the leader in nearly mystical terms.

It’s worth noting here that the demagogue, the embodiment of anti-reason, is what the American founders feared. Indeed, the founders designed a system of government – checks and balances, separation of powers – that was meant to prevent the rise of demagogues. It is a recurrent concern in The Federalist Papers, and, in fact is mentioned in the very first one.”

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  1. Cuckservatives offer “careful argument,”

    “Racist,” “demagogue,” “xenophobe,” “low information,” “emotions, fears and prejudices,” ad nauseum.

  2. Re Noah Rothman

    I think he gets it wrong in analyzing what is going on.

    I think he thinks that two different camps are battling over the right to define what “conservatism” is and therefore the right to control the Republican Party.

    I don’t see any internecine squabbling at all. I see people, former conservatives, realizing that modern conservatism has been nothing but a two generation long disingenuous hustle, ditching official conservatism, irrelevant, useless, obsolete, dying a slow death, like a bad habit, in fact, they’re ditching the whole label, and starting a new camp, nationalist in all but name. And then watching from the new camp as the old camp falls apart and disappears forever.

  3. Yes, it isn’t a “civil war.” It’s a secession.
    Just as the two sides didn’t battle for control of Washington in 1861-5, there’s no battle over the term “conservative” now. The cucks can keep it, for all it’s worth now.

  4. Make sure we use the words properly brothers. Cuckservatives=Gentiles who cuck for Nonwhite esp Jewish Interests. NeoCohens=Jewish talking heads espousing Conservativism who claim to be for traditional values when in fact they are only for what benefits the Jewish Race. John Boehner would be a Cuckservative Mark Levin or Jonah Goldberg would be NeoCohens

  5. You are never going to hear a Jew admit whites have legitimate interests and concerns that they want represented through the political process. NEVER.

  6. This is because we have been at war with the Jews since the time of Saint Paul. When Paul told the Jews in Corinth that he was through reasoning with them in Acts 18 this would be sometime around AD 50-57. Paul’s conversion among the Gentiles had been so successful the Jews started riots and killed Gentiles who went to hear him preach. This provoked the ire of the Roman officials who the Jews paid and prodded to persecute the Christians.

    Christian Persecution has always been the policy of the Jew and plenty of Jews converted to Islam to persecute us as well. The problem is THE WHITE RACE has such short memories of the past they don’t know about the 2000 yr long war waged by Jews against White Christians. We are seen as the guardians of the faith, without us the Muslims will overrun the nonwhite Christians and its over. Thats what the Jew believes btw

    This source I have read that claims John Calvin, the Theologin who originated the idea of the TULIP and PREDESTINATION the father of Congregationalism (Yankee Puritan/Pilgrims) Presbyterianism, German and Dutch Reformed, and the Primitive Baptist Church ie original WAS A JEW named Cohen. This mans doctrine led to all of the problems in Europe and the backlash against it gave us ATHEISM, DEISM, HUMANISM, SECULARISM and all of the rest.

    Every single evil thing in the past 2000 years if you look you can find a Jewish root to the problem. You can even trace links to the Abolitionists in Boston to London and right back to Rothschild if you dig deep enough. Always the Jews

  7. I don’t think the founders envisioned a nog president either.

    But it happened and the posterity of the founders have been attacked as a result of it.

  8. Trump’s platform is pretty simple. We shouldn’t let a neighboring country invade us, and our trade policy should benefit us, not foreign nations. To the cucks and the kikes, this is “anti-reason”.

    With that being said, I can see the argument that Trump is somewhat of a demagogue (with his irritating habit of constantly saying that he’s the best at everything). Surely in a more virtuous white society his antics wouldn’t be tolerated. But we’re living in an era where the options are apparently either a demagogue or complete destruction. Trump is able to say what he is saying only because he is a billionaire and a celebrity. If the cucks want sober, learned gentlemen to guide our state, then such gentlemen have to be able to express the ideas that Trump has without being purged from the establishment.

    I’m sure the founding fathers feared a demagogue, but I’m also sure that they would have chosen a demagogue over invasion and genocide, which is where we’re currently heading.

  9. Hilarious. The tribe outraged by Gentile (Germanic, no less – GASP!) subterfuge. Ya can’t make this stuff up.

  10. @BRJ above. We haven’t been at war with the Jews they have been at war with us. The Christian churches surrendered their flocks a long time ago. John Calvin indeed was Cohen. As said in other posts today there isn’t any racket Jews don’t run. John Chrysostom’s Eight Homilies against the Jews are an interesting read. He sure got their number but it sounds like Gentiles just never really got it.

  11. Re the demagoguery thing. Republics which are always oligarchies fear populism more than anything which is why they hate the demagogue. History is replete with the killing of the demagogue to thwart the uprising of the popular will.

  12. Right Huey Long. Another Fr Coughlin same time period. Forty million listeners on radio. Never been matched. He got destroyed. Medieval times Savanarola burned at the stake.

  13. Yes Christine I should have stated that the Jews, LED BY THEIR KING SATAN have been waging a savage war against us since the time of Paul. The Reformation was one of the WORST Things that ever happened to our people because it allowed the Jews to infiltrate and turn us on each other to a point by the mid-1700s the Elites in Europe and many in the American Colonies such as Thomas Jefferson became outright hostile toward organized religion.

    The discovery that I made some time ago that Calvinism was invented by a Jew really added it all together. The British in 1775 remarked that just as the Calvinists had overthrown and executed King Charles in 1649, their grandchildren in New England did the exact same thing. The English traced the entire issue to Calvinism because the Calvinists always wished to overthrow Earthly Masters, even though GOD ordained earthly masters in Romans 13. Not to knock all Calvinists there were and are still plenty of decent Calvinists one of them being General Stonewall Jackson.

    The only Biblical basis for rebellion is if your nation is acting in a way hostile to the Higher Law IE God’s Law. The Union had not done this YET in 1860 but the Founding Fathers of the Confederacy understood that they would at some point in other words they ANTICIPATED our present problems. They
    seceded to keep God’s Higher law. What Dixie understood in 1860 was while 90%+ of the Yankee commoners were Christian in 1860 and probably only 1% outright hostile toward Christians, the Elite Class that made up most of the 1% had long abandoned Christianity in exchange for French Humanism and occultism. Our ancestors understood that this evil 1% called the shots in the Northern political establishment and although they had nothing against the average Yankee, they understood that dirt farmers, mechanics and carpenters do not have any real input on society and its social order.

    Although the South was redeemed and Southern institutions SUPPOSEDLY safe after 1877, the attacks that the Founders of the Confederacy began by stealth. Most of these attacks began through Newspapers, Writers and Intellectuals at colleges and slowly became more pronounced.

  14. A good example are the books that painted Appalachia in a positive light such as the Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come and Thomas Dixon’s Books, these portrayed the South positively BEFORE WW1.

    After WW1 the writings of HL Mencken, a native of Baltimore, MD and writer for the Baltimore Sun portrayed the South as a land of stupidity, pedophilia, incest, every evil thing imaginable. The Sahara of the Bozart is a wonderful example of this. Mencken strangely enough had a split personality, he technically came from the South himself and admired the Old Confederacy but hated the Dixie of his time. Mencken led up to Erskine Caldwell in 1932 with Tobacco Road, which portrayed Georgia horribly. While this period 1918-1940 did produce Gone With The Wind, it was largely the real beginning of Dixie as the whipping boy in the American psyche.

    Following WW2 look at how many hateful ANTI-SOUTHERN CULTURE novels were written by Southern Authors from To Kill a Mockingbird to The Help always the same old crap most of them all made into movies. We all know the authors and most of us hate them too.

    Hunter needs to do a good article on Scalawag Authors and Newspaper Columnists and expose these bastards

  15. Anti-semite must become part of the definition of White.
    Either you’re pro-semitic (anti-White) or anti-semitic (pro-White).
    Convince yourself that there are NO good jews: the ones who look kind are just good actors, really.
    Never say sorry nor show sadness for the actions of those on your right, no matter how postal they went.
    Never condemn the actions of extremists.
    You don’t need to show approval: just say nothing.
    Never apologize.
    Learn not to feel compassion for member of other races: our big, generous White heart is a liability.
    We must condition ourselves into not being moved by anything happening to other races.

  16. Robert,

    Whites have legitimate interests and concerns that they want represented through the political process.

    Yours Jewly,

  17. Apparently Trump’s father was a KKK street brawler.

    Arrest records in New York indicate that his father Fred Trump was arrested for brawling at a KKK rally in Queens.

    Trumo becomes more interesting every day.

  18. Billy Ray writes:

    “This is because we have been at war with the Jews since the time of Saint Paul. When Paul told the Jews in Corinth that he was through reasoning with them in Acts 18 this would be sometime around AD 50-57. Paul’s conversion among the Gentiles had been so successful the Jews started riots and killed Gentiles who went to hear him preach. This provoked the ire of the Roman officials who the Jews paid and prodded to persecute the Christians.”

    Racially conscious Neo Pagans and NS Positive Christianity folks blame St. Paul, the former Jewish Pharissee Saul of Tarsus as the criminal, Jewish mastermind who deliberately created a universalist pacifist slave religion with extreme strong ethno centric Jewish myths from the Old Testament. Here’s a painting of St. Paul /Saul he doesn’t t look like a healthy White guy.

  19. Alberto
    ‘OT: Fundamental video by Angelo John Gage:’

    We should send that video to friends, family and Donald Trump.

  20. Somewhat off-topic.

    I read a piece about some woman named Kohan who is the driving-force behind some hit Netflix tv show about women in prison or something like that. She says that whenever she sees a sacred cow she wants to tip it over. “Pushing the envelope” or “cutting edge,” as these creeps say. One example: a nun wearing her habit pulling a Lewinsky.
    Does anyone think that sacred cows such as the holocaust, MLK or Muhammad would be “tipped?” Of course not. Only white Christians, especially men, are fair game in this continental cesspool.

  21. Jack Ryan I am aware of both schools on Paul.

    As for the Old Testament, anyone who sees the Old Testament as Jewish I believe is mistaken. The Old Testament was written to the Israelite People. A good portion of the Israelites went into captivity in Northern Iraq, where the Kurds live today under the Assyrians. According to Esdras, they went up into the Caucauses and it is highly likely they went into Russia and into Europe.

    The remainder of the Israelites, Judahites, Benjamites and remnants of the other tribes in later years were called Jews as Judahites were the most numerous tribe. In the time of Christ remember there were two branches, there were pure Israelites of which Jesus and his friends were and there were the Jewish Edomites, the descendants of the children of Esau who had been forcibly converted by the Maccabees before the Roman Conquest. These were idol worshippers, engaged in Satanic worship and all manner of disgusting things. I am coming to the belief that many of these Jews of today are partially the children of Esau and the Talmud and such I believe is based upon Babylonian Idolatry. The Jews of today do not follow the Torah and Prophets they follow the Talmud.

    As a side note the Book of James is strangely enough not addressed to Jews, but to the 12 tribes scattered among the nations. We could very well be the blood lineal descendants of those people.

  22. The internet is a fantastic resource. No need to scour through shelves in libraries to research obscure subjects.

    The video link is a 10 minute lecture given by an Orthodox Rabbi. You’d shocked to hear his views on Christians. Muslims not as bad.

    We always hear that the religious jews are our friends. That is why we support them. It’s a one way street. You are all wicked. You are cursed.

  23. Anti-semite must become part of the definition of White.
    Either you’re pro-semitic (anti-White) or anti-semitic (pro-White).

    Alberto- Either you are quite young, a Roman Catholic mired in the lies of Vatican II, or just naive.


    Shem was the full blood brother of Japheth, both of the same parents, as was Ham, in the Bible.
    That Europeans are considered Japhethites, has long been known. That would mean that the Jews are our full blood brothers, and should: look like us (they don’t) act like us after a fashion (they clearly don’t) and think much like us, when it comes to animals, work, and God (they do not in either capacity of the three I have mentioned).

    Jews (as Michael Bradley, himself part-Jew racially) are largely Neanderthalic biologically, Khazarian culturally/racially, and Talmudic, philosophically. None of which are characteristics of the White Race.

    Jews are COMPLETELY OTHER. End of story.

  24. William H McCarty
    ‘Wait a minute. “Judeo-Christian heritage” is another cuckservative meme, isn’t it?’

    Yes, it is the top tier of cuckism.

    “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson: “You know why I love Israel? They wrote The Bible, that’s why I love them,” Robertson said. “When God became flesh, you know what kind of flesh he became? Jewish flesh.”

  25. Come on, people! Whites blaming Jews for all of their problems sounds a lot like blacks blaming whites for theirs. Let’s own up to our own s**t and take the log out of our own eye! Racial utopianism and universalism has long been a facet of elite Saxon thinking – just look at British imperial rule in South Africa – and nothing to do with Jews. Go back even further and Alexander was trying to blend Persians with Greeks/Macedonians.
    WE have to be better. WE have to be noble. WE have to be righteous. Let The LORD bless and protect us!

  26. @BRJ
    “A good example are the books that painted Appalachia in a positive light such as the Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come and Thomas Dixon’s Books, these portrayed the South positively BEFORE WW1.”
    I just downloaded Little Shepherd. Taking a look at Thomas Dixon’s works right now. I’d love to know your complete reading list of all books Southern that’s for sure. Menchen was a hell of a writer. Too bad he was so vicious putting that ability to unpleasant results.

  27. Alec Ryan
    ‘Come on, people! Whites blaming Jews for all of their problems sounds a lot like blacks blaming whites for theirs.’

    Ridiculous analogy. Nice try, though.

  28. @ Alec Ryan British Imperial Rule from the time of Cromwell onwards to the present is completely Jew ruled. The Boer War against the Christian peoples is an example of it, and only one example.
    I think whites don’t blame jews for whites’s “problems”. I think they put the blame where it belongs, on the jews, but deplore that so many whites forgot what they once knew about jews, to keep them out of finance, education and the presses. Anyone group can endeavor to seize power, this is life. It is up to the other group to know the enemy.

  29. Hard Right
    ‘What’s ridiculous about it? There’s no difference between dindus whining about Whitey and you whining about Jewz.’

    You’re a clueless idiot or a yid.

    No difference? NO DIFFERENCE??

    You are disgusting!

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